“Respect your elders” bullshit

Age does not equal respect. You existing does not equal respect. I am tired of abuses culture of painting parents as holier than thou and saying that no matter what a child must respect and love their parent or guardian. 



Food, clothing, healthcare, safety, and love are basic human rights the minute you threaten to withhold those from your child you are being an abusive prick.



They are not a punishment you can inflict because the child gets upset.

A child no matter their age is not a human credit line, a cash cow, or an object they are another human being.

Little ones no matter your age, I don’t care if your 28, you are not in any way obligated to stay in be in their life in any way. If you want a toxic parent gone, they are gone. EVEN THE LAW ACKNOWLEDGES FIRST THAT YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING.That is why custody can be awarded or taken. That is why you can have restraining orders against your parents if need be. That is why your life is your own and if you are murdered the police will come running. That is why your citizenship is not contingent solely upon your parents but can be based on just where you were born.

can you imagine omega Hux being quietly afraid of being touched by an alpha because of how absuive alpha father Brendol was to him?

he flinches and gets angry when an alpha (even harmlessly, like an officer tapping his shoulder) touches him

and it only gets worse when alpha Kylo starts courting him

Hux likes Kylo and is attracted to him but can’t help this ingrained fear that all alphas are monsters and all touches from them are callous and harsh

so when he and Kylo are sharing each other’s company one evening and Kylo reaches to put his hand on Hux’s leg, Hux gasps and pulls away, begging Kylo not to touch him

Kylo apologises but Hux can see the hurt in Kylo’s eyes so he can’t help but begin to fear that the alpha is going to leave him because of his jitters

Hux gets panicky and tries to explain himself to Kylo but ends up crying, but still can’t have Kylo touching him, so he just sits back and wonders what to do

when Hux has calmed, he explains his fears and how it’s his father’s fault for being such a horrendous alpha to him but he can’t help how he feels and Kylo reaches out for Hux again but pulls his hand back, apologising and saying that he understands

from that point onwards, Kylo makes sure he tells Hux when he’s going to touch him (‘I’m just shuffling behind you’, 'I’m picking a piece of lint off your sleeve’, 'I’m reaching for my comlink so our hands may brush’) and Hux relaxes around Kylo even more

and when Hux asks Kylo to touch him, maybe asks for a hug or a stroke of his cheek or for his hair to be played with, Kylo is so overjoyed that his omega trusts him enough to cross his boundaries

bfkfkllllelkfl I JUST WANT TO READ SOME MEREMY FIC not this fucking….15 chapter jd/michael fic WHY is it 15 chapters and why do jd and michael hate jeremy that’s so out of character STOP jd is ABSUIVE

this time last year I was in a pit of depression, and in an absuive relationship… i’m just so thankful that now this is the best summer i’ve had in years. ~ meeting so many new people, volunteering, fostering a kitten, being with honestly the most kind and supportive boyfriend, ever who helped me realize what love truly is has been life changing. i love my friends, i love my lover, and i’m happy to be alive !

That's my kid! - Part Two (Pack Mom)

The next morning, Y/N and Derek were up early preparing for the fight. They knew Liam’s mom would be back putting up a fight.
The young beta slowly trudged downstairs into the kitchen still in his pyjamas with his adorable bed head - his sandy brown coloured hair sticking up in all directions. 
“Morning pup.” Derek smiled at the young beta. 
“Good morning, baby. Did you sleep ok?” Y/N asked him going over to pull him in to her arms as she held him close and pressed a kiss to his forehead. Liam nodded at her question. 
“I made you some yummy breakfast.” Y/N commented putting a plate of toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and tomatoes on front of him. 
“Thanks momma, this looks great!” Liam thanked her enthusiastically as he dug in. Y/N smiled as Liam tucked into his breakfast. She ruffled his hair and chuckled as the sauce from the tomatoe dribbled down his chin. She grabbed a tissue and wiped his chin lovingly as he blushed.
“You’re so cute.” She smiled and pressed a kiss to his nose. Derek smiled at the loving scene before him but it was cut short when there was a knock at the door. 
“Momma…” Liam called nervously. 
“Sssh, it’s ok.” Y/N reassured him as she stood beside him and wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

Derek opened the door to the loft and stood before him was Sheriff Stilinski, two other deputies and Liam’s biological mother.
“Morning Sheriff, can I help you?” Derek asked extending his hand out to shake his with the Sherrif’s. 
“Morning Derek, Y/N, Liam.” The sheriff stated as he gave them a wave. 
“I told you I’d be back with local law enforcement now give me my son back!” Heather yelled. 
“Liam isn’t going anywhere.” Y/N told her. 
“Yes he is, I’m taking him back home.” She told her. 
“No! I won’t go, momma please don’t let her take me, please please momma!” Liam yelled holding on to Y/N. 
“And we told you yesterday that Liam wasn’t going anywhere with you.” Derek growled at her.
“Sheriff, this is ridiculous. That is my son!” She told him.
“I understand that Heather but legally Y/N and Derek are his parents now and they can only revoke that if they give up being Liam’s legal guardians and from what I’ve seen that isn’t happening anytime soon.” He told her.
“We rescued Liam from you and your abusive husband and when we found him he was covered in cuts and bruises. There is no way in hell that I’m letting you hurt my sweet boy again.” Y/N spat back.
“Momma, please don’t let her take me. I love it here with you and Derek. I love you so much. Please don’t momma.” Liam pleaded as he began to cry. 
“Sweetie, listen to me. I love you so so much and you’ll always be my baby. I rescued you from your absuive mother and I promised to always look after you and love you as my own and that’s a promise I won’t be breaking.” She reassured him. She held Liam in her arms tight as the young beta sobbed on her shoulder. 
“I love you momma.” He sobbed.
“I love you, baby. I love you so so much.” Y/N cooed holding her baby.
“I’ve had enough of this nonsense. I’m your mom, Liam. Not her! Stop calling her that!” Heather yelled as she tried to pry Liam out of Y/N’s arms. 
“No! No! Momma, momma don’t let her take me!” Liam began to sob. 
“Enough! Don’t you dare rich my son again!” Y/N yelled yanking her hands away from Liam. She stood in front of the young beta. Liam held on to her waist tightly as he refused to let her go. 
“The moment you set foot on our property you haven’t showed an ounce of love at wanting Liam back for the right reasons. He’s not going anywhere with you.” Y/N told her.
“You little bitch! How dare you corrupt my son and turn him against me!” She yelled at Y/N. 
“You’re really going to listen to her, Liam. Do you really think she wants you, you’re not even her real son. Do you think she cares about you?” Heather yelled. 
“Hey hey hey, that’s enough!” The sheriff yelled holding her arm and taking her back to the police car. 
“Speak to my wife like that again, I dare you.” Derek taunted her almost growling. 
“Don’t listen to her, sweetheart. She’s trying to get inside your head. You know how much we love you, baby.” Y/N called to Liam. 
“Momma….?” Liam began to sob. 
“I’m right here, baby. I’m here. I love you so much, Derek and I both consider you our son and that won’t ever change. We love you baby.” Y/N called to him.

“I’ve had enough of this nonsense. We’re leaving right now. I’m sorry to have bothered you so early.” The sheriff stated waving goodbye to the couple as he held Heather’s arm firmly. 
“No! I’m not leaving without my son!” She continued to yell and fight. 
“You don’t have a choice!” The sheriff yelled as he began to handcuff her.
“At first I thought you had a genuine reason to get Liam back but you’re only doing it out of spite. Enough is enough. Liam isn’t going anywhere. His home is here with Y/N and Derek and that’s where he’ll always stay.” The sheriff told her sternly.
“Always.” Y/N added confidently as she wrapped her arms around Liam tighter.
“I love you momma, i love you so much. Please don’t leave me.” Liam choked out into sobs. Y/N’s heart broke as she continued to hear him plead. She held him in her arms and pressed a kiss to his crown reassuring him everything would be ok.

The sheriff led Liam’s biological mother away in handcuffs as she sat in the back of the police car cursing at the couple and Liam for not listening and how she would get her revenge. 
“I’d like to see you try, sweetheart.” Derek replied as he went over to his mate and to check on Liam.

Once the deputies and the police cars drove out of sight from the Hale loft, Y/N took Liam inside and sat on the couch pulling the young scared boy onto her lap. The young beta sobbed as he held on to her for dear life. 
“Sssh sssh, you’re ok. You’re ok. I’m so sorry you had to see and hear that, sweetheart. I don’t care what happens, we won’t ever let her take you away from us. You’re apart of our family and you always will be. I don’t want you listening to anything she has to say. We love you no matter what and that won’t ever change.” Y/N reassured him and pressed a kiss to his forehead. 
“Promise? Even when I’m bad or I can’t control my anger or shift?” Liam asked. 
“I promise, sweetheart.” Y/N cooed. 
“Your momma is right, Liam. Don’t worry, she won’t bother us ever again.” Derek reassured Liam as he pulled the young beta into a hug and pressed a kiss to his forehead. 
“Everything’s going to be ok, pup.” Derek reassured him.

The couple sat together on the couch and held their young pup close not wanting to let go of him so continued to reassure him that everything would be ok again, after all no one messes with Hales.

speaking of polyamory - can movies & series stop degrading polyamory? it’s like anytime anything close to polyamory is shown on screen - no characters are suppportive, it typically isn’t perceived as separate relationships but an open relationship between two (which for some, that is how they do things. but my point is we need more representation in the different types of relationships not the commonly presented ones), and the relationship always fails so it can…..of course…..make room for some lame ass monogamy lesson. can i get one movie where polyamory is talked about openly, supported, and most importantly - a healthy depiction??? especially because y'all have the time to make 102847 shitty films romantisizing absuive but rly can’t get one where not only is the person with multiple partners but also not a sex crazed wild time/somebody “lashing out” until they figure out they want monogomy? can we just get some….real shit?

i think my biggest reason for wanting to go into film is craving that on screen diversity and realism

PSA: Oversimplifying.

I oversimplified my last post because I was half asleep when I wrote it and thought that it was comprehensible- but I guess not- and now there’s some misunderstandings. So. Here is what I actually meant. (Skip to the tags if you want a summary, honestly.)

Some people are actively attacking others for shipping two fictional characters because of ‘abuse.’

One of their arguments for that is ‘to protect younger generations from abuse.’ Acting almost as if the younger generation can’t understand it themselves.

That’s amazing and all, but here’s the thing.

This is about a movie, first of all. A Disney movie. I doubt Disney would market out a relationship between an abuser and it’s victim. (Cue some Rian Johnson quotes here, and some articles, and interviews, and what not…)

It’s a kids movie.

I didn’t mean to make it sound like children wouldn’t be able to look at an absuive scene and not think it’s abuse. Not at all. Kids can, and will, understand abuse. I meant to say that kids aren’t going to be sitting in their seats and looking at scenes and think it’s abuse because it’s not meant to be set up like that.

The scene, which I hope we all know which one I’m talking about, was supposed to be an interrogation between a prisoner of war and a commanding officer to get information vital to the war effort. Not justifying it here, just pointing out what I, one of the supposeded ‘younger generationals,’ noticed when I first saw the movie in 2015. It’s an observation.

And when I saw the movie for the first time, I was rather intrigued with Rey and Kylo Ren (as was all of the younger kids in my neighborhood) and I wondered what would happen next, and began to theorize and guess with all my other friends, because why not? It’s all fun and games.

Put this in for perspective: TFA was the first Star Wars movie I saw in the theatres since I was way too little for ROTS.

Anyway, my point with that last post was don’t ever begin to assume what kids can and can’t understand. I’m not even talking about shipping reylo or anything. They can decide themselves what they take away from the movie- whether it is abuse or not- or any other movie or show or book/story. People don’t have to defend them from anything when it involves fiction. (Disney fiction no less.)

It’s condescending and annoying, okay?

Don’t underestimate what we, the youngsters, can understand and tolerate when it comes to fictional culture. I’m pretty sure we can handle a lot since we have to put up with this shit you, the ‘adults,’ who are too critical over characters, deciding they’re a bad influence for having flaws, and taking away the fun in things.

I think- hear me out- that maybe the bad influences on little girls and boys are people who don’t understand common decency and practice it online while talking about fictional things, and are actively bully others? Not like I have any experiences or proof or anything…

Just stop lying to yourselves about some things, honestly.

Treat kids with more respect. Actually, start treating others with more respect. At least, that’s what my parents taught me.

And sorry if this is ‘unoriginal.’ I just find it sad you have to read this in the first place.

Headcanons for what happened after the season finale: 

- once Steve, Jonathan and Nancy sit the fuck down together and talk. There are apologies, some tears, but in the end they all get along and most of the hurt feelings between the three of them are gone

- Steve and Dustin. Do I really have to say more? I mean yeah, Steve loves all the kids (he’ll deny it though, he’ll deny it to hiy grave) but there’s just somethign about Dustin that makes him take the big brother role way too easily

- Max eventually tells the others about her absuive step dad. Even if he’s never touched her, she knows that he’s an asshole and that Billy probably would have turned out less of an asshole if it weren’t for that guy. Eventually Hopper hears about it and he’s FUMING. He eithers busts the asshole or at least scares him enough for him to leave his kid(s) alone. Billy will probably remain an asshole but maybe the relationship between him and Max can get a little bit better

- Steve and Nancy still visit Barb’s parents. Not as often, but it’s still important to them. It’s not as bad as it used to be, since they can now work through their grief instead of grasping at straws

- When Steve throws another house party, there are no douchy friends and no alcohol. Well, maybe a little bit of wine or a beer or two, but the goal isn’t to get drunk. Instead he invites Jonathan and Nancy and the whole gang of kids. While the teenagers cook the kids are free to take a swim or try out the new video game console that Steve (or his parents) got. Sometimes they like to help in the kitchen though, especially Dustin

- At least once a month, or maybe even once a week, the whole gang gets togeher for dinner and movie night. It’s not only for them to spend time together, but also to honour the people they lost, like Barb, Benny and Bob. Each time someone else was supposed to pick a movie, but it usually ends up being a team effort. If they are feeling fancy, and if they can afford it, they go out or actually go to the movie theatre to catch the newest sci fi, no matter how bad

- None of them can actually get therapy, because what they witnessed is fucked up and you can’t just explain that to anyone, but they can talk to each other. It’s not perfect, but they are managing

- Jonathan takes over Bob’s job at the Radio Shack. He’s got enough of an interest in technology to be a quick learner, even if photography and now filming will always remain his main interest. Eventually he might even join the school, not as a teacher but as the new leader of the AV club. If his brother and his friends are already using it as a cover story, why not bring that concept back ot life

- Steve does eventually go to College, but he stays in contact with everyone and of course, the dinner/movie nights are still mandatory. He wouldn’t miss them for anything. Sometimes the kids or Nancy and Jonathan come to visit, then they all go out for ice cream

Leaving an absuive relationship of any type hurts

Leaving an abusive relationship is scary.

Leaving an abusive relationship is hard because you’re leaving the one thing in life that’s always been there.

It’s hard because you’re leaving a person or a group of people (if they’re your friends) who you thought loved you.

And I know how hard it is, and I know how scary to look around once you’ve left and wonder where you stand and who you really are, because when you were with them you lost yourself to make them happy.

You will cry when you leave. You will cry tears of hurt and angry and frustration towards yourself for staying so long, towards the people or person who treated so terribly, and towards… everything.

You’ll be angry, I know I was.

But… the feeling of the anxiety rushing from body as you escape the grasp that they had on you is liberating. And I was scared.

This anxiety that I had know had so quickly vanished that I thought something was wrong with me until I realized that it was them who had caused this.

I’ve never felt so alive and liberated and free. And even still it hurts to be around them and to see them, but the want to show them how much better I am without them and how much stronger I am drives the fear away.

And I’m truly happy for the first time in a long time.

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laxus would never be abusive! he has a heart of gold gosh. I despise miraxus with all my heart because yea it has been so hyped while they barely have any canon interactions at all (and I'm glad mashima himself made sure in the last chapter that he at no time intended for this ship to happen) but laxus, absuive? NO!


leave my thunder son alone gosh heckin darn it he is so soft?????

The over sexualisation of Rey (her life vest suddenly gone so we can see a wet white shirt), the obsession with the space nazi Kylo Ren, and the obsession with the absuive trash that is Reylo…

Yep… it’s now official that Rian Johnson will be the worst thing to ever happen to the Star Wars franchise since Jar Jar Binks. THANK GOD JJ is coming in for the final film to clean up this trash Rian will leave behind.

If people don’t like or ship Iris and Barry together, that’s fine! Really. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Some may find it predictable, or like it’s been done before, and that’s fine. But if you don’t like them, for whatever reason, be honest! Don’t try and make up reasons that falsely bend the narrative, and don’t use words like, ‘abuse’ which you obviously have no idea about, if you’re using that term so loosely, because you’d rather another ship over them.

Westallen is not, and has never been abusive. What it is, is a ship, that compared to other shows, is very healthy. It’s two people that love and respect, and will always protect each other. It’s also doing something that others shows have failed to do. It’s giving us a healthy interracial relationship, with a black woman, that’s also the lead of the show. That never happens. There are plenty of other shows that consist of a white male lead, with a white female love interest. The Flash is not that!

It’s concerning that we finally have real representation, something that I have been longing for because it’s reflective of real life, and people are labelling it as abusive, when actual abusive ships are ignored, but both male and female are white, so it’s seen as ‘love’. 

I see no one calling it abuse that a certain female is being kidnapped, against her will, again. In fact, some are viewing that as, ‘cute.’ But a white man, trying to ask out the black woman that he has loved for years, and that he wants to start fresh with, is ‘abusive.’ 

If you prefer another ship, fine, but don’t use words that have a detrimental affect, like ‘abuse’ because you rather the white male lead is with another white woman, that he doesn’t even consider more than a friend. Be honest, say you find them boring, say that you rather he be with someone else, in fact, at least have the guts to say that you want him with a white woman, but don’t make up a false narrative when nothing on the show has ever suggested that Westallen is abusive. 

I find it concerning that people also label Barry as a stalker, and abusive, yet want him to be with their favourite! If a character was a stalker, or abusive, then never would I want them near my favourite! Please use better terminology, because it’s sickening to have words like that associated with a beautiful, healthy, interracial ship that is based on true love and friendship!

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It's like not cool or edgy to be into a violent and consistently absuive misogynist no matter how ""good"" his music is just saying

is this about xxxtentacion bc if so i never said i sided w him on the topic of his abuse/alleged abuse, nor did i say i disbelieve geneva or think she’s a liar. and he makes good music that i’m allowed to like. don’t y'all come and harass me ‘cause you wanna be little sjw’s at every fucking turn, just unfollow me if you don’t like my content!!! it’s simple

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If I'm being completely honest, I somewhat agree with what Tyler Posey said about Sterek? In my opinion, it is kind of bizarre to ship two people that have shown no romantic interest and plenty of hatred towards each other when one of the people in the relationship physically and verbally abuses the other every few episodes. His choice in words was kind of rude though.


A) Sterek is not abusive.

B) If you want to talk about abusive relationships go pick some of the canon ones. That are actually written that way. Not Sterek, which is only done in Fandom where they flesh out relationships and people are very aware of age gaps, absuive behaviour and all sorts of problematic things. You wanna know some abusive Relationships? Stalia, Scallison, Jydia, Derek/Jeniffer. Those are actual canon abusive relationships that are shown as romantic and cute. Go complain about those.

C) Calling A gay ship bizarre weird and twisted is never okay. Unless you have some horrible kinky shit with serial killers.

D) Stiles and Derek don’t hate each other. Scott is the one who outright hated Derek since episode 1.

E) “bizzare to ship two people that have shown no romantic interest” are you shitting me? You just bashed 85% of fandom. Because guess what? Allydia isn’t canon. Isaac/Scott isn’t canon. Stiles/Scott isn’t canon. Steve/Tony isn’t. Thor/Loki. Black Widow/Hawkeye (at least in MCU don’t know about the comics) Dean/Castiel.  So many fandom ships haven’t ever shown romantic feelings on Scren. You going to tell me they are all weird bizarre and twisted?

F) Tyler Posey needs to shut his mouth about fandom in all and every aspect. He is rude and offensive whenever he talks about fan creations. And frankly it doesn’t matter what he thinks about it. It wasn’t even his place to answer that question. He needs to take his bitter little butt and take it the hell away from all things fandom related. Because he can’t deal with it. He only ever uses it when it brings him attention. Otherwise he outright insults fans to their face. I frankly don’t give a fuck about his petty onionskins

G) Sterek is not abusive.


Guys look.

I hate the fandom too.

I doubt you’ll find anyone who’s more absolutely fucking disgusted with Tumblr’s half of the fandom and how they think it’s okay to try to kill people over a fucking cartoon than I am.

But canceling the show is not only an extreme measure but it won’t do a damn thing to stop them or make them think twice about their actions.

They won’t even listen to the creators of the damn show when they tell them to calm their tits and let people draw what they want, the show could be canceled and Sugar could outright tell them it was because of THEM (or that she even ended it herself!) and they’d just rage at CN and the Crewniverse or blame “the patriarchy” or “institutional racism” or literally anything except admit they had any part in it.

They won’t learn anything and they’ll just latch onto some other big thing and continue to do what they do until they ruin whatever fandom they’re in now like they almost did with Undertale while the show was on hiatus.

And besides, it’ll disappoint the kids watching it and the adult/teen fans who AREN’T fucking insane like me and the fandom on places like Reddit.

That’s why if @staff outright refuses to do anything about it, it’s up to us to make it so that these sociopaths and idiots aren’t welcome in the SU fandom if all they’re going to do is throw a fucking fit when people draw things or ship things they don’t like bad enough to make people kill themselves.

That shit is NOT going to be tolerated anymore. We have GOT to get people to start speaking out against it and doing something about it.

Start keeping tabs on shitheads who engage in absuive behavior like that.

Warn people about them.

And I don’t mean the usual tumblr callout crap where someone completely lies about an innocent person to ruin their life, I mean have actual PROOF.

Proof of something actually BAD, something RECENT and not like five years ago that the person hasn’t had any change of heart or realized what they said was wrong.

Someone who actually DESERVES “receipts.”

Or better yet, get their fucking parents involved or whatever authorities necessary to make this shit fucking stop.

Because how many times is this going to have to happen until something changes?

How many people are gonna have to almost die?

How many people are gonna have to ACTUALLY die?

When’s it gonna end?

When we gonna live?

Something’s gotta happen NOW. 

Or something’s gonna give.  

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send me a ship and I will tell you:

  1. when or if I started shipping it. : 

    A good bit before the famous “I’ll save you from the pirates scene”. I thought it was interesting how Zuko paid such close attention to Katara that he would recognise her  necklace anywhere. Since I wasn’t a big fan of Kataang anyway, and there was already a fanbase brewing…I just kind of jumped on the ship. I didn’t take it too seriously at first, but as time went on, my feelings grew.

  2. my thoughts: Zutara is amazing. From the Zuko and Katara interactions we got amazing development from both of them, we got great parallels (the fact that it’s considered accidental makes it even more powerful), and a pairing that works with the themes of the show. And honestly, if someone thinks the pairing wouldn’t work or would be too “forced” they’re simply wrong. All Zuko and Katara had to do was kiss, and after he nearly died for her it would feel like a natural occurrence!
  3. What makes me happy about them: Gosh, just about everything. Maybe it’s how cute they look together? Or their aforementioned development? Or it could just be the fact that they have related and understood each other on just about everything!
  4. What makes me sad about them: The fact that they’re not canon…. And it isn’t even simple ship bias. The endgame pairings for both characters openly disregards their feelings and needs. Zuko and Mai were unhappy together, but they got together anyway And Kataang is mostly about Aang’s feelings, leaving Katara as an afterthought. It’s a disappointing end.
  5. things done in fanfic that annoys me: Absuive Zuko, and helpless victim Katara. Back in Zutara’s early days “capture fics” were really popular. Y’know, where Zuko does horrible things to Katara, she cries about it, and then they fall in love for some reason. The main draw to Zutara for me was that they were equals. That even though they were on opposite sides of a war for a time, they are essentially two halves of a whole. So any form of Zutara where the power dynamics are totally unbalanced gets a big thumbs down from me.
  6. Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:  I’m actually really fond of pairing up Zuko with Suki, especially after the comics. Unlike a certain other person I could mention, Suki is good for Zuko. She’s sweet, she cares about the problems he goes through, but she’s not a total pushover. And truth be told, I really hope Zuko/Suki is endgame. (It’s less depressing than the alternative)
    As for Katara…? Jet. No he’s not dead. I don’t know what you’re talking about!
  7. My happily ever after for them: During their golden years they take retirement from being the ruling Fire Lord/Lady, but since they’re still really dedicated to the world they play a huge role in politics going on in Republic City. And after the Equalist blowout, they spend time making sure that non-benders are represented and safe. In their down time though, they enjoy going off to Ember Island.
  8. Who is the big spoon/little spoon: Katara is the big spoon and Zuko is the little spoon. After the life he had, there are times when Zuko just really wants to be held, and Katara is more than willing to do it!
  9. what is their favorite non-sexual activity: Zuko loves taking Katara out on hot air balloon flights, and Katara likes cooking him traditional water tribe food. More than anything though, they’ve gained an odd fondness for watching plays together. It makes them feel nostalgic.
What “SHREWD” Really Means >


Obsolete definitions (what we’re not): Mischevious, abusive, ominous, dangerous

Current definitions (what we are): Having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute, sharp-witted, sharp, smart, acute, intelligent, clever, canny, perceptive, perspicacious, sagacious, wise

“Shrewd” is a word often used to describe Slytherins. But not everyone knows what it means. In less-modern times it actually had some negative connotations, such as the above. But those meanings are now out of date (or obsolete). So if anyone tries to tell you that as a member of Slytherin House, the sorting hat has labeled you mean, absuive, rude, dangerous, michevious, etc., kindly inform them that their definition of the word is well out of date, and inform them of what it really means. Do this rudely and they may not believe you.

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