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*watching pacific rim* wow, this charlie day guy plays a cool maverick scientist really well! i can only guess he’s playing to type like burn gorman is, but i gotta check out some of his other stuff to see what he does in other roles

*watching it’s always sunny* ……why…..why did you cast him as a scientist…..what about the nightman made you choose this path, guillermo……what made you pick this trash man to be scientist man….

ACOMAF Character MBTI Type headcanons:

obviously not every single one of the strengths and weaknesses apply to every character but mostly I think they’re pretty accurate. 

Feyre: ISTJ

Strengthsknowledgeable, strong-willed, responsible, dutiful, calm, direct, orderly, practical, honest. 

Weaknesses: stubborn, insensitive, judgmental, always by the book, blame themselves 

Rhys: ENFJ

Strengths: tolerant, reliable, charismatic, altruistic, natural leaders

Weaknesses: overly idealistic, too selfless, too sensitive, indecisive, fluctuating self-esteem

Lucien: ENFP

Strengths:  curious, observant, energetic, enthusiastic, very friendly, good communicators, can relax

Weaknesses: impractical, bad at focusing, over-think things, easily stressed, highly emotional


Strengths:  bold, honest, perceptive, original, rational practical, good people skills, direct 

Weaknesses:  rule breakers, risk-takers, academically challenged, insensitive, impatient, miss the big picture 

Cassian: ESFJ

Strengths: looks for win/win situations, loyal, sensitive, warm, practical, can connect with people 

Weaknesses:  egotistical, inflexible, unwilling to improvise, very vulnerable to critisism, too selfless, very needy

Azriel: ISFJ

Strengths:  very supportive, enthusiastic, loyal, hardworking, patient, observant, reliable, practical  

Weaknesses: shy, overload themselves, take things too personally, hate change, altruistic, repress their emotions 

Amren: ISTP

Strengths:  optimistic, energetic, level-headed, creative, practical, relaxed, rational, mildly spontaneous

Weaknesses: stubborn, reserved, very private, easily bored, insensitive, risk-takers, hate commitment 

Nesta: INTJ

Strengths:  strategic, quick-thinkers, self-confident, decisive, hardworking, determined, open-minded, knowledgeable 

Weaknesses:  arrogant, judgmental, too analytic, hate structure, clueless in romance 

Elain: ESFP

Strengths: bold, original, observant, sense of beauty, practical, excellent people skills 

Weaknesses:  have difficulty focusing, very sensitive, poor planners, always seek excitement, academically challenged, loathe conflict

Strengths and weaknesses originally from this post 


Soul x Maka WEEK 2016 // Types of Kisses

Three beautiful kisses for three of my AU’s. ;u; Eskimo/nose kiss on the left with Waldgeist AU, kiss to the forehead/top of hair in the middle in Heidi AU and a kiss to the lips on the right with viking AU. ♥♥♥

I unfortunately wasn’t smart enough to plan ahead with my drawings and I have school this coming week and won’t have access to my laptop to draw more digitally :( Maybe I manage to draw some pencil things but I can’t make promises, exams are eating my free time ;__; But I drew another thing for Red String of Faith and put it on a schedule - I hope it will upload on Thursday. ;u; I will do my best to draw some more, SoMa WEEK is THE!! event of the year and I’m so sad that I have school this week. :( I will check up on all of the beautiful drawings and writings when I have time or when I’m back home on Friday! ;u; ♥

- Everything is fine, I promise.


mercury sulfide (cinnabar) and gold.

gold was meant to be culled shortly after her “birth” due to her unpredictable behavior, but mercury persuaded the higher-ups to allow her to keep gold as her personal pet project. at a later date, in an unrelated incident, mercury became partially corrupted herself and self-exiled to escape persecution. despite this, gold remains unshakably loyal to her once-savior and does her best to keep her safe and well out of the sight of gem authorities. likewise, mercury is fiercely protective of gold and outright hostile towards other gems, attacking on sight in almost all cases.

mercury is no longer able to summon a weapon from her gem. instead, the mercury deposits in her gem have manifested as a mass of malleable, self-regenerating toxic mercury in place of ordinary hair. she is able to control the length, shape, and direction of travel. exposure to the substance tends to confuse and disorient other gems. prolonged exposure can cause degeneration.

gold’s gem is a small ring manifesting in the center of her chest. the attached decoration is not a part of the gem, but a gift, given by mercury before her corruption. gold places a great deal of sentimental value on the object and fashioned her weapon after it. gold is body-oriented and prefers not to use her weapon in battle, but won’t hesitate to summon it if necessary.

for two such kindred spirits, these two would have an awfully messy fusion fyi.

ok but what if malec get married on the anniversary of their first kiss? “exactly 5 years ago i almost got married,,, to a woman!” *the crowd gasps* “shocking, i know! but then this man stormed in all like ‘sorry am i late to the party?’, told my mum to fuck off and gave me the chance to make the best choice i ever made in my entire life. to choose myself. to choose love. to choose this handsome man right here. i am a lucky man, i know!” *laughs* “of course, lydia is a lovely woman and im glad she’s happy with her wife lindsay now but she wasn’t really,,, my type, to say the least. but this man is. Absolutely. my type. and i wanna spend the rest of my life with him. i know some of you might be wondering why we’re even getting married since according to my blonde brother jace here we’re 'already a disgustingly cute old-married couple that is raising 83727 kids together anyways’” *everyone laughs* “but still,,, i wanna make it official. i want everyone to be the witness of this. to witness how much i love this man. also, i really wanna be able to legally call him my husband, so there’s that”*everyone has put their hands on their hearts in awe & is smiling*

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god okay but where is the decent macdennis fic?????? where is it?????????

https://archiveofourown.org/users/pavonine/pseuds/pavonine read both of this person’s macdennis fics they are the best ones ive ever read. 

http://archiveofourown.org/works/2724503 also this one is good

http://archiveofourown.org/works/10282289/chapters/22760192 this is a great high school au. also theres not that much high school au so just read all of them if ur into that sort of thing. 

@softdennis also has a list of good fic rec here. http://thestateonmtv.tumblr.com/post/158050592628/softdennis-fics-are-my-absolute-favorite-type-of