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Xander gives you this interesting little conversation in Heroes….

But it’s kind of sad when you think about it??? Over in Hoshido, most of the royal retainers are either childhood friends, groomed from birth, or both, and clearly have stuck with them  and known their charges for a long time. Meanwhile, we now know that Xander at the very least has lost multiple retainers/possible comrades and friends, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the others have as well. They don’t have close childhood friends that they know and trust to protect them/have already since lost them; heck they’ve grown up in an entirely different environment that probably prevented those kinds of bonds, given what Garon’s court was like. Maybe some of those retainers were lost through internal politics. I mean, Leo hires a guy that broke into his house(?). Camilla straight up hires the assassin who was paid to kill her. And the Awakening trio probably haven’t been around for long in context… Like, definitely folks you wouldn’t expect royalty to keep around and yet here we are. 

Elise is an exception in that Effie is a childhood friend, but Elise is still young and hasn’t really been in major combat yet, so her retainers by extension haven’t been placed in life-threatening situations (well, before the main Fates game starts anyway.)   

lmao this is all grabbing at straws but how I see it is that Hoshido retainers were more or less chosen from good backgrounds (ie Hana and Tsubaki are Sakura’s childhood friends, but are also nobles and were probably placed specifically to be Sakura’s friends?), but the Nohr royals chose their retainers purely on merit and I think that’s just neat.

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what are some other family-instilled values (by which I take it you mean sort of "traditional" values?) that you see Phil as subscribing to? Or did you say that mostly because he's obviously still so close to his family, so we can presume his values might align with theirs? If anything I always thought the Lesters seemed pretty progressive. I guess now I'm not sure why I think that but maybe because Martyn is older & he's been dating C for yrs with seemingly no pressure for them to get married

It’s that he’s close to his family, yes, but more so than just close - he highly prioritizes spending time with them as a family unit, to the point where he left Dan alone to do the radio show so he wouldn’t be missing a Florida vacation with them a few years back. He often repeats things his mother says without any sense of questioning them or thinking independently about them. He’s adopted superstition as a family trait, and makes his content with his family watching in mind which implies to me that their approval and not offending them means a lot to him even though the reality is that he’s a thirty year old man and has no real world obligation to keep his content at parentally-approval levels. 

To the point about them being progressive: they might adapt their attitudes to the lifestyles of their children but that doesn’t mean being progressive comes naturally to them or that they led with a progressive example when Phil and Martyn were younger. It was just a few years ago that Phil and his mum did that video together and she legitimately thought the most embarrassing moment of his childhood was when he, as a toddler, put on a hat meant for a little girl. And Phil also reacted as though that were completely and totally an embarrassing thing for him to have done. That kind of heavily gendered thinking doesn’t shout progressive to me. 

FEifらくがき16 | Moto

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My B.A.P NYC Experience

I was in line with some AMAZING people and they were so LIT and I’m so happy I met them cause they made this experience A1! Real MVP’s. SO we finally go into the venue & some random people were already at the barricade & everyone was like wtf. But I only had 2 ppl ahead of me. Let me tell y'all I had this CRAZY ASS fan behind me who was trying to get in front of me sooo bad but I wasn’t moving at all. Hell no. But the DJ was Lit & he was cute & he had me dropping it low like I was at a club. And my group was turnt all the way up

When they came out I was SHOOKED :

No Mercy is one of my favorite songs


What are y'all looking at?:

I was so SHOOKED. I vibed with Youngjae a lot.. Maybe that’s why he hit my hand hard at high touch lol

Jongup stage was literally breathtaking

 Zelo is so smooth .

Jongup really messed me up.

Youngjae did SO good (on his solo stage).


NYC hyped the shit out of Zelo

More Yongguk

Zelo backing that ass it up is my aesthetic

B.A.P is literally so gorgeous:

It looks like i recorded a lot but I really didn’t. I danced more than anything & they absolutely loved it cause I was enjoying myself.


When I tell you I was nervous I was NERVOUS. Our group decided we were going to be ratchet & roll up like AYEEEEEEE. So as we are going to high touch all I could see was Zelo. When I tell you Zelo is TALL…that negro is tall af and I wasn’t near him at all.

FIRST OFF it was DARK and we couldn’t see shit. There was a black table there that no one could see, cause Julie & Meagan ran into the table. So we were almost at the boys & we were like AYEEEEE & Youngjae & Zelo were like AYEEEE. BOY it was lit off the back. THEN Meagan hit the table. THEN Julie HIT the table i was like omg they probably think we are clumsy but it was DARK & they had black on.

So I’m literally stuck at Youngjae since he was first and he was just smiling so hard and we had a hard high five then, Zelo broke my neck. The whole time we were going down we were like “Aye!” “Thank you!” “It was lit!” And they were all so happy at our extraness & clumsiness. Daehyun had his eye smile and i was like lord help me he is beautiful. BUT YONGGUK… added 5 years to my life span. Gorgeous. Magnificent.

Let’s just say we left QUITE an impact on B.A.P but we weren’t boring. I made sure to make eye contact with everyone. They loved us. We were so hyped afterwards we highfived the staff & security as we were walking out. Didn’t I say we were extra?!

The. End.


I hope you don’t mind, I drew your original character keiko.

Love your art, please keep up the great artwork!


Noah and Blue


‘You can’t die, we’re not done yet!’

This is a commission for the absolutely lovely @kylo-please for the Reylo fam! They commissioned me to draw what, let’s be honest, based on the spoilers we all hope is going to happen in Episode VIII–Kylo giving Rey the kiss of life after he’s carried her out of the sea!

You can find my commission information here if you’d like to commission me at all!

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when and how did Freya became my 2nd favorite Mikaelson? Seriously? It’s always been Rebekah, but Freya has grown so much on me through the seasons, it’s insane. She can be such a wicked witch but at the same time such a darling. She really is the big original sis we deserved. Gosh I love everything about her.

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HEY! I need more fluff ppl to follow! and you are a fluff queen, right? ^^ so who are you fav(s) fluff/soft mutual(s)? really random but heyyy why not~

fjiedifjd pls this is too cute :( ppl are rly out there thinking i’m fluff, i never thought that would happen tbh hfidofjd tysm?? ily! 💖💞💗💕💓🌷💝🌸🌹

i’m gonna @ some cutes @softmh, @ckihyun, @babywoon, @kihyunswife, @minhyukie, @chaeseok, @kyunie, @newtonmv, @1changkyvn, @hyungwvn, @wonhosbub, @shownhyuk, @ki-hyunie, @jooheonypup, @joohoneymoney, @minpuphyuk, @kihyuninq, @rapju, @changkyunsprincess, @silverkyun, @smol-kihyuns, @h-sh, @shitwonho, @chaerismatic, @ukihyunnie, @urmomstax, @changkyuun, @cngkyns

and the fam that i absolute love, they’re all adorbs @xwonho, @honeyheonie, @hyungjooki, @jooheonster, @tomatoholmes, @wonhyu-k, @shownx

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Since Lance is the youngest child I imagine him growing up with at least one older sister who would lecture him on skincare and they would paint their nails together and stuff!!

he probably grew up sitting on the kitchen counter with his sisters teaching him about it more serious than it is and them all laughing when lance would absolutely SOAK himself when rinsing his face

WANNA ONE as your Older Brother [pt.2]

Yoon Jisung
- your best partner in crime
- rather than you, he is more famous one in all around your friends
- like everytime he pick you up at school, he always wait outside the car and talk to your friends first in such times before saying goodbye
- even when your friends stopped by your house, they will definitely looking for Jisung
- mostly buying you couple things like same watch or slipper but different color
- you even buying and using the same make up stuff with him
- the chatty one
- nag much
- but you will miss him so so so so bad when he’s gone

Park Woojin
- hella mischievous
- like when he is bored, you are absolutely gonna be his target
- you are doing fine untill he comes and just flick your forehead for nothing
- you take revenge but he run away so you chase him all around the house
- not stopping until you successfully throw your slipper into him
- hide your stuffs and pretend he is not
- sometimes becomes silly and weird
- but he is the one that always manage to make you laugh even in your worst day

Ong Seungwoo
- absolutely loved by the whole big family
- when your big fam hold meeting, THERE MUST BE SEUNGWOO
- always smiling and has that nice-smart-good-clean image
- like everything that your other siblings does, their parents compare it to Seungwoo’s
- 24/7 throwing a good atmosphere
- even if you know he has problem -he never show it and keep it inside
- rarely getting mad
- but I told you dont ever try him

Lee Daehwi
- this one mostly loved by his friend’s parents
- coz Daehwi always modest and an absolute brilliant student
- your parents too, make him a role model for you
- always be 1st in his class while you still struggle when it comes to studying
- your parents always scold you when you play too much and telling you to follow Daehwi
- but you never hate him tho
- he is always help you and teach you step by step if you have homework
- will always slowly remind you not to eat too many fast food, not sleeping to late and always taking care of your health
- cos daehwi is an actual soft-hearted

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I've been following for a while now and I get excited to see your posts!! Like omg there they are my Zelda friend! Always excited to see


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do u have any good jake/amy fic recs :-)

recently, these are the ones i fell in love with:

((bonus points r written at the end with a plus w/ it))

“sofrito and home” by ohhush

Amy remembers last year, warm in her childhood bed. She remembers wondering where next year would find her and Jake. episode tag for 3x09 and sequel to la nochebuena. jake has a concussion and they can’t go visit amy’s mom, but amy does have some of her mom’s food to heat up, and that makes it better. FAM+

from where we are by mildredo

Nothing has changed between Amy and Jake, and at the same time so much has. Their colleagues reflect. i love fics about a relationship but it’s viewed from a different perspective. this fic is hella in character too, the last line got me cracking up DIFFPERSPECT+

and the camera flashes (make it feel like a dream) by ladililn

Amy Santiago is an Academy Award nominee. Jake Peralta’s tux has four buttons, so she can’t be held accountable for what happens next. (Sex. Sex happens.) man, i am always thirsty for aus. this whole celeb and non-celeb got me feelin’ it. warning for smut tho if that ain’t your cuppa SMUT+

jake peralta vs the world (kind of) by rubycaspar

A couple of weeks after Jake and Amy start dating, Jake starts bumping into Amy’s brothers one by one. this fandom has silently accepted the hc that each and every one of amy’s brothers are lil shits who are v protective of her but have huge hearts so they can be forgiven for their actions FAM+

but the absolute luck is, love is in our hearts by emilybrontay

There’s a lot of universes out there, and in some of them, Amy and Jake have babies, not with each other. this fantastic fic involves jake and amy as single parents who run into each other and their adorable kids love the other and all is good and excellent in the world KIDS+

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“I have a special surprise for you. Close your eyes and follow me.” // ask-hamilsin-fam from omega Alex? If you want

John blinked and looked curiously at Alex, but the beta couldn’t help but smile and nod, offering a hand to Alex as he teasingly said with a mischievous grin, “Try not to let me run into any poles or somethin’, love?”


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Aaaaaaaaa your art is so good!!! I absolutely love the way you draw mercy!!!

Thank you so much fam!!!! I’m glad you love my mercy stuff!! ( *´ ∀ `)♡