panomial  asked:

when I was younger there was this song called above all but since I couldn't speak I would say abub ball and to this day my mum won't let me forget

Oh my gosh! That so cute! I remember when I was little I loved to talk all the time (not much has changed lol) and I couldn’t pronounce “ignoring” properly so I would always tell them to “stop noring me” and now they won’t let me forget either.


As most of you know, tickets for the fantastic Summer of Love tour have gone on sale. I just thought it’d be fun to know what other tumblr fans are going to what shows.

So, send me a message with which show you’re going to (and your name if you want) and I’ll have a list on my page of who is going to what show.

Let’s get ready for what will be an AMAZING tour!! :)