the book of cleaning

This piece celebrates the art after the art, the clean up after the mess, the by-product of the supposed ‘masterpiece’.

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“Today the artist is no longer constrained by the limitation that all of man’s experience is expressed by his outward appearance. Freed from the need of describing a particular person, the possibilities are endless. The whole of man’s experience becomes his model, and in that sense it can be said that all of art is a portrait of an idea.”

M. Rothko

Little Big Painting, 1965
Roy LIchtenstein 

This silkscreen is a depiction of 1 solid brushstroke and  a commentary on the brushstroke in abstract expressionism. It made a mockery of the idea that a brustroke was a vehicle to directly communicate feelings. Also, even though the abstract expressionists despised commercialization, they were not immune to it. 

Adolph Gottlieb, ‘Labyrinth No. 2’ 1950. 


“I finally got to the point where the compartments disappeared. But then that’s another story. Then I got into something else, which was a transitional phase. I also eliminated the images. I just had a grid, which became like a labyrinth in which there were overlapping grids going in every direction. Not only vertically, horizontally, but also diagonally." 

-A. G.