abstergoisthefuture has been spotted.

Adelina was on her afternoon walk, strolling around downtown. She was looking up at the buildings, enjoying the scenery, when all of the sudden she walked straight in to someone. In running in to this person, she dropped her handbag, the contents spilling out on to the sidewalk. “I’m so sorry,” she said hurriedly, bending down to pick up her handbag and everything now sprawled across the sidewalk. “I’m really not usually so clumsy,” she admitted, “I just spaced out, I didn’t mean to walk straight in to you. I’m so sorry.”

Infiltrate & Obtain

‘Don’t fuck this up now,’ he thought to himself, getting up from his bed and wandering down the stairs of his flat. Bixxel_44 had a secret mission today, one that only his superior Unknown Hacker knew about, and had to leave Aiden in the dark about it. He was give a box from his boss, containing a grey hoodie with the Abstergo mark on the front left side, much like a work hoodie, and given a level 6 access code key. Carefully he slipped it on over his plain white shirt, grabbing his black leather jacket to put over as well, kind of like an extra layer of protection. Once his jeans were buckled, his boots on, and his mask scarf around his neck, he was ready.

Bixxel_44 slipped up his mask, covering the lower portions of his face as he left his home, heading over quickly to airport.

His job: infiltrate Abstergo, and retrieve all files.

– Time Skip due to Travel –

Unfortunately the closest and biggest facility closest to him was in Philadelphia, just his luck. Never the less, the marksman made his way over to the Abstergo building from the airport, keeping his mask on at all times, and having the hoodie cover his head and eyes, wanting his identity on the down low.

Bixxel_44 walked into the tall white building, keeping his eyes straight forward and not looking at any of the other employees. It seemed like he was fitting in well since they didn’t stop him or badge him.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

The hacker stopped for a moment, as if checking his phone, when actually the special contacts he wore light up in his own vision, invisible to everyone else. A HUD (heads-up-display) appeared before him, showing who everyone was, what they were doing, and most important, where he needed to go to find the main Abstergo computer.

Now then, on his way he went.


The assassin had never seen anyone normal since he returned from his trip. Trying to lie low was kind of hard when you had a bounty on your head, but this newcomer didn’t really seem like he would be any harm. Humming, he conjured up a quick haiku inside his head, speaking softly,“Hello, newcomer. I trust you aren’t a threat. What is your name, friend?”