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I’ve seriously been thinking about erasing my header and bio and just writing something like “living dead girl”. That’s sad to me. I would change my status from my identity in Christ to my identity in my suicide. Wow. I need to just… Idk… Bury myself, not in the ground, but in his love. That’s so abstract though.


I discovered “motelscape” today.
(not my images! most belong to @marina-fini
and @sleazeburger)

André Kertész :: Calder with Eucalyptus, 1940. (Image © Ministère de la Culture / Médiathèque de Patrimoine, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais) 

“He didn’t see an eucalyptus tree and those long beautiful leaves and think, ‘I want to interpret that in a sculpture.’ He made a sculpture, and he looked at it, and he saw that it looked kind of like eucalyptus leaves” – Sandy Rower 

Although often evocative, Calder’s titles are not guides for interpretation. The artist named his abstract sculptures after they were created simply as a means to identify or differentiate. “I give names to the things I’m working on just like license plates,” Calder once said. © 2017 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society [ARS], New York)

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I break my shins
inching backward
into his song-

/ I know little grace.


he works so hard
to clear a path
for a clear mind,

/ it’s called sugar

& I would shred a kiss
into broken words
just to test

/ that he loves me;


I would burn bonds
to sample a divide
just to taste

/ what is hidden.

xxiii | sugar