Paul’s cool ‘59 Beetle came into us a while back for it’s first UK MOT. We have just completed a bit of work to make the car ride a whole lot smoother. We’ve lifted the rear end up a little and fitted full adjustable spring plates with a 2′’ drop built in, great for cars that are running really low we also installed some sealed wheel bearings as the standard bearings wouldn’t get any oil, A pair of new shocks so Paul has got suspension on the rear. We noticed the rear wheel bolts where a tapered set instead of the radius fitment they should be for standard wheels so we swapped them out next was to set a ride height for the front air beam then track the car up so it drives in a straight line. Now a perfect cruiser ready for the summer. 

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Alex came down this morning for his MOT, the bus passed with a couple of minor advisories. We will sort out for Alex next time the bus comes in, Alex brought his birthday present with him which is a brand new MCJ light oak steering wheel with Wolfsburg crest horn push.

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Scott’s sweet 1963 beetle came for MOT, which it needed a little bit of love to get it through but nothing to serious. Still sitting pretty after we stanced it out a few years back.

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Simon and Ian’s Wedding split is all finished and trimmed up, Looking lovely in the summer sun. Looking forward to showing this at Stanford hall so come and have a nose. 

Have a great Easter weekend!

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Zenas’ lovely split came all the way from France for a full interior including a full electrical install and a mechanical tune up, on the way over they managed to snap a tappet screw we fixed this and got it running spot on ready for the long journey back.

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After 10 years of being stood on Mike’s drive he decided it was time to get his 1303 running again. So we set to on recommissioning the beetle with only a few parts needed like a new distributor as the old one had seized, a service and some fresh fuel it then sparked into life. Once we got it tuned up we put it through it’s MOT to get it legal, With only a minor bit of welding needed and a brake overhaul for safety, This beetle is ready for the summer ahead.

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