I hope you don’t mind, but my interest in religion has been re-sparked and I had a question. Isn’t atheism as strong a stance as theism? What proof do we have of the former? Just as much proof as we do of the latter, imo. Also, to say there is absolutely no proof God exists is a little facetious because apparently, there is archaeological evidence supporting some events and historical claims in the religious scripture. Disclaimer: I’m agnostic.  ~  absolutelyunoriginal

Short answer: No.  :-)

LOOOooooNG answer: 

1)  Agnostic and atheist describe different things - agnostic/gnostic is about knowledge, atheist/theist is a belief in god.

2)  There is no proof of any type of deity.  There are CLAIMS of god in the Bible, the Qur'an, the [insert religious texts], but this is very different than “proof."  Saying the Bible is proof of god would be like saying The Odyssey is proof of Zeus.  It’s just silly.

3)  Speaking of The Odyssey, there are many historical events and archeological evidence that some of the things described in the Odyssey actually occurred.  But no one then jumps to "and therefore gods,” right?  Same applies to the events described in the Bible or Qur'an or Torah.  They are great documents (historically speaking…literally, not so much). They share interpretations of events that happened at a turbulent time in history.  They offer claims of deities.  But no proof.

4)  So, since there is no proof of any type of deity, there is nothing to disprove.  Atheism is the natural state - nothing added.  There was a great image going around this weekend that illustrated this point perfectly (I reblogged it HERE).

5)  Saying “I’m an atheist” means, very simply, I do not see any evidence for a god or gods.  But it DOESN’T mean “I know everything,” and I think this is where people sometimes get hung up.  The world, this universe is full of mystery.  Of things we don’t understand. Of…MAGIC.

Because what is magic, really?  Something amazing or shocking that we haven’t figured out yet.  It’s only “magic” until we discover out how/why it occurred, but it can still be amazing and awe-inspiring.  And in every case, in every situation, something we considered “magic” has equaled a natural process or phenomenon, not a deity.

Hope this helps!  ~JJ

absolutelyunoriginal replied to your post: Milk

Hey, I’m pretty curious what you think of your son saying his wife should decide kids or no kids “[s]ince she has to do all the work”. Sidenote: did not know it was like peeing. Good to know. xD

 I read your comment five times and it didn’t hit me until the fifth read through why you were concerned.  He meant “all the work” in the pregnancy, delivery, and feeding way, not “all the work” as in “all the parenting.” BUT, that is sorta a family joke - who does more work?  My husband and I fake fight about it occasionally and ask the kids to take sides. “So… who did more work today?  Mom made all the meals, seeded and raked in the lawn and washed, dried, folded and put away five loads of laundry.  Dad planted 10 trees, cleaned the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher and got groceries.  Who wins?"  Then we bribe them with hugs or something to try to win them to our side.  Silly, I know. And I feel like I should clarify on the peeing thing.  (Stop reading now if you don’t want breast feeding info.)  You know how it feels when your bladder is really full and then you finally get to the bathroom?  That relief you feel?  That’s what nursing was like for me.  Your breasts get so full of milk and when the baby finally starts drinking it’s that same feeling of relief.  Very odd sensation.  I would guess other mothers might describe it differently.  :-)