Hi guys! I really hate doing this but it’s the second week into school and I’ve worn the same three things so far and if thing keep going the way they are I’m pretty sure it’s all I’m going to be wearing for a while.

How I look plays a huge role self esteem and it’s not that all the clothes that I do have (which don’t even fill up a laundry basket) are ugly or outdated, they just don’t fit and they’re worn. I’m down to two pairs on pants, one a pair of shorts and the other a pair of jeans that are starting to rip unbearably on the thighs and back pockets and I own three wearable shirts.

I have no source of income whatsoever. I cannot, I repeat cannot, count on my mother for absolutely anything for multiple reasons I’m not going to go into unless asked off anon. I will say she is struggling to pay off her motorcycle she purchased a year ago which resulted in her and my and I getting evicted from our home. I cannot get a job. Last year was my worst school year ever and I have to use all my spare time making up credit so I could at least graduate.

It would be huge if anyone could help me out and maybe buy something off of my wishlist! I promise everything in this post is legit and I don’t know why anyone would lie about it really. I just would really really really love to not have to wear the same three things over and over to school.




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So, if John actually had been horse-napped, what could have happened to him? Is illegal centaur slavery a thing in some places? Or would they have simply wanted to beat him up and leave him somewhere?

Centaur trafficking is about as legal as human trafficking. That is to say not at all, but it is still extremely prevalent.

John’s fate would’ve been, ah… not very good at all.

Centaurs have always been terribly popular as ingredients for potions; blood is rumored to have magical properties as well as cure a slew of ailments, powder from their bones is said to improve sexual stamina and even cure impotence, consuming their heart is said to grant longevity, amulets carved from their bones have all types of enhancements: granting the bearer luck, warding off evil, granting one the attributes of the individual it was harvested from (swiftness, endurance, intelligence, elegance, …). Everything can be sold: centaur manure will grow the most bountiful crops, centaur musk is used in perfume, their lungs will cure asthma, eating their tongue will make you look younger, their hooves are made into drinking cups…

Which means they either could’ve dragged him along some distance and harvested what they needed. Or, more likely, taken the whole of him along so nothing goes to waste.

Or they wouldn’t have killed him, in which case he was probably meant for a life of a wakling-talking ‘domesticated’ novelty. Him being an equitaur most likely meant he’d have been submitted to pony rides –and that’s where the enormous stigma (allowing someone on your back) comes from, back when it was ‘totally okay’ to capture centaurs, it were equitaurs who were most likely meant for the life of luxury plaything. I probably don’t need to explain which other flavors of slavery would be applicable as well.

my depression is like “oh, we’re having a particularly bad episode again? hmm let me pick out something you love and that always made you feel better and make you stop caring about entirely so that you don’t have anything to look forward to anymore”

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"You know I heard that can shorten your life by twenty years?" - for absolutely anything

Of Monsters and Lawmen

“You know I heard those can shorten your life by twenty years?”

Startled out of her finals-induced haze of exhaustion and panic, Octavia found herself looking at a guy in a grey sweatshirt and jeans, staring at her, unsmiling. His eyes danced with light, even humor, however, and so she put down her pen and pushed away her notecards. They clinked against the many empty, crushed cans of Monster that littered her desk, which he was gesturing at.

“Nah,” she said, shrugging. “I run enough to counteract it. Besides, it’s only for finals. It’s not like I do this regularly.”

He raised his eyebrows skeptically, and she grinned. Wiggling her fingers at him, she reached out and flicked one of the cans in his direction. He watched it spin slowly towards him, but somehow Octavia still felt like his eyes were on her. 

“There are better ways to study,” he offered.

“Not this late in the game. You think after four years of this hell, I would’ve learned, but no. Procrastinator to the bone.” She leaned backwards in her seat, balancing precariously on the back two legs. He frowned, and so she taunted, “What, this going to shorten my life, too?”

When she heard the barely audible no, but it might shorten mine he breathed out, she almost did fall out of surprise. 

“Philosophy of Law, and Advanced Government,” he mused, running his finger carefully over the spines of her books.

Octavia shivered, imagining his finger caressing her own spine. “What of it?” She asked aggressively to mask any hint of what he was making her feel, inside and out.

He smirked, of all things, then half-sat on the table. “I too had to struggle through Carter’s exams when I took his classes. I also ended up TAing for him, though god knows why. I can give you some tips, if you want.” 

“Yes! Absolutely yes!” She nearly shrieked, grinning sheepishly at the annoyed looks from her just-as-stressed neighbors. 

“Then I’m Lincoln,” he said, taking a real seat as he flipped open her textbook. “Second year student at the law school.” 

“Octavia,” she replied with a smile that was a little more shy this time.

Surprisingly, as much as the low timbre of his voice fueled a fire in her, she managed to pay attention, mostly because her grade really was on the line. By the end of the night, though, she was charmed, because his passionate arguments and strong opinions fueled her up even more than his voice. School came first for now, that she was positive of, but also, finals didn’t last forever.

Still, it wasn’t until next semester–after a few nights of dinner or movies or rock-climbing together–that she jumped him in the library while studying, between the stacks of books in the government section, and for once, he was perfectly happy to let her attention drift from their usual focus of law and order.

I would do absolutely anything in my power to help somebody out if they needed it. No matter who it is,
no matter what time of the day. Whether they need gas money, or a ride home, or something from the grocery store. But the minute I need a favor, everyone disappears. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Rock Bottom | 9.3.2015

God I feel so fucking alone… more alone than I’ve ever felt before in my entire life. I feel like my life is falling apart again and I have absolutely no control over anything. I just want cinnamon rolls and to stay in bed forever and live far away from everyone in the middle of nature. I feel like sleep and death are more friends of mine than any other being on this planet could ever console me.

Here it is, my shoulder. My forbidden shoulder. My shoulder that I was forced to cover with a hoodie earlier today because all of a sudden my school doesn’t allow tank tops anymore.

My shoulder is not vulgar. It’s a part of my body that carries so sexual connotation whatsoever, and for that matter, my legs aren’t vulgar either. Nor are anybody’s. Nobody’s body is vulgar. This is nothing to cry “obscene” about. School is supposed to prepare you for the world, and what happens in the world? People wear whatever they want. Short shorts, tank tops, tube tops, crop tops, absolutely anything. And if someone doesn’t have self control, tough shit for them. Stop trying to censor perfectly appropriate body parts. Stop sexualizing teenage girls. 


My shoulders didn’t attract any attention until you called me out.

To the people who are self conscious of their physical appearance.

Hi there. We all have something about our bodies that we might not like as much as other body parts. Maybe it’s our nose, our eyes, our lips. Or maybe it’s our waist, our hips, or our legs.

Well, some of us don’t like anything about our bodies. Maybe it’s the way our cheeks look when we smile in pictures. Maybe it’s the way the clothes we wear don’t look like the way we want them to on our bodies. It could be absolutely anything and everything we don’t like.

Some days, we might think, “Oh, today I don’t look that bad,” and half smile to our reflections in the mirror. But those are just rare moments. The other days, we gaze at our reflections and frown in dissatisfaction, thinking “I feel…ugly.

Sometimes, when we tell our friends and family about our insecurities, they would say things like, “Oh, you’re just worrying too much,” “It’s just a phase, you’ll look better when you’re older,” “Don’t be so caught up with your looks, there are much more important things,” “Get over yourself,why do you have to look good for anyone.” And those are just a few examples.

What people might not understand as that physical appearance can play a huge role in one’s self confidence. You know the saying, “You look good, you feel good.” Yeah, that’s a motto for some of us. But how can we feel good if we are constantly dissatisfied with our looks?

To the people who are self conscious of their looks, I want to say, you are not alone. You aren’t vain for thinking so much of your looks. You aren’t selfish for wanting to look good and feel good.

However, we can’t stay in this mode of thinking for so long. This way of thinking is common, but it’s emotionally unhealthy, even borderline physically unhealthy for some. There’s only so much time in our lives to feel happy about ourselves, and we can’t keep ourselves from having that happiness.

First of all, please stop comparing yourself to others. it’s difficult to stop, but please try as hard as you can. This is one of the first steps to letting yourself be happy. Set up your own standards, be your own person. Don’t cause your own unhappiness by comparing yourself.

Secondly, look in the mirror everyday and say, “I look good. I look great. I look amazing.” This isn’t vain, this is building self confidence. You aren’t rubbing how good you look into everyone’s face. This wil empower you.

Thirdly, recognize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t listen to the narrow standards that the media promotes. Beauty is subjective and diverse, and don’t let anyone define what is beautiful in a person for you.

But the most important thing is that you are healthy and happy. You can start diets, you can start exercising, you can put on makeup, you can get praise from people. But what’s the point if your health and happiness is at risk? What if you’re not happy? Your true genuine happiness and your emotional and physical health are the top priorities.

One last thing. I want to let you know that you are beautiful, no matter what. This goes for ALL genders. Don’t let people call you names and criticize you. Think of your other defining traits; your personality, your talents, your odd quirks. Don’t let anyone take your happiness away. Don’t prevent yourself from gaining happiness and self confidence.

I’m struggling too. I can’t even take selfies without cringing and deleting them. I worry everyday about the fat on my cheeks and arms and body, and the acne and the scars they leave behind. But I am willing to overcome this. I won’t let my lack of self confidence and self consciousness bring down my chances of gaining happiness for long.

It’s gonna be hard. It might be easier for some, but for the rest of us, it’s gonna be hard. But we can do this together, we can motivate each other to gain happiness. This goal of gaining confidence and happiness bonds us. We can do it together. All of us :)


SO! Now that the new hacks have decided to show their way into the world, and then my computer, I’ve decided to use my powers for good (and evil). If there’s absolutely ANYTHING you need, or if you have questions about the new hacks, send me an ask! Really, please do. I’m so excited to share my newfound knowledge with others. I’m also really excited because good ol’ stitches here has been my friends absolute #1 Dreamie since Wild World, (she’s not in the ac community so she doesn’t care for trading, ect.) and I’m going to surprise her as soon as I can get him in boxes and give him to her.

The remaining members of Monty Python are teaming up to make a new film, a sci-fi comedy entitled Absolutely Anything. It includes Robin Williams playing a talking dog.

And in the lead role is going to be none other than BENEDICT MOTHERFUCKING CUMBERBATCH. 


it’s like they’ve started making movies out of my wildest and most beautiful dreams.