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Notes on Submitting to Lensblr

We have said this many times and many ways but it is always worth repeating: Submit your work using this link as this is your best chance of having your work published by Lensblr! 

We also closely monitor the tags #photographers on tumblr and #lensblr. We’re always finding new talent and great photos to reblog by watching these tags. Many others on Tumblr follow these tags as well – so we encourage you to tag your original work! (make sure they appear within the first five tags of your post) 

However, relying on tracked tags may not always be a reliable way for us to find you. Therefore if you would like MORE LOVE from Lensblr, submit your work here! :-)

Lensblr only publishes work from Original Photographers meaning if it’s NOT your work, we won’t touch it.

Lensblr Staff