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During Phil’s latest live show on the 16th of March 2017, he spent a few minutes (30.30-35.20) just ranting about his degrees and his university experience. I loved that bit so much that I wrote down the first part of the “quote” and posted it here on Tumblr and the last couple of days, I’ve just been smiling so wide at all the tags people have added when reblogging. I think it’s safe to say we all loved that bit and it brought inspiration and smiles to so many.

I’ve compiled a list of all the tags on the quote post so far. It’s quite long so you can read them all below the cut. It took ages but it was so calming to read through all the love and appreciation written in the tags. If you don’t feel comfortable being part of this list, message me and I’ll remove you immediately! I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

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Reveling in Richonne

#78: The Eight

Did y'all know we were in “Say Yes”!? We made a quick cameo as the dumpster that Richonne have their cute little banter behind. 😂😋

Lol but for real this scene is so fun and memorable and such a great insight into the adorably lighthearted dynamic of Richonne. 👌🏽 

I told myself I was going to try and stop over reveling in how playful they are in these posts cuz I say it so much but I can’t not mention it in literally their most playful scene to date. This whole little sequence was so playful and amazing. I adore their banter. 😋

So it starts with them behind us the dumpster and I love the framing of the way Michonne is behind Rick. Like they just look so perfect together and so like a unit.

Then they step closer and start strategizing about how to best go about this walker situation. And at first it just seems like business as usual, like this is just the Rick and the Michonne all up close and personal and making a plan and following along with what the other is saying perfectly. The norm.

And if you watch Michonne she’s very intently listening to her man with a plan lol but then she hears something that makes her sort of smile. And we find out that this change in reaction is because of the sort of uneven tasks that Rick has just assigned.

Rick is going to go take out one walker and Michonne realizes “You’re leaving me eight.” I absolutely positively adore this. 😋

Like she’s not asking a question she’s making an amused statement that her man has just suggested she take out eight walkers on her own. You know she has no problems doing this but I love that she says this sort of teasing him about it and just to acknowledge the humor in this situation.

Like I love that she’s so amused by this and probably low key flattered. It’s funny too cuz like walkers are life threatening things (as much as they’ve become more like nuisances) and so for anyone else, taking on eight walkers would be a risky thing but Rick knows that’s a walk in the park for Michonne.

And it’s funny how Rick then proceeds to give an explanation as to how he’s come to this conclusion that it should be eight vs. one.

He said it’s about doing it quiet with the sword and for some reason I really like that he says “with the sword” cuz it just reminds you that Michonne has a dang sword. And not just that, she’s also a pro at using it and low key you know that’s super cool to Rick lol. 😋

Like literally who else has a sword, but his wife? And then I love the way that Michonne is looking at him while he’s trying to explain. Like it’s so cute and hilarious cuz she’s doing that subtle head nod that says “Okay riiight, keep talking”

Originally posted by thewdead

It’s just so playful and you can’t help but smile at seeing this side of their dynamic. It’s cute cuz they’ve been doing this flirty teasing long before canon and now they’re pretty much pros at it.☺️ 

And then as Michonne listens to see how many words Rick is going to use to try and explain himself he eventually realizes there’s actually a much simpler explanation. So as Michonne starts walking he tells her, “You can handle eight.“ 

That moment is such comedic gold. 😂Also, it’s literally him acknowledging that she’s a pretty impressive warrior in this apocalypse so I’m here for it.

And the way he says it is just so hilarious, like he knows she had no issue with this and was just trying to see how he’d justify it and so now he’s just telling it like it is.

I also love that he knows his woman can handle this. Like it makes me realize there must have been plenty of times throughout the seasons where Rick had taken note of and been impressed by Michonne’s fighting ability.

And when he says this Michonne looks back at him sort of like "Duh. That’s all I was waiting for you to say” lol. 😂

And then I love that it’s then her turn to call shots when she whispers to let him know that she’ll go first and then he can go. And then she’s off to swat these flies real quick cuz that’s what killing walkers has become to them. 😋

It’s funny cuz not only is Homegirl going to take out more walkers but she wants to go first to give him time. Rick’s got himself the realest, y'all. 🙌🏾👸🏾

What makes this scene so great is that it had all the Richonne elements in one. There was the playfulness, the strategy, and the adoration, hence why I love this scene so much. 👌🏽

Caretaker au: Chara's Birthday Report and Party!

       It’s September 9th 2035 nby on the surface and in the underground as far as the monsters in the underground can tell anyway. There’s been a few pieces of new human calendars as well as other day tracking papers, and items, which have confused some monsters who’ve read them; but from what everyone can tell, its absolutely definitely September 9th 2035 as everyone in the whole underground knows when Prince Chara’s birthday is. Well they know the date they believe that the Dreemurr family, (aka the king and Queen of the underground ) chose as the date to celebrate Chara’s birthday. Some say that it was the Queen and King who had picked the date September 9th 2000, but others say that it was Prince Asriel who had simply (suggested) chosen the date that Chara fell down in to the underground and that he found them soon after on that same day; and the King and Queen just went with it as the date for Chara’s birthday.

    Its also speculated that Chara had simply remembered their birthday from the surface and had told the Dreemurr family about it. If that is the case then Chara’s date of birth is September 9th 1999. Whatever the reason of the origin of Chara Dreemurr’s birthday, the underground doesn’t care why the date is what and when it it, they just love and care about his birthday! They also know how Chara likes to celebrate their birthday and how they’ll take a part of their time out of their birthday to work on their various duties that they have arranged for the day, of whatever duties Asriel (couldn’t) didn’t do the few previous days ago. 

      Now everyone, even the most oblivious monster knows that there are some royal duties that Chara are not fond of doing, but still do them even though they would absolutely rather not do them. However there are royal duties that Chara positively, absolutely adores doing beyond a speck of a shadow of a doubt. That is a fact! One of those royal duties that Chara absolutely adores is making and sending reports (well more so making them than sending them at times 😅). 

       Anyway Chara’s day had started some hours ago, in the way that the day is usually started. They’ll usually start the day with their husband Asriel Dreemurr cuddling in the same bed as always sleep in since they’ve been married. Chara starts off their morning by getting in the shower first, preferring to get casually dressed in the bathroom afterwards, followed by helping Asriel cook breakfast, this time it’s a mix of sweet and savory breakfast egg (and snail topping for Asriel) casserole and chocolate cinnamon brownie pie (Asriel adds just a dash of cinnamon to the brownie batter). After breakfast is done, its promptly cleaned up. 

      Now is the time that Chara will actually put on their usual work or royal clothes.  What Chara has planed for part of today is walking around the entire underground and inspecting everything, save for their secret work with Dr. WingDing Gaster as they already know that there are no problems, nor any reasons for them to check in on Dr. Gaster. Also they’ve been prohibited from visiting him by not just the other members of royal family, but by Dr. Gaster himself, and Chara themselves, as they’ve set up restrictions for themselves not to visit Dr. Baxter’s lab, or work on the secret project on their birthday. Now the reason why Chara is the one making the report is that Asriel really sucks at making these reports, and everyone has decided that Chara should be the one to write these kinds of reports. 

Whatever would be the reason why Asriel sucks so much at writing these kinds of reports, well that has to do with how whenever he’s patrolling the underground and tries to help break up a fight or any sticky situation he unwittingly makes it so much worse 😥. However nobody wants to think about any of the many Asriel situation stories ever, so onward to Chara making their rounds throughout the underground.  Now they’re walking around the underground, starting from New Home and going ultimately to the Ruins, or really whichever section of the underground needs their attention first. 

Chara Dreemurr’s report is seen as such.


                   Character Dreemurr Underground Citizen Patrol Report!

  1. Name of Official Reporting: Character Dreemurr.

  2.  Date of Report Written: September 9th 2024 

  3. Occupation: Lesser Prince of Monsters, Second to Prince Asriel Dreemurr.

  4.  Nature of Report: Mandatory, Royal Kingdom, and Citizens, Services,       Behavior, Evaluation, and Kingdom Status Report!

  5.  New Home Citizen Evaluation: Everyone is overcrowded together as           always, there are a few monsters who have behaved criminally, but I have personally taken care of them and now they are locked in New Home prison with a few bruises, holding mandatory community service slips. There’s also been a few fights that I’ve had to break down, and pacify both offenders after a rehabilitated punishment. Everyone is itching to be free from the underground. 

6. Evaluation of Citizens in All of the Other Underground Sections: There’s been a delightful celebration of Gyftmas, a holiday inspired by how a Gyftrot had been tormented by some monster teens via having their horns decorated forcibly and without permission. That monster, like many monster is particularly happy today. There’s also been a few more minor fights I’ve had to break up, but those I’ve dealt with swiftly and everyone had already apologized for their parts in the fights. Snowdin overall is happy, joyful, as prosperous as it can be, and doing very well morale wise. The population count is as it’s expected to be, so in other words its normal.

The Core is running exactly how it should be, which of course is smoothly with absolutely no issues for anyone to report to Dr. Gaster about. The Hotlands are their horribly unbearable hot, even though I’m more accustomed to it, I swear that my pen is melting despite it had been magically made impervious to melting. The citizens of Hotland are also happy, and joyous today. There are no problems to report with the technology in Hotland, again there were a few minor fights, but I’ve dealt with the situation according. The various families are doing well in spite of the problems our kingdom has. The royal guard are busy with their royal duties, specifically they are working on situations that do not require me, for I unfortunately make them worse. That is preferable to me as news of events involving my reactions in those situations are what’s not needed to be spread all across the underground. However I digress. Hotland population also hasn’t changed. The Ruins are in the same state as Snowdin, as is Waterfall. Overall everyone has HOPE, which is an absolute must; any bad monsters have been dealt with, the in between monsters have been talked to and they have been persuaded not to proceed with some of their plans, which were terrible. Our King and Queen are doing an exceptionally near perfect job of ruling our kingdom. 

    Unrelatedly, now that I am thinking about it there’s been some minorly benign suspicious behavior through the underground that’s similar to someone or some group throwing a secret surprise birthday party. Although it is my birthday and my husband loves surprise birthday parties, I hate surprise birthday parties. I am fond of parties, if they are done a certain way, that involves my interests being put on display, as well as organized a certain way appropriate for my age. 

  7. State of the Land of the Underground: The Ruins are in their usual rundown state as always, however the house I have there is perfectly well kept despite my absence there. The land and weather to report of Snowdin is the usual. Its snowing in Snowdin, there are no blizzards, storms, natural disasters or any emergencies, disputatious,occurrences, or anything else negative to report. Waterfall has its normal usual rain, dirty water, caverns, and dampness. It’s roughly that perfect in between balance between Snowdin’s frigid cold, and Hotlands’ horribly unbearable heat. There’s nothing significantly, remarkably, fatally, dangerous that could kill any unsuspecting monster which is obviously beyond good! Everything’s normal weather and land wise in Waterfall. The dump still smells bad in certain areas, but that can’t be helped. Hotlands are normal too, from my equipment the temperature is the perfect temperature it should be for Hotlands, which is wonderful for the citizens of Hotland but torture for myself. And of course there are no problems to report in the Dreemurr castle. 

                                             End of Report!


Chara had finished writing and sending that report when he was directed to what he didn’t know was a surprise party in the Castle! Chara had been blindfolded foricbly before they could even start to react. They didn’t really look around at the decorations for you see they hate surprise birthday parties. Now everyone there responsible for the party felt bad and nervous. However before anything could happen those same human looking monsters had walked into the room and promptly redirected Chara into a different room with a the kind of party that they wanted. Now the Torgore looking monster explained, “once again our sensors have detected this failed surprise party and while we very much know that you are not fond of surprise birthday parties at all, we hope that you are pleasantly surprised by our efforts of planning your birthday party to your wishes." 

    Chara was indeed very pleasantly surprised and exclaimed thus so. Now the Frasriel looking monster had the unknowingly, and unfortunately, absolutely, horrible chocolate pie that tasted so horrible that if Chara tasted even a nibble of it, it would make them hate chocolate beyond forever, past numerous timelines, worldlines and universes. However there was a butterscotch cinnamon cake that Chara found surprising enjoyable. Now with the memory of Asriel’s double (more like reverse swapped) birthday party in their head, everyone in the kingdom officially started celebrating Chara’s birthday. Nobody thinks tat Chara will forget this birthday party.


swan queen appreciation week: day 6 • favorite swan queen song
↳ mount moriah - hail, lightning

let us feel, let us heal, let us grow

sweaterpawsandaflowercrown  asked:

Hey Becky! I just wanted to say that I've been following you for a while and I absolutely, positively adore you and your art! Anytime I feel down you cheer me up and I would just love to actually meet you and be friends with you because you are so amazing! Never stop drawing and being yourself! Love ya! (Oh and your kustard is one of my favorite interpretations of sans and red :))

That means a lot! thank you so much!! ; v ;

anonymous asked:

Boys reactions to finding our their s/o secretly works in a maid cafe? heh heh

would 100% take advantage of the situation. He’ll ask his s/o to bring the uniform home, have them dress up for him, make them call him master, the whole nine yards. That uniform 

would gush over how cute his partner would be dressed up as a maid. It’s not his kink or whatever so he’ll probably just be the type to visit the cafe often. He’ll also literally faint if you call him master.

would die. He would die. Why? Because this is his dream! This is his biggest kink! He’d be a bit shy about it at first but, eventually, he’ll ask his partner to dress up a little for him.

wouldn’t really care that much. He’ll get super duper excited by the fact that his partner looks absolutely positively adorable in their uniform and he might get the occasional boner but not much would change.

would take advantage of the situation by teasing the ever living crap out of his partner. He’ll say things like ‘Oh, you like serving, do you?’ and ‘Aren’t you supposed to call me master?’

would take endless pictures of his partner in the uniform. Will also low-key stalk his partner in the cafe. And by low-key, I mean really high-key. It’s obvious he’s there, his partner just lets him continue doing whatever. He’ll be the one that’s the most jealous.

House of Cards: Part One (Jungkook)

3543 words

many warnings ahead like there’s violence and angst and swearing and probably some sensitive topics like people die and whatnot but I s w e a r it’s also hella cute bc 1950′s mafia!jungkook loves you and 1950′s mafia!bts adores you and idk it’s angsty but super sweet also

“He absolutely and positively adored you with every ounce of his being, more than the mafia, more than anything.”

The alleyway was dimly lit despite the bright sunshine that you knew surrounded you. It was always like this— slightly damp, shadowed, chilled. If you hadn’t known, you would have been intimidated to wander in a place like this. The very air seemed to pulse with long-kept secrets and binding oaths.

However, the boy walking beside you made all of that melt away.

“I don’t know, I just feel like I might have gotten myself a little screwed with that one,” he sighed dramatically, swinging your arms together. “The kid’s good, I’ll give him that, but he isn’t particularly good at the whole ruthless thing, y'know?”

You rolled your eyes and snorted softly. “Neither are you.”

“Hey, I am fantastic at being ruthless,” he retorted playfully. “I killed a guy last night, I don’t see how you could deny my ruthlessness.”

Jungkook wasn’t lying, either.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please add me to the tag list for your mythological au. I absolutely positivity adore it. -logicappericationblog

You are added! I’m so glad you like it! The idea was a relentless one, I couldn’t let it go. ^_^

gwxnvi  asked:

Hi! First of all, i just want to say that I absolutely, positively love and adore the Song of Achilles, and that you are one of my most favorite authors ever and that I hope I could write books with the same intensity and emotions you have created in yours. And I have a few questions: what inspired you to create such a masterpiece? Aside from the Iliad, of course. And were some scenes based off real life? Or is it just conjured from your imagination?

You all are so kind, you’re making me blush!  Thank you! 

I was so moved and overwhelmed by the moment in the Iliad when Achilles learns of Patroclus’ death.  He is completely devastated–his life is ripped apart.  And though Homer shows us that so beautifully, it’s near the end of their story.  I was possessed with imagining the beginning, and giving this character, Patroclus, a voice. 

There were no scenes directly inspired by my life, but of course a writer can’t help but put some of their own emotional experiences in their work.  I try not to think about it too closely, but I’m sure some of my close friends and family could tell a few tales on me! 

Chiron wasn’t based on anyone in particular (none of my characters were), but he was inspired by many wonderful teachers that I’ve been lucky to have in my life.  Everyone should get a Chiron, I think.

Things I'm Learning From SBS Roommate
  1. Chanyeol is absolutely, positively adorable and perfect
  2. Park Bom is my queen
  3. Min Woo has a perfect face. them dimples
  4. Soo Hyun is thirsty. (but then again, look who she’s surrounded by)
  5. I want to marry Sung Woo. Any other ‘chef’ would make Chanyeol eat anything out of the fridge. He cooks again for him! I can’t
  6. Kang Joon struggles with grammar, and is not the sharpest tool in the shed. But like Lee Joon, who cares !
  7. Nana is so freakin pretty!!! with or without makeup
  8. I like Ga Yeon’s voice
  9. Se Ho is hilarious. He’s the vitamin of Roommate. 
  10. I ship Lee Dong Wook with Bom 
  11. So Ra needs noise cancelling headphones.

anonymous asked:

mm hi!! i just wanted to say that your genos are absolutely most positively adorable and your style is probably one of my favorites in all honesty!!! so thank you!!!!! i can't wait to see moreee~

He’s already cute from the beginning tho, but thank you very much asdhfkslhdfsh /; a ;\ I’m so happy you like my Genos ///

The moment I stopped caring about how many likes I got, how many people I needed to be friends with, how many people I had to impress, was a moment of elation. I learnt that the number of comments under your Instagram selfies does not define your beauty. The number of guys who snapchat you each night does not define your self-worth. The number of times your friend texts you first does not define your likability. You’re a human being. And the only person who can define you? Is yourself.
—  via WeHeartIt