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so i came up with a theory to explain the bts mvs and the whole like highlights reel and all that. this took me absolutly years to write lmao…

We think the mv's go in this order:

  1. the flashbacks in run/ i need u
  2. spring day
  3. the not flashback parts of run / i need u
  4. wings trailers
  5. love yourself

1. the flashbacks show a time when they were young dumb and having fun before everything happened when they were all friends and just having a good time.

2. all the bad things began to happen after the boys drifted apart after they visited the beach. (in the notes it says the drifted apart.). a generally accepted theory for why the boys went out of control was because jin died but i think it’s just because they realised the harsher realities of life and had to deal with stuff and just kind of lost it. 

this is because the spring day mv to me represents the last youthful happiness. a bubble, where for one last time they can feel carefree and joyful without the burdens of real life. this is because in the mv the motel is called omelas that they stand outside. “the one that walks away from omelas” is a book about a seemingly utopian city called omelas where everyone is happy and there is no pain or suffering. i believe that the day at the beach was their omelas. 

in the book, once you are old enough you learn the truth that omelas isn’t all happy because for everyone else to live joyfully one child lives in dark, filth and misery underneath the city. At that point, you can choose to say understanding that the one child suffers for the greater good or you can leave to an unknown place that is unimaginable to the people of omelas.

in the context of bts, i think this is a metaphor for the boys growing up. They have reached the age where they begin to realise all the dark things in the world and know that they have to do something about it because they can’t just ignore the pain and suffering. so they have to leave the beach eventually going home to their normal lives to deal with real life. they aren’t innocent unknowing children anymore, they aren't young forever so they have to leave the beach and walk away from omelas. 

i think when they hang the shoes on the tree - which you usually do for a dead person. it isn’t for jin and jin doesn't die.they are converse shoes which could be a reference to past songs they made when they were younger i.e. converse high. so the shoes represent a younger them - their youth. so their youth has died and they have to walk away from omelas into the unknown where things, might not happy or okay.

3. the not flashback parts of run / i need u

these show the boys spiralling out of control as the unknown of real life hits them. like when taehyung accidentally kills his abusive father when hitting him. the fact the boys have drifted apart. i think it is because they aren’t kids anymore and they have to deal with pain and suffering now they bubble of being children and the day at the beach has burst. so their accidents start to have consequences. they lose contact with each other and the fun is gone and the struggle of this causes them to act out - like yoongi. and fall into a depression of sorts - jimin lying in the bath. they aren’t upset because jin died but because they aren’t friends anymore and things in their life aren’t happy and carefree as they once were. and it ends up with jungkook being hit by the car. and them having a fight (the notes) where jin says he punched taehyung. 

4. the wings trailers show each of the boys in a sort of purgatory unsure of where to go next, trapped within themselves and in their own minds. a few examples - jungkook in the bed and the darkness stuck in a coma maybe after his car crash. taehyung - trapped in the cage which could be a metaphor for his own mind as he struggles with the fact he killed his own father. they are still stuck, trapped in the pain of what happened when they drifted apart. with only the memories of the happiness, they once had in the spring day which they hope will come again (which is what the song spring day is about).

5.love yourself highlight reel shows the boys as they try to move on. Jungkook meets a girl in the hospital as he gets better. jimin and hoseok dance with the girl. jin meets a girl at the level crossing and finds happiness with her. taehyung does stupid things like graffiti with the girl he meets stealing. namjoon sees the girl on the bus every day and yoongi plays the piano not alone anymore but with the girl he meets.

so they move on slightly. that is until things go wrong again. taehyung and the girl get caught. something happens to the girl jungkook likes after he recovered. jimin accidentally knocks the girl out (i think), jin’s girl gets hit by the van and so on and so forth. so all the bad things come crashing down on them again. it ends with jin saying that everything could be fixed if they went back to that day and had done things differently. that all their troubles stem from there. but i also think it’s trying to say that the boys will only feel more pain if they try to take their happiness from being with other people and that they need to work out who they are, what they want and love their own selves before they can fix all that happened when they left the beach, grew up and stopped being kids.

if they want to fix what happened with each other and truly be happy they need to look at themselves first. find away to love themselves and rely less on other people for happiness. otherwise they will be stuck on their downwards spiral endlessly. and thats why the comeback for september is titled love yourself.

anyway that’s my theory feel free to tell me if you agree or if yours is different i find it really interesting the different views people have - me and my friend talked for ages about this haha. have a good day :):):)


 May 24, 1819 - Birth of Queen Victoria

At a quarter past four in the cold morning of 24 May 1819, a baby girl was born. She was ’as plump as a partridge’ and ’a model of strength and beauty combined’, so her grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Coburg, was informed by the Duke, who had remained with his wife throughou her labour. ’The dear mother and child are doing marvellously well… It is absolutly impossible for me to do justice to the patiente and sweetness with which [the mother] behaved.‘ 

My God, how glad I am to hear of you,’ the Dowager Duchess responded in a letter to her daughter. 'I cannot find words to express my delight that everything went so smoothly… I cannot write much… dear mouse…for I am too happy.’ She hoped the mother was not disappointed that the baby was a girl :’ The English,’ she said, 'like Queens.’

{ Queen Victoria: A Personal History by Christopher Hibbert }

I drew this for my friend who’s currently at my home with me. She absolutly adores Joker from Lego Batman Movie (Bonus points: Our favourite Let’s Player voiceacts him in german!!) She sadly speaks no english ;w; So I doubt she’ll ever read or understand the words in it…

Please drag it or click on it… <3

WTF has happened here...

I’ve been a therian for just over five years now and for a short while at the begining I was active on small threads but then left completely when there were a phase of hierarchical packs comng through. I’ve just come back after years of being innactive about therianthropy online and well…wtf.

There only used to be a very small group of Fiction-kin and they where species not characters. As a phycological therian identifying as a fictional species seemed reasonable as if the disphoria you were experiancing best matched a fictional character then alrighty but identifying as a specific character…the author owns that character and shits going to happen to them that you may not like and then what? I’ve seen many people play the ‘multi-verse’ therory but the problem with that is even if it is true there is no way each reality could ever effect another.

Next is this pronoun bullshit. What the fuck? I have a pet cat and I call her ‘she’ and ‘herself’ not ‘cat’ and ‘catself’. Your pronoun is your gender not your species! I am actually praying that the posts including it are trolling becuase we do not need any help looking crazy and, in my opinion, it offensive to the transgender community who actually need to change their pronouns. Some have said that they use the pronouns of their theriotype and I can understand that to some degree as my Water Deer side is male but when I’m shifted the last thing im thinking about is ‘oh boy, I hope no one calls me ‘she’, a english word that means absolutly shit all to me!’

However it’s not all doom and gloom, I’m really happy to see a rise in anti physical shifters mentality. As I said, we need no help looking crazy, and those claming we can physclly shift were certainly helping that view. I’m also made hopeful by the amount of positivity here. I remember when I first joined the community the emphasis on packs and hierarchy, the speciesism and the frankly rude nature people who were ill informed were treated. But I can see a massive improvement here.

We are taking big steps forward but dont let our progress be dragged back again. We need to talk to our opponents and prove that we arn’t the special little snowflakes they see us as; prove that the are reasonable people; and prove that we are valid. But to do that we reall must be it first.


This treat is called Chinsuko, a traditional snack from Okinawa. It’s typically made with lard and flour and cut in these crinkly ladyfinger shapes This variety pack was purchased from candysan.com and comes with natural, brown sugar and sweet potato flavour!
First I tried the natural flavour to give me a baseline on what it’s supposed to taste like. This one kind of tasted like a mix of a shortbread cookie and a graham cracker. It was yummy and crunchy
The second one I tried was brown sugar. This had a significantly sweeter flavour and a slightly richer molasses like flavour while keeping the same delightful crunch. I liked this one better than the natural because to me it seemed more complex.(^∇^)
Finally I tried the sweet potato. No suprise, this was my favorite. It’s moderately sweet and the graham cracker taste is replaced with something that tastes more like a classic shortbread with floral notes that I really liked! I would never have guessed it was sweet potato but I still enjoyed it quite a bit!
This set was absolutly worth it for me! These were tasty, beautifully wrapped and would make a really great gift for someone interested in Japanese culture or more traditional sweets (*´꒳`*)

Dear Kpop fans that always ask the artists to translate/talk in English:

Please quit commenting and tagging the artists on social media with “eng plz” or “write it in english” or “I don’t understand, please do english”. That is extremely selfish. You are there to enjoy them and their music which is of another language and you ought to respect that. As an international fan that does not speak Korean myself, even I get frustrated when I see people asking Korean artists to speak in English. It is their mother language, not yours. Do not make them go out of their way to translate their words to yours. If you want to know what they said so bad, learn Korean or learn some patience. People will eventually translate no matter what artist(s) you favor. Be respectful to all the artists, they work their asses off to bring quality music and choreography that the public generally takes well and that is pretty well liked. They work much harder than any of us could imagine, we don’t know what goes on behind the doors of each company but we all know that the K-Pop industry is rather strict and tough to be in.

I know it is wonderful to hear your favorites speak in English, I giggle over it and  I absolutely love it. But they work hard enough already and I don’t want them to feel like they have yet another weight on their shoulders. I’ve even seen when artists write their Tweets or Instagram captions in English and then ‘fans’ poke fun at it not being grammatically correct or with misspelled words and call them illiterate. It really makes me sad that people think it okay to make fun of someone that can’t speak your own language fluently but the second you try to mutter theirs, you can’t get a single word out and the pronunciation is absolutely horrid as well as the grammar.

So please, from one I-fan to another, please quit being selfish with your comments. If you really want to say something to them, tell them they are doing great and keep striving like they are. Tell them they make you happy, but do not tell them to speak your language if you cannot speak theirs. Thank you

heres a festive red PBJ picture for @trollinthehumanfandom 

hi there, im your secret santa and i just wanted to wish you a very merry christmas!! 

The message you put in the aditional notes was absolutly lovely which made me determined to give you a really good present! I hope you like and hope your Christmas is GREAT!!

The aditional note vvv

To who ever has me as their recipient, thank you so much in advance :) I know whatever you decide to make will be wonderful and great! (If you need advice contact loreleisonafaire, she is a very close friend of mine and would be more than happy to help )
Thank you for joining, I hope you’ll have a wonderful time~

His Sleeping Beauty

An unusual portrait of the Inquisitor amuses her Commander.

Cullen X Demetra Trevlyan

Inquisitor Dormiens, Your Worship.” the voice of the noble was colored with a ill-concealed compliance “It means…”

The resting Inquisitor.” Demetra completed sweetly, hiding well her amusement seeing the noble caught off guard by her knowledge of his mother tongue. But the man was enough a skilled diplomat, Cullen realized with a grin looking proudly at her, that he smiled politely “The reputation you have earned as a scholar is more than deserved, Your Worship.”

“Oh, I’m sure lady Trevelyan would be delighted to see our library in Minrathous.”Dorian interrupted him, waving his hand nonchalantly “When she will finish to teach her lesson to the Venatori, maybe you and our lady Ambassador could organize a visit.”. The magister bowed slightly “Lord Pavus speaks wisely, Your Worship. The gift from my house is a little thing to show you, all of you,” he remarked looking boldly at the crow in the Main Hall “that not all the Tevinters are mad fanatics.”

“True enough, Octavius.” Dorian beamed “They’re not all mad!”. A formal laugh raised from the lips of those present. Before Dorian could tease more the man, Demetra smiled to everybody “The gift you’ve brought me is absolutly magnificent, magister Fulcinio. And it’d be an honor having you as my guest in Skyhold for as long as you wish.”.

Cullen frowned, but remained still. Dorian had assured them that Octavius Fulcinio was one of the Magisters who had a low opinion of the Venatori. Even if he wasn’t a very pleasant company, his gesture was a strong sign for the Magisterium that Felix Alexius wasn’t the only one who disagreed with Tevinter’s politic. Nevertheless, that didn’t mean that Cullen was glad to have a group of strangers so close to the Inquisitor. 

Demetra’s voice was speaking about the ability of the painter and Cullen looked again at the portrait, setting aside his thoughts for a moment. A young woman with long, dark red hair was sleeping graciously in the middle of a clearing, between wild flowers and little birds. One of her arms was tucked under the head, the other lay gently on her chest, descreetly shadowed with a green color, and her legs, slightly bended, were visible under the evanescent white dress.

Cullen felt the urgence to laugh, but all he could do was pretending a little cough. It wasn’t the quality of the work which caused his cheerfulness.

Differently to other supposed portraits, this one was quite similar to his beloved Inquisitor. Not perfect at all - why the painters were so scared to celebrate her luscious, feminine body, Maker’s breath?! - but not as terrible as the others.

No, what was amusing him so deeply was thinking about the real Demetra in her sleep.

True enough, found a comfortable position, she rarely moved very much until the morning. But how she slept… Cullen smirked, shaking his head.

With her legs stretched half out of the bed and her arms open wide, she often reminded him a starfish. When she chose to sleep on her side, she slept with her neck arched and the mouth half opened. He had teased her about this and she had kicked his ass in the dust of the training ring that same morning, but the truth was that the mighty Inquisitor was very funny in her sleep.

Looking at her, his smile softened. Nobody there knew those details about her. 

Nobody, admiring lady Trevelyan walking among them with her magnificent green dress, could imagine the shy, a little clumsy, witty woman who he had the privilege to see when they were alone. How she slept, the giant yawns in the morning, her nuzzling against his chest trying to keep him in the bed five minutes more…

Little, funny, tender things just for him to see. They were one of his most precious treasures. A sign that with him she could be free, herself, relaxed. For Cullen, that was the best confirmation she was truly happy with him.

No, surely the woman in the picture neither didn’t sleep in a funny way or yawn waking up.

Luckily for him, he had the honor to love the real one.

So everybody is making these since 2016 is ending (thank god). I made this blog seven months ago and since then I have met all these amazing people. Even if 2016 was the worst year ever. I hope 2017 is going to way better. Also my banner is really bad im sorry

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the special mentions

@captainriphunter: Meg is actually the first person I talked too on this site and my first friend. She absolutly amazing and dragged me into watching black sails and the person I go to yell about htgawm.

@starklinqs: Janie is so nice like ????? her headcanons are canon in my heart. We can talk about talk about the most random things honestly she is the best.

@clexamas: Kyria is so salty , we both hate Rose Geller and Finn Collins with a burning passion. She is such fun person to talk to

the cardamothers : @simonlevvis @daixyridley @faenies @mnyardjsten @glitteryteaworld @vangoghandsleep @deerjily @evakskamyou guys know how much I love you guys I say it everyday


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be-a-tigger-not-an-eeyore submitted these awesome DallasCon 2014 pics to me today! This is what she had to say about each:

#1 so! i changed out of my playboy bunny costume before my pic with him, but my god he was amazing! he caught me when i threw myself into him, then he said “woah!” and did this small-swinging-hug-thing with me then we posed. my god it was amazing!

#2 THEN i got to whisper a  prank he could use on Jared (because jared is a strait up dick to misha) LOOK HOW INTENTLY HE’S LISTENING TO ME!! OMG!!!

#3 aaaand finally, i waked up to these awesome boys and said “if i lay on the floor, will you both sit on me?” they said “absolutly” RIchard helped me up after…I HELD RICHARDS HAD AFTER, (btw, earlier that morning, he saw my cosplay in the audience and said “i see a playboy bunny. i dont understand it, but i like it!) i told him i was the bunny from earlier that day and he said “wow, really! that was amazing! how did you think of that?” ugh, got it was a great day!!

Look at this lucky bitch WHISPERING IN MISHA’S EAR!

Not fair, man. But I’m glad you had a good time!!!