The Sankofa collection

The Keera necklace

What doesn’t this necklace have? I love a good cluster necklace and this one is made out of everything nice.  Leather, howlite, mosaic turquoise and Mauritanian kiffa beads- my favorite materials. 

And is it me, or does this particular mosaic stone look like Africa?? 

*The 28" cord is genuine black leather

 Available here: www.absynia.com


The young lady who bought the Belkis necklace. She loves it very much and was happy to share it with me.

The combination of her tattoos and neck piercing with the tribal look of the necklace is so perfect, I can’t even explain it. It was like it was made for her!

The Belkis was a one of a kind but if you love it, check out The Ilana available at www.absynia.etsy.com (pictured last) 


The Africana collection up close

Africana- n. (used with a pl. verb) Materials, such as books, documents, or art objects, relating to the history or culture of African peoples. (www.thefreedictionary.com)

I created this collection based on descriptions I’d read about African jewelry, before the introduction of European glass beads. I loved the idea of women and men in ropes and ropes of wood beads and made my own interpretation. My favorite without a doubt it is the Nzinga necklace series. Each one is unique but they all add a look of complete…regality. That isn’t a word. I had to make it up because that’s how serious this necklace is- it  NEEDS it’s own word. 

I talked about my influences before, when I first introduced the Nzinga bracelets Since then, I’ve continued to add to the Africana collection, it is still my favorite.


How it’s made: Making the large ankh ring In photos

A surprising amount of making jewelry and running a craft/artisan business is putting in work no one knows about. So I decided to to show some of the process behind making your gorgeous jewelry just so beautiful. This is the “finishing” part -the laborious  time-consuming part that you don’t know I do, but would certainly notice if I skipped.

Love it? There is just one turquoise one left. Buy it here