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B.A.P Reactions To Their S/O (You) Going Into Labour


After several hours spent at the studio, Yongguk was more than ready to head home to you. He was just on his way out, when he got the call. He reached for his phone fishing it out of his back pocket. A smile naturally graced his face when he saw it was you who was calling. 

“Hey, babe. What’s up?” He answered.

“Yongguk are you on your way home?” You asked, your tone slightly panicked. Yongguk easily picked up on this.

“Yes, why? Y/N is everything alright?” He asked with a sense of urgency needing to know if you were in any danger.

“Yes, yes don’t worry! I just- I- My water broke.”

It took him a couple of seconds to properly process what you were saying, “You’re water bro-oh fuck!”

“I hope you don’t say that when the baby arrives,” you light-heartedly joked, hoping it’d calm both you and him down a little.

“I’ll be there soon Y/N! I promise! Are you in any pain? Shit. Do you want me to call an ambulance? Wait no. Let me take you!”

You smiled slightly amused by his sudden outburst. Yongguk wasn’t one to lose his composure easily. 

“Don’t worry babe, I’m not in any pain. Just drive safely, okay?” You reassured him.

“I will! Stay on the call though so I know you’re okay.” He said as he began to run towards his car. He realized only half way home that he couldn’t stop smiling. 

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“Ahhh, this is delicious!” You exclaimed as you dug into the sugary packed waffle in front of you. Himchan couldn’t help but chuckle as he observed you from the other side of the table. 

“Jagiya,” he said, making you look up.


“You got some chocolate syrup on your cheek,” he laughed as he reached for a napkin, gently wiping it off. Your cheeks slightly brightened as you were a bit embarrassed and Himchan was practically dying at how cute you were being. 

Still feeling the stickiness remnants of the syrup on your cheek, you excused yourself to go to the washroom to quickly wash it off.

After a couple of minutes of waiting, Himchan began to wonder what was taking you so long. He was just about to go check up on you when you suddenly appeared, rushing towards the table looking more distraught then ever.

“Himchan, we need to go,” you urged.

“Did something happen?” He asked a bit confused from your sudden request to leave.

You took a deep breath, “my water broke.”

Himchan’s eyes immediately widened and in seconds he was on his feet with you rushing towards the entrance of the cafe. However, before you guys could step outside, the overwhelming feeling of excitement within Himchan snapped. He quickly turned towards the other customers shouting happily, “I’m going to be a dad,” before grabbing your hand and hurried out. 

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The sudden smell of food attacked Daehyun’s senses, wakening him from his nap. He smiled sleepily before he made his way to the kitchen only to find you hovering over the stove. 

“Jagiya,” he said softly, “what did I tell you? You have to rest.”

“I know, I know but sitting and lying around all day is really frustrating,” you tried to defend yourself.

Daehyun was having none of it thought as he gently pulled you away from the kitchen and laid you down on the couch.

“Stay right there and don’t overexert yourself. I’ll finish cooking.” With that said he made his way back to the kitchen to finish up what you had been preparing. Only a couple of minutes had gone by when he suddenly heard you squeal.

Within seconds he dropped the spatula and ran to you. Finding you standing looking startled, “Jaigya! What-” He was about to ask what happened when his eyes were suddenly drawn to the puddle pooling around your feet. He didn’t need you to say anything as he already knew what that meant. He quickly turned off the stove and helped you to the car. 

As he drove, his hands slightly shook from all the emotions suddenly ambushing him. Although you were panicking yourself, you laid your hand on top of the one he had on his knee and smiled, “don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay.”

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“Where are we going?” You asked for probably the tenth time since you got in the car. As you looked out the car’s window, you couldn’t help but be amazed at the beauty of the colour changing leaves streaming by. 

“I told you it was a surprise,” Youngjae laughed. He knew how impatient you could be when it came to surprises but that was apart of the fun. He loved to tease you and rile you up.

You exhaled as you suddenly recognized the familiar scenery. “You’re taking me to my parents?” 

He nodded, “I know how much you miss them.” Your eyes practically shined as you looked at him in adoration. Could you possibly love him more?

“You’re the best,” you said only to regret it due to his cocky response, “Of course I am.”

You were nearing your parents house when you suddenly felt a trickling of something wet traveling down your thighs. Your eyes widened in surprise but it wasn’t until your dress began to dampen that you realized what was going on. 

You gasped, making Youngjae look at you questioningly. 

“My water broke.”

“What?! Just now?” You nodded and his eyes widened considerably. 

“There’s a hospital nearby,” you said, “but before that, since we’re so close let’s pick up my parents.”

“Are you sure you can wait?” He asked, placing your comfort and safety above anything else.

You nodded, “yes. I want them to be there Youngjae.” That was all he needed to hear before he parked the car outside your parents house and rushed towards the door. 

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Like most days these days you laid cozily in Jongup’s arms, perched up against the bed. A smile always graced on your face as there was no place you’d rather be. 

“So, have you finally decided on a name?” He asked you as he gently began to rub your belly. 

“No. Of course not, you know how indecisive I am that’s why I told you to choose,” you sighed. He only laughed, “just go with whatever your heart says.”

“If I do that, then our daughter’s going to end up being named hamburger since that’s what my heart’s telling me right now.”  

Jongup laughed even harder, “I’m pretty sure that’s your stomach not your heart.” You were just about to reply when you suddenly felt the trickling of liquid flowing down your thighs. Your eyes widened in surprise and you were suddenly at lost as to what to do. 

“Jagiya? What’s wrong?” Jongup asked seeing the change in your face. You didn’t say anything but it didn’t take long for Jongup to notice your dress becoming a darker shade of purple. 

Instantly jumping into action, he helped you off the bed and helped you to the car. On the drive he made sure to call your parents while at the same time attempting to calm you down. Slight panic took over when he remembered that you hadn’t picked a name and that the two of you now only had a bit of time to decide.

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The second you told Junhong that your water had broken, time seemed to stop. He knew it’d happen eventually and he thought he’d prepared through the 9 months but as the two of you made your way to the hospital he began to have doubts again.

You on the other hand, were surprisingly calm as you sat beside him taking deep breaths. Noticing his small frown you asked what was wrong. 

He sighed as he looked at you, “I don’t know-I just what if I’m not a good dad?What if I’m not ready?”

You smiled at him and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, “you have about as much experience with this as I do. We’re both new at this Junhong so if we screw up occasionally it’s only natural. What’s important is that we’re doing this together, remember? We’ll be fine.” 

Your words had a certain calming effect to them as they instantly put him at ease. Now wasn’t the time to freak out, he could do that later. Right now he would channel all his focus on you, making sure you were alright and that you had a safe delivery. 

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B.A.P Members in a Nutshell

yongguk: tough-looking guy w/ a deep-ass voice that loves social commentary and tigger

himchan: visuals yet somehow always meme-quality

daehyun: always screaming. so loud. why is he so loud.

youngjae: shady bitch

jongup: shady bitch #2 and real-life cheeto

zelo: looks tough but is actually a precious tall child that probably cries at instagram dog videos

overall: giant nerds who are super talented and deserve love