absolutelymagical replied to your post:
Not as of yet. They’re saying it was planned, because more bombs have been found and safely detonated. Most likely not all have been found. Also, there were a lot of people there, all in one concentrated area, and not expecting anything bad to happen. Most likely took a lot of planning, and probably isn’t over yet. Might not be limited to Boston either.

I feel like I should be saying more but I really am speechless because wow this really sucks and I just really hope that they find all the bombs and that no one else gets hurt

checkmarks replied to your post:
nope not yet

Well crap

absolutelymagical replied to your post:
Another explosion just happened for a total of 3. The third was controlled. Many other places are being investigated for more bombs. Total death toll/injury count not known yet.

I really hope it doesn’t get any worse because shit

everythinghasfallen replied to your post:
they don’t know whether it was planned or a malfunction or even like a manhole cover blowing. the explosions weren’t HUGE (from what i saw), but they looked somewhat planned. especially at such a big event like that. but they won’t find out for a bit

It would be very surprising to me if it wasn’t intentional but its such an…odd event to bomb