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The salaf and their fear of Allaah...

Ali Bin Hafs Al-Bazzaar (rahimahullaah) said:

”Hafs Bin Abdir-Rahmaan (rahimahullaah) was a (business) partner of Abu Haneefah (rahimahullaah) and Abu Haneefah used to supply him with (merchandise). So (once) he sent him merchadise and informed him that there was a defect in such and such thobe and that he should make it known before selling it. However, Hafs sold it and forgot to make that known and did not know who he sold it to. When Abu Haneefah knew about it, he gave charity equivalent to the price of all the merchadise.

[Taareekh Baghdaad: 13/358]

Some Fabricated Ahaadeeth collected by Shaykh Albani رحمه الله Part I

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

These are some of the Fabricated Ahaadeeth taken from Silsilah Ad-Da’eefa volume 1 by Shaykh Albani رحمه الله. 

The Deen is the brain, and he who has no religion has no brain.

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 53]

Whoever makes Hajj and visits my grave after my death, it is as if he has visited me in my life(i.e: when he was alive)

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 71]

To swear by Allāh while lying is beloved to me than swearing by other than Allāh while speaking the truth

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 71]

Whoever commits a sin laughing will enter the Fire crying.

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 71]

Loving your country is a part of Īmān.

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 110]

❝Verily Allāh loves the one who spends his youth in the obedience of Allāh❞

— [Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 215]

Whoever agrees with his brother’s desire, Allāh will forgive him.

— [Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 222]

Marry and don’t Divorce, for indeed divorce shakes his Throne

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 278]

❝Whoever marries before he performs Hajj, he has indeed started with disobedience (to Allāh)❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 283]

❝If one of you has an intercourse with his wife or his slave, then let him not look at her private part, for that causes him to become blind❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 351]

❝Jumu'ah [prayer] is the Hajj of the poor.❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 344]

❝Love the Arab for three [reasons], because I’m an Arab, the Qur'ān is Arabic, and the language of the people of Jannah is Arabic❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 293]

❝Verily everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur'ān is [Surah] Yāsīn, whoever recites it, it is as if he has recited the Qur'ān 10 times.❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 312]

❝The spider is Shaytān, Allāh has deformed it, so kill it.❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 283]

❝Whoever makes Hajj and visits my grave after my death, it is as if he has visited in my life(i.e: when he was alive).❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa v. 1 p. 71]

❝The Messenger of Allāh ﷺ did not die until he [was able to] read and write.❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa no.343]

❝Looking at the Mushaf is worship, and a child looking at his both parents is worship, and looking at ‘Ali bin Abi Tālib is worship.❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa no.356]

❝Whoever performs the morning prayer, then he recites “Qul Huwa Allāhu Ahad” 100 times before he speaks, everytime he recites “Qul Huwa Allāhu Ahad”, his sins (equivalent) of a year will be forgiven.❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa no.405]

❝Whoever fasts a day in [the month of] Muharram; he has 30 good deeds for every day [he fasts].❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa no.413]

❝Should I not inform you about the best angel; [it is] Jibrīl عليه السلام, and the best prophet is Ādam, and the best day is Friday, and the best month is the month of Ramadhan, and the best night is the Laylatul Qadr (night of Decree), and the best women is Maryam bint 'Imrān (the mother of Prophet 'Īsa عليه السلام.❞


Shaykh Albāni رحمه الله said:

❝And the best Prophet [ﷺ] is none other than our prophet Muhammad, based on an authentic Hadīth “I’m the master of people in the day of judgement”❞ 

[Sahīh Muslim 1/127]

[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa no.446]

❝Whoever reads a quarter of Qur'ān, then he is given a quarter of prophethood and whoever reads one-third of Qur'ān, then he is given one-third of Prophethood, and whoever reads the [whole] Qur'ān, then he is given a [complete] prophethood.❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa no.476]

❝Whoever revives the night of [Eid] Al-Fitr and [Eid] Al-Adha (i.e: the night prayer), his heart won’t die on the die the hearts die.❞

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa no.520]

There will be a man among my Ummah known as Muhammad bin Idrees (i.e: Imām Shāfi'ee), who will be more harmful to my ummah than Iblees, and there will be a man among my ummah known as Abu Haneefah, who will be the lamp of my ummah.

—[Silsilah Ad-Da'eefa no.570]