“I think the Absolution is not necessarily a religious word; It has meanings of purity, but its not necessarily talking from a Christian or any particular religious point of view. I think it’s just suggesting that the act of making music is a way of understanding things.”

- Matt Bellamy


Absolution’s artwork by Storm Thorgerson

matt on the meaning of absolution’s covers..

“..as images of space are generally a good influence on our music, we chose the planetarium for this.. it fits in really well with the album - looking at the world from an objective point of view.

”..the bloke’s looking ambiguous and unusual… he’s stood there and he’s holding a gas mask to look as if he’s protecting himself from something - an end of the world scenario. But somethings happened and he’s taken it off.“

“he’s looking up and it’s judgement day. The aliens have either come down to earth or the chosen ones are flying away - and he’s thinking ’ why haven’t i been chosen?’ I think from that point of view sometimes!”

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:to this very day muse has not performed falling away with you live which not only makes no sense but is also a massive upset to muse fans everywhere because who wouldn't want to belt out the lyrics with every fiber of their being while experiencing the inevitable existential crisis that accompanies the song