absolutely love this pic

in celebration of donghyuck’s birthday i would just like to remind everyone of when he shook the world in his fire truck teaser pics with his highlight and melanin was popping, how he shook us again with his red haired limitless teaser pics and i want to let you know he’s gonna leave us all shook again when his cherry bomb teaser pics drop 

daisytachi  asked:

Hi, I'm sorry to ask you this question. Do you have more bts with Luisa? We had any bts of her in the s5's set and her fans, including me, are really sad about it. Also, I love the photos you took of your pizzas. They look very delicious ( ><) Thank you so much for all your beautiful photos, we really love them.

The 100 - Season 4 - Behind-The-Scenes

Why, thank you!

I most certainly DO have many more BTS pics of Luisa d'Oliveira.

She is a true gem and I absolutely loved working with her on S4.

Here’s a cute #Memori pic in the back of the Cargo Truck on the way to Becca’s Island…