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oh hey so. saying a Black character is “a perfect sunshine boy!!” or “a Goddess!! she doesn’t need no man!!” can also be a form of dehumanization. 

when Black characters become such “pure cinnamon rolls” you can’t ship them, when they “deserve so much better” you refuse to pair them with any white fave, when they’re “just so flawless” they become boring, when you insist they’re “perfect” but then utterly and completely stop there, you’re reducing them to one dimension. 

they become props for white character development, cos you’re not letting them have any character of their own.

when the only characters that are flawed, relatable, interesting, complex, shippable, deserving of pages of meta for a 0.02 second glance ~just so happen to be~ white you’re indicating that they’re the only characters you see as fully human. 


Anti: Sakura is a terrible mother

SP: We didn’t get this memo sorry.

ANTI: Sakura is still an insecure fangirl 

SP: *Makes Sakura prioritise her daughter over Sasuke showing that she’s not the least bit insecure about their relationship. While she looks at him fondly and misses him she still chooses to quell her feelings and makes sure her daughter is alright*

ANTI: Sakura is useless and Naruto and Sasuke have to save her ass all the time

SP and Kishimoto: I’m sorry what? We can’t hear you over Sakura’s badassery.

Her dad may not be around but Sarada has got one hell of a mom.

SP just redeemed itself by the slightest bit. You still have a long way to go though.

i honest to god don’t think we acknowledge pidge’s incredible accomplishments enough

i mean

y’all this poor child is fifteen

she is only fifteen and she is fighting in a war and has come close to death multiple times

not to mention she has absolutely zero contact with her father or her mother or her brother or any of her family members

and even through that

she has done the following things:
-figured out alien technology she’d never seen before in three seconds to rewire an enemy drone
-modified a giant war machine that has abilities that science itself can’t explain
-faced multiple, incredibly skilled soliders that probably had centuries of experience all by herself when they had orders to kill her and won
-basically saved the entire universe’s fate by herself with the help of a drone and a few mice (like…what were they gonna’ do without voltron if sendak had succeeded in getting the lions to zarkon??? PIDGE JUST SAVED COUNTLESS LIVES HERE PEOPLE)
-created a program to translate galra text even though she has never learned the galran language
-created a beacon to alert the castle to her location out of literal garbage
-saved the entire team by absolutely wrecking the cube
-hacked into a galra drone that had security against interrogation and got it to answer her questions
-oh yeah and going back to that beacon she literally saved coran’s life. like he would have just disappeared if she hadn’t done that. 
-hacked into the security of what was basically space alcatraz??? like it’s literally one of the highest security prisons the galra have and she just hacked into it’s system like it was no big deal???
-was willing to risk death in order to get information on her family’s whereabouts (like seriously if shiro hadn’t pulled her away she’d be flat out dead)
-struggled with the fear that her friends wouldn’t accept her for who she really was but was still brave enough to tell them (like honestly we don’t acknowledge this one enough. it’s fucking terrifying to think that you won’t be accepted by your own friends but pidge was still brave enough to own who she was and tell them. i honestly think this is one of the bravest things she’s done and no one talks about it.)

not mention that before she was even in space she was able to sneak into a high security facility twice to get information on her family even though he’d already been threatened to never go back and could’ve gotten into serious trouble

pidge has been through so much pain and suffering that a fifteen year old should never have to experience and yet she still pulls through it and is an absolutely badass hacker and defender of the universe.

in conclusion: pidge is fucking incredible. 

You know that post about Wonder Woman getting blinded by Medusa

And yet she still kicks ass afterwards and then gets her eyesight back?

WELL the post kinda seems to imply that she gets her eyesight back, like, right after the fight with Medusa.


I’m just innocently reading a Superman comic and I come across this:

YEAH you’re seeing that right, that’s Diana casually guest starring in someone else’s comic as a Batman-saving bullet-deflecting badass, having a conversation with him while doing so, also while absolutely blind.

Fucking badass holy shit.


“Layne was just so enthusiastic and interested in who you were. He just was eager to please, just wanted to be your friend so bad. I thought that was real endearing about him. I didn’t think it was phony. He was just this metal kid who was nice, whereas a lot of time the metal guys were too cool for school, and they wouldn’t talk to you because you were in the punk band.”
-Cat Butt’s guitarist James Burdyshaw


community appreciation week 📚 day one - favorite character  

you’re afraid you won’t fit in. you’re afraid you’ll be alone. great news! you share that with all of us. so you’ll never be alone, and you’ll always fit in.

Hey friendly reminder that Hunk is an absolute badass who:
- Liberated an entire Balmera on his first rescue mission
- Rammed his lion into the side of Zarkon’s ship to bust Allura out of prison
- Physically stopped the Arc of Taujeer from falling into acid
- Baited a giant worm into shooting its planet-destroying lasers at him
- Put his fears aside to go into a blinding environment to help Allura
- Went straight for one of Lotor’s generals with his bare hands to protect Pidge

Friendly reminder that Hunk’s anxiety isn’t his only trait and will absolutely throw hands to protect people if he has to

yeah but imagine zuko and katara having three children and like one is a firebender and one is a waterbender and their third kid is a nonbender but, like, zuko makes absolutely sure that their third kid gets absolutely the same love and respect as their other kids and teaches them how to be an absolute ninja BADASS who can actually go toe to toe with their bending siblings in a fight and they all spar together as a family and the kids come up with combined attacks on the sly to impress their parents and it’s just AAaAAAAAAaaaaaaa