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In the Heights Characters as things I heard in my high school theatre class
  • Usnavi: "I can't wait to graduate." *at graduation* "I'M NOT READY TO GRADUATE!"
  • Abuela Claudia: "You're all smart and I believe in all of you"
  • Benny: "Yeah, I speak Spanish. Bonjour bitch."
  • Vanessa: "Boys are dumb. Trains are cool."
  • Nina: "Is it okay if I do homework while we run lines? I can do both at once."
  • Sonny: "I'm starting to think I'm the only one who gives a shit about anybody else."
  • Carla: "Your hair is a disaster. We should just cut it all off and start over."
  • Daniela: "I don't like to talk about people, but he fucked my sister and that's messed up."
  • Kevin: "You look like you haven't slept in 8 months."
  • Camila: "Somebody around here has to get shit done."
  • Graffiti Pete: "This set looks like shit. Your spray paint game is weak."
  • Piragua Guy: "You'd all fall apart without me."

lil usnavi is a very good helper 

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him

Them: Are you okay?

Me to myself: Isn’t interesting how in Carnaval Del Barrio, they originally say “alza la bandera…” and continue to state the different nationalities of everyone in the heights, including Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuba And at the end they state all the nationalities again, but this time they don’t mention Cuba, which is strange, until the next song where they announce Abuela Claudia’s death, and you realize that Cuba wasn’t mentioned because the only Cuban who expresses it is Abuela Claudia, and by that point she had already died.

Me: I’m okay.


musical theatre meme → [3/10] shows → in the heights
Yeah, I’m a streetlight, chillin’ in the heat! I illuminate the stories of the people in the street. Some have happy endings, some are bittersweet. But I know them all and that’s what makes my life complete. We’re home!

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lil usnavi helpin abuela clean her apartment!!

hes such a good boy, im so proud of him

that moment in paciencia y fe (which in general is just a really powerful song) when abuela claudia says “and ay mamá, what do you do when your dreams come true? i’ve spent my life inheriting dreams from you!” is just so amazing because it takes this elderly woman who would typically be restricted to the role of the “wise mentor” or whatever and it makes her vulnerable and human and it’s amazing i love that line so much