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Thor Odinson Imagine

Imagine going undercover with Thor.

You sat there with your legs crossed and your eyes constantly glancing at your watch, you were waiting on Thor’s makeover to be over with. The team was helping with his makeover for going undercover, they didn’t want you to help because they thought you weren’t qualified. As you sat there, the more impatient you started to get, your foot was tapping on the ground impatiently.

‘’Come on guys! We need to get going!’’ you shout, uncrossing your legs.

‘’We’re almost done! Hold up!’’ steve shouts back.

You sigh and continue to sit there very unhappy, but after a few minutes, you hear Tony yell with satisfaction.

‘’Perfect perfect!!’’ tony shouts.

‘’Can I see now? We’ve gotta go!’’ you exclaim, getting on your feet.

The door opens and everybody scatters out of the bathroom, everybody but Thor. You stood there and crossed your arms, you raise and eyebrow.

‘’Thor get out here!’’ tony exclaims, motioning to come out.

‘’No! I look absolutely terrible!’’ thor complains.

‘’Come on Thor! You look awesome!’’ steve shouts.

Thor steps out of the room and your eyes shift to him, your mouth dropped open from surprise and shock. He looked completely different from his normal look, for starters, his hair was short. He had a buisness suit on, which looked absolutley stunning on him, and he was wearing glasses. Your mouth was still open and you walked over towards him, when you reached him, you lifted an eyebrow.

‘’Are the lenses in your glasses.. Gone?’’ you ask, observing his glasses.

‘’Oh, well, they just kept getting dirty, so… I took em out.’’ thor shrugs.

‘’Handsome ain’t he?’’ wanda smirks.

‘’Totally unrecognizable that’s for sure.’’ you smirk, biting your lip.

‘’Whatever, let’s get going with the mission so I can change out of this nightmare.’’ thor sighs, throwing his jacket on him.

‘’Alright team, let’s go.’’ steve smiles.

kc’s ml fic recs (#2)

here we go again!!! bc i’m horribly indecisive and i apparently only read fics in my free time. sorry this is long, but these are just such good fics!!!! 

← part one here

just for you by @runa-storm or runastorm on ao3 | rating: m | wc: 1.9k | pair: adrienette/ladynoir

Well, most of his discomfort— No, amazement, however, was probably due Marinette’s six pack. The girl was fucking ripped, and he didn’t know if he was ready to deal with that.

first of all, buff mari. that’s it. jk but really this fic is the perfect cross of sexual tension and workouts and identiy reveals that it’s just the best thing ever. also poor adrien bc he is whipped. 

lucky accident by @peggiecarter  | rating: g | wc: 3.3k | pair: adrienette

Marinette accidentally revealed her identity to Adrien, but he hasn’t revealed his because he fears her reaction.

 this fic was so painfully wonderful oh my god. first of all taylor’s a great writer, and it’s a partial-reveal fic which is not common, so it’s super interesting and a top ten of mine!!! 

messages by @cherryjutsu | rating: n/a | pair: adrienette

to my love; i think i’ll miss your eyes the most and the way they look at the world.

i almost never read first person and this is the once exception because it’s beautiful. mari and adrien go camping and hiking and whatnot but it’s like dairy entires about their relationship and the insight in marinette’s mind is just absolutley stunning. a must read for sure!!

mixing it up by @midnightstarlightwrites | rating: m, not overly explicit | pair: adrienette/marichat

The world places so many different expectations and pressures on our young heroes, it’s a good thing Marinette and Adrien have each other, and find many different ways of seeking comfort and reassurance (college-age fic) 

poor adrien!!!! this fic is really sweet, esp in the end even tho it also gets pretty steamy. but it’s also sad bc adrien’s all worried about their relationship but mari comforts him!!! so pretty much an amazing hurt/comfort that you should really read. 

spot me by @miraculousandgrand or operamatic on ao3 | rating: m | wc: 8.3k | pair: adrienette

If he’s going to be the face of his father’s new menswear line, Adrien Agreste is going to have to put on some muscle. Adrien sure wishes he’d had a say in this, but maybe a familiar face at the gym is just what he needs to get motivated. Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay focused when you’re caught between over-enthusiastic trainers, belligerent akuma, long standing feelings of inadequacy, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s biceps.

more buff mari bc apparently i don’t know how to make decisions. but this one is GOOD and it’s multi-chapter and adrien sure doesn’t know what to do with himself. 

the consequences of midnight makeouts by faequeen40 on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 11.5k | paring: adrienette/marichat

Marinette has a very distinctive hickey and it seems like the universe is out to get her.

this was one of the first ml fics i read and i was just blown away bc it’s the right mix of creative and steamy and silly and fluffy. pure perfection. also how did adrien get away with that and marinette didn’t kill him……….

the words of flowers by @miracujess or naiadqueen on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 6.1k | pair: adrienette 

Marinette has always loved flowers, and during one slow day at work she left a doodled-upon napkin on the counter of the bakery till…Much to the interest of particular patron. Follow this story as too oblivious, love-struck dumbasses try to communicate through flowers. That’s right, flowers.

OK BUT. i didn’t know i needed second hand embarrasement from mutaully pining adrienette but i DID and it’s the best decision i ever made. they’re so painfully awkward i LOVE IT. jess continutes to be amazing. i couldn’t decide whether i should put this one or rouge so go read that one too 

think alike by @breeeliss or breeeliss on ao3 | rating: g | wc: 20.5k | pair: adrienette

Adrien never really considered himself an artist per se. He only ever considered what he did a hobby, something that he did for joy and not for obligation. But Marinette held his prints up to the light, smiled up at the glossy photos he’d spent hours shooting and editing, and looked at them like they were practically perfect. And how could Adrien not let his chest swell up at the sight of her pride? Photographer!Adrien

did you know you needed photographer adrien?? lol i didn’t either but now i live for this fic. he’s the nerdiest nerd and it’s so cute and he and marinette just bond over their passions and i’m continuously crying. a+ writing, gabie.

your eyes looked like coming home by @chatnoirslady or wanderinglilly on ao3 | rating: g | wc: 2.6k | pair: adrienette

Adrien and Marinette, ten years later.

reunited adrienette is arguably the best thing in this universe and it’s just perfectly amazing in this fic. expect lots of squealing and blushing bc that’s how cute this pile of fluff is. must read t b h. 

Jaebum Scenario


Tears were streaming down your face as you ran down the streets, trying hard to control yourself because you don’t want to gain attention from someone else.
Did he really do that? Did he really break up with you via text? ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY? This couldn’t be true! This should all be a bad nightmare and you wish you could wake up right now. But you were still there, almost running trough the streets, trying to hide your tears from all those curious glances.
You already knew that something was up because he started to act weird lately but you didn’t knew the reason. Unfortunately today was the day he told you the reason.
The first time you met him was a few months before his band had his debut. He was a trainee back then and he didn’t care if he’d become an Idol sooner or later. He always told you that his feeling wouldn’t change, no matter what.
But it seems like his mind changend and his pride became bigger. He wasn’t even able to break up with you face to face. He just send you a short text, telling you that he wouldn’t come to your date and that he thinks that its better for the both of you and his career to break up because he is an Idol and you are just a normal girl. You asked him why he changed his mind, whats the matter of all this and why all of the sudden? He told you that this wouldn’t work and that he fell for an actress he was working with in that new drama coming out.
This broke your heart in so many pieces that you knew that you’d never be able to quite fix it and that you’d have trust issues for the rest of your life.

When you arrived at home your view stopped at the mirror. Your reflection was horrible. Your eyes were swollen and red from all the tears you had been crying and your hair looks like a mess from all the running.
Now everything made sense. It was totally understandable for you now. As you looked at your reflection you knew why he broke up with you. If you would’ve been him, you would’ve done the same. He definetly deserves someone better than you. You were just a normal girl, there was nothing special and beside him you must look like a dumb dog. The truth hit you and you asked yourself why you haven’t realized it earlier, that would’ve saved you from a lot of trouble.

~Jaebum’s View~

“Dude, did you seriously break up with her just because she isn’t famous? Please tell me that this is a joke!” Jackson hit my chest, waiting for an answer.
I clenched my teeth, trying hard to hold back the anger that wanted to come up.
“None of your buisness Jackson!”-
He sighed. “Okay, okay. I hope you didn’t make a huge mistake” he said as he held up his hands as if he gave up our agrument.

I admit that our relationship was beautiful and that I really loved her, but time went by and everything changed. I’m an Idol and on a longer term it wouldn’t have worked. I needed someone to move on in order to grow. Not only in my personality but also to grow in my career and all that’s been involved. A few months ago we started filming a drama and there I met this actress. At first I didn’t care about her but as I got to know her I really started to like her. She was like me. She knew all the struggles that an Idol had and she understood all my feelings because she had experienced them herself. That was the first time since I became an Idol that I met someone who felt the same way as me. I realized that we were soulmates and that we were meant to be.
Thats why I had to break her heart, to save mine and live my life completely as an Idol.

~One year later~

I was sitting with my Members in the crowd, listening to the speaker on the stage. He was talking about a succesful rookie group that already won a few awards. Everybody was listening carefully, as did I. I never heard about this group but it’s impressive how famous they already were.
“So now, please welcome the Leader of the Girlband, Y/N!” the speaker said and the audience started to applaude.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my Ex girlfriend walking up the stairs trowards the stage. She looked absolutley stunning and if the speaker hadn’t said her name I would’ve never ever recognized her.
I felt someone shake my shoulder but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.
“Isn’t this Y/N?” I heard Jackson say full of suprise. The others started to mumble and whisper but I was still too shocked.

“Thank you very much” her soft voice began to speak.
“It’s an honor to be here today and I want to thank everyone and especially our fans who supports us everyday!”
The last year I already realized a couple of times that it was a big mistake that I ended my relationship with Y/N and today was the proof.
After I ended filming the drama I wasn’t able to see the actress again and it seemed like she already had replaced me. That was when I started to miss Y/N and felt guilty for hurting her, but I also knew that I could never make it up to her. I treated her like shit and I was ashamed of myself. I wasn’t even able to apologize and I thought it would’ve been the best for her if I stayed away from her and her life so she could move on. But now when I see her standing there, looking totally stunning I’ve realized again that I messed up. I took a deep breath. Maybe I could apologize to her later, maybe I can work this out. If I don’t try I won’t know right? I decided at to least try it.

“And I also want to thank my beloved boyfriend, who helped me through this hard time. I wouldn’t be standing here if I wouldn’t have met you” she said. All my hopes fell down like nothing. I wasn’t even able to breathe normal. I felt Jacksons hands on my shoulder to encourage me. It was as if I travelled back in time and I could clearly imagine his voice saying “I hope you didn’t make a huge mistake”.
My heart clenched when I realized again that Jackson was right, I did the biggest mistake in my life and now it was too late.



Cover of the day:

The Civil wars covering “Between The bars” by Elliott Smith (Probably my favorite artist of all time)

The Harmonies!