absract expressionism

Hello everyone! I have some good news.

This past sunday I had my first art show during my graduation party which had a great turn out and feedback! I printed out cards with this blog on it as well as my email (kristenbrown.artworks@gmail.com) so I’m hoping to be getting a few more hits on this page as time goes on and I distribute my information out.

Secondly, throughout the next couple weeks, I will be adding prices to each painting I have posted on this blog so far and will continue to do so as I add more with time. It has been a previously unsaid option to purchase my artwork but never officially stated but now will change. One of my goals in life is to sell my pieces and I think I am at a good place in promoting my passion through this blog and other social networks that I am ready to take this next step in my art career.  

So, stay tuned and if you happen to be interested in a piece of mine feel free to contact me through an ask or through my email stated above. 

Hope you all have a good rest of your week/weekend!!