Today I got birthday packages from archadianskies and tripleacosplay, and I’m hnnnnnghhhhhh

Alice sent me her homemade bath bombs (the Sailor Moon set) plus the perfume sticks, ALL OF WHICH ARE WONDERFUL AND YOU GUYS SHOULD GO BUY SOME FROM HER ETSY SHOP, so I’m DEF gonna pamper myself with some beautifully scented baths ho ho~  

And Annie just sent me a smorgasbord of WHAT EVEN.  XDDD  I’m gonna spend so many hours pouring through the levihan doujins, the EXTREMELY Aussie souvenirs I’ve put up on display, and EEEE I GOT A MADAM RED PIN SHE LOOKS SO GORGEOUS OMGGGG  >_<“’

You guyyyysssssssssssssss this kills me it really does