absolutely love this moment

“Tim! Tim! Tim! He is so lonely, so sad, being hurt for so many times, and all his being unbearable is just a protection. He loves his girls like crazy, and sometimes the decisions he makes aren’t the best ones for the girls, but they are for him at the very moment for sure. I absolutely love him and Chris Potter is doing excellent job portraying Tim. The show would be so much poorer without him in the picture.“

i love the blue lions children (i am the blue lion, loving + supporting allura and lance’s personal journeys) 


Not now.
               Yes. Now. I didn’t stay in New York to sit still.


‘’I’m not the Break Man. I was the first, I’M THE PROTOMAN!’’

you know what I wanna aspire to be?
that Zenyatta that you encounter in,, like, 1 out of a fucking billion that absolutely d e s t r o y s you and your entire team; instilling fear into y'all hearts,,, then get PotG gg ez

Caitlin Snow Appreciation Week: Day 6 Favorite Killer Frost Moment

“Guess I just needed a little sleep. Thanks guys, I’m feeling much better now. It’s okay, you can let me out, I promise I’m not gonna hurt anybody. Hum… I guess you’re all smarter than I thought…”

Happy Anniversary, OTP!

It wasn’t exactly 2004, it was January 2005 or possibly at another life…

But it’s okay, it’s been over 12 years of love so emotion makes us prone to slips.

The important thing is that you have a fond memory of the moment that changed your lives forever. You remember time and place and even what was said…

It was such a turning point in both your lives you just couldn’t shut up about it. Even your friends knew what was going on…

And then it all started.

“I think the reason Jensen and I got along so well was because we didn’t really go about bonding… It didn’t feel like a blind date. It felt like we were continuing a relationship as opposed to saying, ‘All right, we’re supposed to hang out with each other…’ or something. We just sort of hung out… We just hit it off immediately. There’s no rhyme or reason to what happened.”

Yes, we noticed…

It was kinda hard not to…

It was just so much love…

So, so much love…

That some people freaked out and measures were taken…

It was a hard blow…

With huge emotional side-effects…

That until today you still have to deal with….

It wasn’t easy…

All the hiding…

Until one day, you were able to put your foot down and one important battle was won…

A new chapter started, where yes, there was still hiding, but not so much…

Words were spoken…

Sometimes not so much but we got it anyway…

And the eyes…. Ah, the eyes…

It was clear you were IT for each other, that you were THE ONE:

That despite all the deflection that still has to be made, you are as much a married couple as I’ve ever seen…

Then you showed us that PADACKLES that has always meant PADALECKI & ACKLES only, extended to PADACKLES FAMILY:

It hasn’t been easy these past 11 years…

But what a 💞RIDE 💞they have been! 

What a 💖JOURNEY💖! 


God has given you the gift of True Love and finding your Soulmate in this life. You were wise enough to realize that NOTHING should be more important than true love. You sacrificed a lot and you were absolutely right. The moment you realized that you had found the love of your life you cherished him and did everything in your power to nurture and preserve this relationship. I couldn’t have been more proud. I wish you LOVE and PEACE and that one day you don’t have to hide. I wish you COURAGE and that you do not listen to any voices but the ones coming from both your hearts. You made me believe True Love exists. I will be forever grateful. 



Honestly, I don’t think Betty and Jughead meant to get all touchy feely with each other in front of the gang, but that was just an impulse move on Jughead’s part. He saw that Betty was hurting and working herself up, so he was there for her. It’s such a simple gesture but it really stood out from all the other bughead moments we had this episode.

plus* I absolutely love Ronnie’s reaction 

BTS reaction: you having a lot of tattoos but they’re always hidden.

Anon requested:

hey, can i ask for bts reaction, to you having a lot tattoo over your body, but always hidden, S/O its their first night an them they see over hem 15 tattoo splayed all over your body?

A/N - might include some mentions of NSFW things….


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Jin would just admire them quietly. He would watch you as you were getting undressed, his eyes trying to capture as much of the art that was all over your body as they can. When you turn around and see him look at you, he would just give you a small smile, but wouldn’t say anything, because what he had just seen left him speechless.


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Suga would find your tattoos extremely hot. He would smirk to himself every time he sees them, and encourage you to show them off more often. He would also think that your hidden tattoos are a great metaphor about how on the outside you’re so innocent and cute, but you have a hidden side that’s completely badass. 

He might even consider getting a matching tattoo with you in the future. 

“You know what would make me extremely happy?” He asked smirking, “If you start showing of your tattoos more often and stop hiding them. I think they really suit you.”


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Hoseok would love your tattoos, but in a different way. He wouldn’t really encourage you to show them off or anything (although he wouldn’t mind if you did), but to him your tattoos would be something very intimate, something that only he could see and something that he associates with your bedroom. 

So he wouldn’t really pay too much attention to them during the day, but when the two of you are having sex he would be extremely turned on, and would love to run his fingers and tongue over every inch of them.   


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The two of you had just finished your “activities” for the night, and were cuddling naked in Namjoon’s bed. That’s when he decided to ask you about the meaning behind your tattoos. He absolutely loved every single on of them, but he never asked you why you kept them hidden and what they meant. 

So he asked you and the two of you spent almost the rest of the night cuddling and talking about each of your tattoos while Namjoon ran his fingers over them. 


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Little mochi would react like a small child the first time he sees them. He would let out a loud “Wow!” and his eyes would get wide trying to take it all in while he started giggling at how beautiful you are. 

Jimin would think that you’re extremely brave to get all of those tattoos and would always say that he would probably never be able to do it.

“Wow! Love, these are so pretty!”


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Even though Tae would absolutely fall in love with your tattoos the moment he sees them, the first thing he’s going to say about it would be:

“Did it hurt?”

He would be really curious about the whole process of getting a tattoo and the meaning behind your tattoos. So the two of you would have a very long conversation about those two things.

At the end he would decide that he also wants to get a tattoo, but something small just above his wrist. 

“I want to get one too, but I want it to be something small. Like your name for example! What do you think? Should I get a tattoo of your name on my wrist?”


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Seeing your tattoos would turn Jungkook into a whole different person. He would start thinking of you differently (in a good way), and would always get extremely cocky and confident when you the two of you go out, because of the thought that he’s dating such a badass.

Kooki is not much of a songwriter, but you and your tattoos would probably inspire him to write a song for you. 


The Defenders: episode 3
  • Fuck me that was a good 55 minutes of TV
  • That entire opening sequence resurrecting Elektra, Alexandra fighting her and then training her was incredible and I loved every moment of it.
  • Jessica continues to be the absolute best, god I love her.
  • Jess and Matt is a surprise friendship (can you call it that) that I’m living for.
  • Danny and Luke might not quite be besties just yet, good conversation though.
  • As soon as Luke started talking about a skinny white boy with a glowing fist Claire’s face killed me and obviously she goes straight to the phone, a conversation I’m betting started with ‘Did you just beat up my boyfriend Danny’.
  • And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for The Defenders have united at last!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great to see them all kicking ass together, Danny’s really got some moves these days and even took down Elektra (ง •̀_•́)ง
  • They can all handle themselves though, fucking awesome fight sequence, well worth the wait and build up for their come together.
  • Highlight of the episode was hands down Matt running up the stairs jumping over stuff only to get to the top and Jessica just walks out of the elevator, why you so extra Matt?!?!?!?!?!?!