absolutely irrelevant

yeah I love when I finally open up to someone and instead of listening they focus on something absolutely irrelevant, makes me wanna shut the fuck up forever

Content Creators and Influencerz jumping out of nowhere to defend pewdiepie at least makes it easy to know who is absolutely irrelevant and not worth watching

finally got around to beating psychonauts, boys!!! 100%’d the collectibles, too– scavenger hunt items, bags, cards, figments, all of em. got to rank 100 and then kicked the meat circus’s ass. i just??? that was so much fun, goddamn. for a game i’ve loved so much for so long, this feels like some sort of rite of passage and i’m glad to finally be experiencing it

Your text with: LEX LUTHOR 1
  • Lex: Hey
  • You: Hi
  • You: Aren't you in a meeting?
  • Lex: Yeah!
  • You: Shouldn't you be paying attention?
  • Lex: Not important
  • You: okay
  • Lex: What are you doing?
  • You: Sitting at my desk
  • Lex: That's all?
  • You: Yes.
  • Lex: So your free?
  • You: I guess
  • Lex: Okay
  • You: Are you outside my building?
  • Lex: Of course I am dear!
  • You: What about work?
  • Lex: Absolutely irrelevant!
  • You: Okay then.

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I see people thinking yan* & rub* will be paired with either sag* or scarle* & that's why we haven't seen them yet? Honestly i already don't like sss* because so far all of them have been inserted li so if this is true it'll make me very unhappy.

wow, people are really reaching to get that obligatory heterosexuality

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Rip me Im litteraly reader with short hair x) (Im a Little too white (I dont go outside a lot) but im gonna make a cosplay x))

Race/skin colour is absolutely irrelevant when it comes to cosplay. We’re honoured you’re even considering making one for our series, honestly!

Please have fun, and please take photos!!

- five

  • monty green: [indirectly murders jasper's girlfriend and hundreds of other innocent people including children because he had no other choice]
  • jasper jordan: [is heartbroken and tormented and just as traumatised as everyone else because he's a human kid with emotions who had to see maya die in his arms]
  • jasper & monty: [are both suffering in their own way and trying to deal with the grief and the horrific pain of what happened in mt. weather and even before that]
  • jasper jordan: [confronts monty in his outbursts of grief-stricken anger and obviously resents him for being responsible for the death of the girl he loved]
  • monty green: [yells back at jasper because he is also in pain and that is how people argue sometimes and how they deal with all the pent up feelings]
  • idiot part of the fandom: wow jasper just... n eeds to sh ut thell up..... .. like sto p... being a dick to m onty like.... ... you have no right to b e dead inside???? onyl monty is suffer ing. why can yo unot.... SEE THAT.. . . five stages of grief what i s that i??? anyway SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!1

atomicbob93  asked:

So, how bout that new Halo Wars 2 trailer? A buddy of mine thinks that Sgt. Forge is still alive somehow, lol.


Just watched it and holy SHIT fam I’m pumped. 

Honestly I have a hard time imagining how he could’ve survived being tossed into a sun (but hey, they brought Cortana back, didn’t they?), but something’s definitely up w/ him. They wouldn’t have shown his cyro-tube-thing just weeks before launch for no reason.

I mean, I hope they wouldn’t. Pretty sure they learned their lesson after the backlash received from H5′s advertising being absolutely, completely irrelevant to the game. 

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Why are we even discussing larries? IT's crystal clear that no matter what Harry does or does not do, if he tweets or doesn't tweet, if he releases solo music or doesn't, if he has a big role in Dunkirk or a small one, if he tours or not , no matter what he does they have already decided they will hate it and he is a terrible person and they will shit on him as much as possible. They are absolutely irrelevant to his success because they will refuse to be part of it no matter what he does

True. I just like to laugh at them tho, because im petty…

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This might be irrelevant to anything but the thing that bugs me the most about larries is that they talk with absolute certainty like they have legitimate facts. It's not like " we don't know if there's a paternity test" it's always " I'm telling you there's is a 0% chance that Louis took a test so he doesn't know if he's the father for sure". This is just one example on top of many other insane ones. Not that it should matter to anybody, it's his business anyways, like many other things

This is absolutely not irrelevant, and I hate it too. But it’s what they do. They’ll create a theory on a Monday, and by the end of the week (at the latest) it’ll be talked about among them so much that they’ll start to refer to it as fact. It’s literally delusional behaviour.

okay so i hit 3k overnight and that is so awesome u have no idea how happy i am!!! thank you all so much< 33


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two absolutely irrelevant nerds

amazingphil danisnotonfire

if i forgot about you im sincerely sorry im stupid and i love you anyway!!< 3

“Yarrrrgh…. Sup?”


No idea why I drew Cry with a pirate hat. Guess it could have to do with me listening to “You Are A Pirate!” at the time… hmmmm… NAAAAHHHH!

Now someone go show this to Cry so he can sing those lyrics and I can wiggle in my chair happily! >:c

If you don’t know who Cry is, go to his youtube channel and check him out! :)