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If Men's Rights Activists Really Cared About Men:
  • they’d push for sexual violence against men to stop instead of ignoring sexual violence against women
  • they’d want to end rape culture because that would mean fewer men were viewed as potential rapists
  • they’d push for an acceptance of all types of genitalia rather than comparing circumcision to female genital mutilation
  • they wouldn’t respond to a woman talking about the patriarchy with rape threats and harassment
  • they’d understand why women don’t always seem to trust them and would get angry at the system that caused that mistrust rather than the women
  • they’d push for a more accepting definition of masculinity so that LGBT individuals, PoC, and women in general would be more open to it
  • they’d fight for stricter laws regarding child sexual abuse/pedophilia because that would mean fewer men were viewed as potential criminals
  • they’d want women to trust them so they would advocate not objectifying female bodies or making sexual catcalls on the street
  • they would be the biggest activists against the patriarchy ever because it makes them out to be sexual animals with no control or tenderness or emotion really


So-called “men’s rights activists” don’t actually care about men or male issues. If they did, they’d be on my side and not preparing rape threats as a response from reading this.