absurdlyawesome asked:

no man, you're imagining the bra thing all wrong. I do it up in the front, with the band down at my waist, so its not stretched. Twist it around, still at waist height, pull it up, put the straps on, then do the swoop+scoop to get all my breast tissue into the cup. I do it this way bc some of my bras have like 5 hooks, cause theyre longline and also bc its easier to do it when you can see what you're doing. I kinda wish i could do it without looking though, it seems cool. Also ur blog is great.

wait but how do you get your arms through the straps without stretching them out?? like the straps are supposed to be pretty snug (they’re not ur primary support but they keep things still) and they’re very close to your armpits/on the outside of the breast so how do you get them up over your arms and shoulders without loosening them or stretching the elastic? or do you put them on loose then tighten them (if so kudos because i CANNOT tighten my straps while they’re on for the life of me)? like how does this work without either fucking up your elastic or living through the ungodly struggle of tightening bra straps by yourself after the bra is on

yeah, mine all have 4 hooks and it can be a pain in the ass unless you learn how to clasp 2 hooks at a time, which is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it and stops any hooks from popping out while you hook the rest. also if you have really long nails (like acrylics or press-ons), hooking/unhooking bras behind your back is a BITCH and will take like 5 minutes and give you carpal tunnel. that’s unrelated it’s just a very un-fun experience i have every time i decide to wear long nails.