absolutely not 30 lets be clear on that

Actually lets make this explicitly clear

So TFTBL is awesome in about 30 different ways and I absolutely adore it. One of those things is the Rhys/Jack dynamic and fandom’s reaction to it.

It did not take me long to stumble upon the concern trolling about it, so let’s make a few things abundantly clear because I’ve done this rodeo before and I’m not interested in Round Two.

1. People who write Rhys/Jack are not supporting abusive relationships. Condoning and exploring actions in a fictional contexts is not equivalent to supporting real world abuse. This is the same principle as people who write/read non-con who understand that rape is a horrific reality. These are not the same things. Enjoying these stories does not make you a monster or even a bad person.

2. There is a prevalence of painplay, bloodplay, and other rough play kinks in Rhys/Jack fic. That also doesn’t mean the writer/readers are not aware that these kinks need to be conducted in a safe environment after the establishment of boundaries and limits. Exploring the idea in a fictional context is actually arguably the safest venue to explore kinks that come with potential dangers to them. Not to be super 2012 about this but: don’t kinkshame. Come on.

3. Don’t assume people’s intentions when they enjoy and write these fics. People get various things out of fic, and assuming the worst says more about you than about them.

4.  Calling people “gross” or “wrong” for their fanfic preferences is ridiculous and will cause drama no matter how vague your vagueblogging is. Seriously. Take it from someone who watched their last fandom rip itself apart over this exact thing: don’t do it. I absolutely guarantee you that your shittalking will get back to the people you are shittalking about and they will be hurt. Your vagueblogging about how terrible people who like X are will be seen by people who like that thing and it will make them resent you. It will poison your fandom well and lemme tell you it’s not fun to see a fandom fall apart because of internal drama like that.

Be good to each other and learn that not every fanwork has to appeal to you, that people can like different things, and that they are not bad people for it.

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Day 20-Favorite Hanna Moment (1)

These are just some of the many examples of Hanna being fabulous. She doesn’t want anyone messing with her man, she’s made it perfectly clear that she’s run out of fucks to give about Alison or what she thinks because of how Alison treated her, Mona really hurt her and she doesn’t get why, and she won’t let herself get harassed by assholes. You fucking go, girl!!! 🙌She’s had it up to here with idiots! Plus, her grandma is the absolute best! Regina Marin is how I imagine Hanna will be as a grandma. She can see through everyone’s bullshit, just like Hanna can. Which leads into part 2…