absoul quote

See a lot of ya’ll don’t understand Kendrick Lamar
Because you wonder how I could talk about money, hoes, clothes, god, history all in the same sentence
You know what all the things have in common
Only half of the truth, if you tell it
See I’ve spent twenty three years on the earth searching for answers
Til’ one day I realized I had to come up with my own
I’ve not on the outside looking in
I’m not on the inside looking out
I’m in the death fucking center, looking around
—  Ab-Soul’s Outro - Kendrick Lamar Ft Ab-Soul

Shit… what more did you expect? HiiiPower.

For the most part, we go hard for the respect. I’m obviously ominous to my competition and if I ain’t better than Kendrick than nobody is then.

We shared our life with you, shared our light with you even in the darkest of hours, in hopes that one day, just maybe, one day the world’ll be ours. Ha, and now they look up to us like towers for rhyming like we had super powers.

They should’ve never let us in these offices knowing good and God damn well how well we’ve been ducking officers. Laughing at the scraps they offered us in the past, and now we toast champagne to the thirst we never had.

I had my ups and downs, but I always left right.

Rest In Peace Alori Joh… Top Dawg for life!

And, oh yeah… SOUL!

—  Ab-Soul