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community appreciation week 📚 day one - favorite character  

you’re afraid you won’t fit in. you’re afraid you’ll be alone. great news! you share that with all of us. so you’ll never be alone, and you’ll always fit in.

I love the new Wonder Woman because at once Diana is both soft hearted and an absolute badass, and we don’t have to pick between the two. I love how they make her tough as shit yet not the stereotypical “hard” female character who’s tough just to be tough. It was so sweet when she gasps and goes “look! A baby!” And makes a bee line for it. It’s refreshing to see a superhero capable of kicking ass yet not afraid to get excited over seemingly “female” things.

okay. so y’all complain about no diversity in shows, so let me throw in some details about sense8. it’s kind of a long post, so bear with me. but in this funny, fascinating, absolutely gorgeous show, you have:

  1. Nomi, a trans woman hacktivist in a healthy, loving relationship with Amanita, her black lesbian girlfriend that directly addresses trans erasure and bigotry in both the queer and straight communities while challenging the idea that you can’t be gay and trans, or have any sense of a happy relationship
  2. Lito, a gay Mexican man, renowned actor, and highly emotionally intelligent character that’s breaking the ridiculous hyper-masculine, unemotional, and chauvinistic stereotypes of latino men
  3. Capheus, a Kenyan man trying to get enough money to get medicine for his mom suffering from AIDS and literally the most compassionate and optimistic character I’ve ever seen, addressing the international issue of AIDS outside the realm of white gay cis-men and defying stereotypes of hyper-aggressive black men
  4. Kala, an Indian pharmacist and devout Hindu breaking the perception that you can’t be both scientific and religious, as well as the belief that you have to abandon your traditions and the importance of family to survive in a modern world
  5. Sun, a Korean businesswoman and absolute badass who can kick anybody’s ass and directly destroying the passiveness, submission, and domesticity attributed to east asian women 

as 5/8 main characters who are minorities. Will, Riley, and Wolfgang are both white and cis, but definitely not fully straight after multiple telepathic transatlantic orgies that they all really enjoyed. Either way, 5/8 main characters (not to mention their attached side characters from their respective countries and cultures) is still a long ways from what we usually see of an all-white cast.

Basically, through Sense8 you get this show that goes and films in all these different locations and addresses all these different cultures and challenges so many stereotypes as to what kind of characters we see and are constrained by, all the while remaining interesting, hilarious, and visually stunning. Even if you don’t care about the story you have to admit that just the filming of this show is so absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention that they also film on site and hire local actors and crews from 7 different countries in the world.

Does this show have it’s problems? Yeah, yeah it does. Every show is going to be problematic in some form or another, but this is also the first show I’ve ever seen that has this much diversity in every step of the filming process, that represents so many people and I want this to succeed because it’s the first project that tries to do all this and if gets cancelled it’s unlikely we’ll ever see this sort of representation again.

So please, while you’re adding The Get Down, Dear White People, and Master of None to your Netflix watchlist (all of which I love and highly recommend), please just consider watching Sense8. Or just keep it playing in the background while you’re doing other stuff to get those views, if it’s not your kind of show. Please just let this show live, because honestly I don’t know when we’re gonna get a project like this again. 

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hey, i was wondering what's you opinion on leigh bardugo? not necessarily as a writer, but as a person?

LISTEN i?? love leigh so much?? and yes i’m talking as a person bc she’s one of the few authors out there who are a GOOD ally and a huge lgbt advocate but at the same time she knows how to stay in her lane and not talk over us. she’s so respectful and nice and idk if you’ve watched any of her interviews but she’s a DELIGHT like she’s very eloquent and put together but she never comes off as pretentious or/and snobby and she actually uses her social platform to raise awareness for important political/social matters and not just as a way of promoting her work. (in fact, most of her work is promoted by fans - fans who send her fanart or other original content) she doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics and isn’t afraid to clap back at someone who’s being rude or ignorant. ALSO leigh interacts with her fans A LOT but she’s never mean or condescending and it’s just a very nice approach imo!! she treats us all as friends rather than just readers and overall i think she’s a very honest and outspoken person + everytime she posts a witch aesthetic on instagram or tumblr something in me snaps and i turn into an actual fangirl version of gomez addams spazzing over mortisha

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #24

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Yes, it has been a full two weeks since the last “weekly” rec list. I have a good excuse. TOO MANY fics. There have been SO MANY excellent gen fics in the last two weeks, mostly because of @platonicvldweek​, that I simply could not stop reading long enough to make a list. I am serious. And if I listed all of them, it would be just…ridiculously long. So many fantastic authors participated, and most of them posted seven stories, one for each day, and I just can’t do a rec for every single one.

So this week only, the rec list is going to be different than usual. For a bunch of the recs, it’ll a link either to an author’s collection of Platonic VLD Week fics, or one in particular that I consider my favorite, and I’ll make a few comments about how awesome they are, though that really should be a given. And I’ll ask you, my dear rec consumers, to go and read EVERYTHING each author wrote and comment as much as you can, because we need to keep encouraging this to keep the train going. IT’S BEEN WORKING SO WELL! Gen in this fandom is flourishing! It’s SO much better than other fandoms I’ve been in! That’s awesome, and it makes me really happy, but we gotta keep it going.

Not every fic here was written for the event, so some will be regular recs the way I typically do them.

So Here’s what You’re Not Going to Do by BreakTheDawn
Words:  19,572 (WIP 9/?)
Author’s Summary: He lets them take out the frustrations on him. Encourages it really, because people need an outlet for their anger, and Lance has always been the best at making people angry at him. (And if his heart twinges a little every time he has to let someone be particularly mean to him, then he just has to remember that this is what he’s good at. What he’s good for.) But Lance is an older brother, and an uncle, and a younger brother. He learned sometimes keeping people means sacrificing his own feelings for a bit. He’s been taught that he can’t always let his feelings take a back seat though. After all, what happens if the rock falls apart? So, while Lance is always prepared to be the enemy on any given day, there are certain days and certain things that he will not let fly. Or, What happens when Lance is sick of his teammate’s shit.
My Comments: At first I was afraid this was going to be one of those fics where everyone feels OOC in order to make Lance into the perfect woobie, but it’s really not. Everyone (except Hunk and Coran) is just having a bad day, or misunderstanding things, and they take it out on Lance because he’s an easy target for one reason or another. But Lance doesn’t take it lying down, which is good to see, though it eventually becomes too much for him. I really like these kind of emotional breakdown fics, not gonna lie, and I’m very much looking forward the healing that I know is coming. Can’t wait for more.

Friends in Space Places by VelkynKarma
My Comments: I’ve recced this author before, so you should KNOW how good she is, but holy crap, she pulled out all the stops for this week. By far the highest word count, and every single word is absolute gold. I have a VERY hard time picking a favorite from this collection, but the day 7 fic is a multi-chapter How to Train Your Dragon AU that’s still being posted, and holy crap, it’s so good. SOO GOOD. But they’re all good! So much hurt/comfort, so much protective paladins, so much badassery all in one place. Just read them. Read them all.

Hand-Me-Downs, Leftovers by yet_intrepid
Words: 1,181
Author’s Summary: “You don’t have to lie to make me feel better,” says Keith. “I’m not lying,” Shiro says. He takes a bite of his pizza; Keith mirrors him with the burrito. “Every step is a good step.”
My Comments: Short and sweet and perfect. So much feeling in a cold piece of pizza and a microwaved burrito. And I feel like I’ve had the same conversation during my college years.

A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 1,143 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: The Gen fics from my 1000 Followers Special.
My Comments: Just subscribe now so you won’t miss any. The first chapter is Shiro comforting a distraught Hunk, and the rest are going to be just as high-quality.

Blue and Bruised by DizzyBunnies 
Words: 13,196 (WIP 5/?)
Author’s Summary: While saving innocent citizens from a minefield, Lance and the Blue Lion take a beating. Lance’s high brain activity threatens the use of a healing pod, so the team venture out to find a plant that may help Lance’s healing process. Hunk stays behind to watch after Lance, but will he be able to hold down the fort on his own?
My Comments: It’s hurt!Lance, and you know how much I like that. I really like the character interactions in this one.

How Much is that Doggy in the Window by isabeau25
Words: 1,039
Author’s Summary: Prequel to “What Every Little Kid Wants.” Keith finds Shiro’s birthday present and the rest of the team makes sure it will work out the way he thinks it will.
My Comments: I’m going to say this a lot, but read the whole series. The younger paladins work together to get a puppy for Shiro, and it’s adorable and wonderful. The first fic in the series is about Keith adopting a pet for himself, and it’s absolutely perfect.

Dream, Seam by ardett
Words: 4,937
Author’s Summary: Lance is the blue paladin. The Galra realize this before he does.
My Comments: I’ve screamed before here about how thoroughly this fic wrecked me, but I mean it. It WRECKED me. The author and I are gonna try to co-write a sequel, because I lost control of myself and wrote a thousand words of aftermath headcanons in the comments. So yeah. Look forward to that. Also read the rest of this author’s fics for Platonic VLD Week. They’re all great.

You’re The Only North Star (Platonic VLD Week) by story_monger
My Comments: Oh, man, so hard to pick a favorite. They’re all so GOOD, and they’re scattered evenly across the entire crew. I’m tempted to say Moonshadow, because it has hurt!Lance, but I think my favorite is actually The Beat Down for Coran just being absolutely BADASS and AMAZING and also interacting with Lance and reassuring him and just being…amazing. Gah, that fic made me love Coran so much, and I already adore him. Read it. Read them all.

Platonic VLD Week by hufflepirate
My Comments: Again, pretty much impossible to pick a favorite, but the Pacific Rim AU is SO COOL. And also sad and heartbreaking, but mostly cool. Coran is an amazing mentor to Shiro, and so smart and kind despite his unease with the way the Voltron jaeger works. And his relationship with Allura and backstory with Alfor were beautiful and tragic, respectively. Read read read.

Maja’s Platonic VLD Week 2017 by windscryer
My Comments: Such excellent, excellent hurt/comfort, and a lot of focus on Pidge, which is refreshing. I think my favorite is Break on Me for the protective Lance, but again, they’re all amazing. Read them all.

Impulsive/Spontaneous by gringle
Words: 9,230
Author’s Summary: Lance and Allura finally have a bonding moment. Part of Platonic VLD week: Day 6 Injury/Healing
My Comments: Such an EXCELLENT Lance, and great interaction for him and Allura. I love stories where Lance becomes a diplomat for team Voltron and uses his social skills to be amazing and badass. Yes, yes, baby, you have a thing, and it’s a fantastic thing that not everyone can do (I certainly can’t, myself), and you should be proud. I was so happy when Allura got angry, holy crap. Protective Allura is my jam. One of my jams. I have a lot of jams, but this one is delicious.

Small Fierce Things by playswithworms
Words: 5,241
Author’s Summary: Pidge is badly injured. Shiro does his best to angst over it, but is foiled.
My Comments: Pidge is an absolute badass, and so adorable, and the way she was EXCITED about the possibilities in what most would see as a horrible, unredeemable situation was amazing, and so her. Love this one. Love Pidge. Love Shiro.

Platonic VLD Week by BrOwNiEfOx
My Comments: I think my favorite is Pride as Family. Love that lion bonding, and everyone gets a chance to shine. It’s all good.

Measuring Up by MoonlitWaterSunnyRiver
Words: 1,092
Author’s Summary: Keith has insomnia, and finally decides to *do* something about it. Turns out he’s not the only one up at night. Keith & Lance friendship, written for Platonic VLD Week.
My Comments: Aw, boys. Good talk.

Foundation by buttered_onions for mumblefox
Words: 8,982
Author’s Summary: “Wait,” Lance says, eyes narrowed in suspicion. “I thought you said you’ve known Shiro all your life.” “I might as well have,” Keith says. The story of how Keith and Shiro meet.
My Comments: STAR WARS AU. This is so so so good, holy crap. And it’s a Jed Temple Star Wars AU, where the boys are Jedi with all of the Old Republic Jedi crap about how attachments are dangerous messing up both Keith and Shiro and making it hard for them to navigate the friendship that both of them desperately need. But they figure it out. Gorgeous stuff, gorgeously written. Read the whole series.

Haircut by earthstar
Words: 1,946
Author’s Summary: Keith is in dire need of a haircut.
My Comments: I have previously recced other fics in this series. Just read it all. It’s all good. Then subscribe to the series so you don’t miss anything. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Hair Care In Space by earthstar, isabeau25
Words: 7,764 (WIP 4/8)
Author’s Summary: Just because you’re travelling in outer space in a flying castle, doesn’t mean you can skip out taking care of your hair.
My Comments: Everyone is adorable and it’s all good.

Bridge This Gap by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) for mumblefox
Words: 2,287
Author’s Summary: Forming Voltron comes with side effects. A birthday fic

Gunna Go Far, Kid by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) for buttered_onions
Words: 3,034
Author’s Summary: Shiro finds himself in the body of a six year old. Again. He’s not any more happy about it.
My Comments: You should just click on anything that has BossToaster as the author.

Come Back (as pure as gold) by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 3,567
Author’s Summary: When Shiro steps out of his lion after the final battle with Zarkon, something is off. Seems like he missed something. Ten years of it.
My Comments: See above. Also this ones hurts and I hate it.

the art of the trade by tuesdayandtuesday
Words: 2,696 
Author’s Summary: day three of platonic vld week - lions/bonding in which keith and red share a moment or three. s2 spoilers.
My Comments: This one is gorgeous and heartbreaking and so, so worth it.

Catch & Release by anonymous_scapegoat
Words: 2,625
Author’s Summary: Some Galra grunt makes the mistake of putting Pidge and Lance in the same cell. It goes about as well as you’d expect.
My Comments: Pidge and Lance being smart and snarky and perfect and working together really, really well. It really felt like an episode of the show.

when it rains, it pours by tuesdayandtuesday
Words: 2,461
Author’s Summary: day three of platonic vld week - lions/bonding in which lance cannot bear to be himself, and blue cannot bear to have him otherwise. s2 spoilers.
My Comments: I love Lance and Blue interaction so much, and this is beautiful.

Family is the Mixture of Chaos and Caring by CamillaLynne14
Words: 1,883
Author’s Summary: The teams morning has been… Chaotic. With a rough start to the day, then right into an intense training exercise, Coran and Allura feel guilty for how hard they’ve been working them. So the two form a surprise that may not go as planned.
My Comments: They tried, and no one should criticize them.

Hologram by AboveWeird
Words: 1,302
Author’s Summary: What Lance never anticipated was missing the stars. It felt so weird, so wrong to be out here among the stars when he knew nothing of their names or the myths they took part in. Most of all he missed the sun. It seemed like a silly thing. A giant ball of flaming gases shouldn’t be so dear, but yet no other star could ever mean as much. It had watched over him, looming and unseeing, for all of his life. It was a constant. And now, by an unthinkable turn of events, it was gone. All he had left was this hologram.
My Comments: Cuddle pile on Lance! It’s good.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:
Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat
Scattered by avidbeader
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Playing Catch-Up by 5557
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
In Sickness and Health by JamtheDingus
Chrono Story by Crowoxy
The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions
Silver Lining by HeIsSoBlue
Project G.A.L.R.A. by GemmaRose (now complete)
Coming Undone by Emerald_Ashes
Beautiful Minds by PotatoBender
Mini Lions by earthstar
Aid by Haurvatat

Sincerely, Me.

Jughead x Reader

Request: Ooooh can i do a request (jughead x reader) where the reader is kinda loud and seems real happy but then they have a lot of issues with confidence, and they have  a saying that they keep writing to keep them sane, and then a wild Jughead appears and just fluff fluff fluff. I’m sorry I’m bad at explaining things. I really love your writing btw!

Warnings: None, Chuck is there though. 

Word Count: 1,311

A/N: Oh hey look another one based off something in Dear Evan Hansen who would’ve thought. Also sorry it’s so short I just think it’s time to publish this one.


Dear (Y/N),

Today’s gonna be a good day, here’s why:

Because today, today at least you’re you - and that’s enough.

You’re good enough, right now, just like this.

You’re not perfect- and that’s okay.

Sincerely, Me.

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requested: Hiiiii hello could you maybe write an imagine where the reader is an actress and has an accident on set bc it’s like a superhero movie or something and Shawn just completely freaks out even though it’s nothing major or too serious?

okay i changed this just a bit if that’s okay
ever since you were little, you knew you wanted to be an actress. but not just any actress, you wanted to act in action packed movies and even do your own stunts. you grew up watching movies like batman and superman, they were your life. when you found out you were going to be the new wonder woman, you cried. your life long dream was finally accomplished, you were officially an actress.

you were at your boyfriend shawn’s house for dinner with his family when you got the call. you were hesitant to take the call at first, knowing it was rude to leave in the middle of a family dinner, but as soon as shawn saw the caller ID he made you take it. when you returned to the dinner table (with your eyes still red and puffy from crying) all you had to do was smile and shawn knew. you spent the rest of that night with a huge smile on your face.

now, you’re halfway through filming the movie and the director has finally allowed you to perform your own stunt for this scene. the night you told shawn you would be doing your own stunt, he did not want you to do it. he was scared something was going to go wrong and he didn’t want to see you hurt. you told him he could be there during the filming of the scene but it still took him a few weeks to accept the fact that you were going to do a stunt and possibly get hurt in the process.

today was finally the exciting day and all day from when you woke up to before you went to film a scene, shawn has been clinging to you. it was like he was scared to let you out of his sight or else you would get hurt.

“shawn,” you laughed as the two of you walked into your trailer. “i’m okay. i haven’t even done the stunt yet.”

“i know,” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist while you adjusted your costume in the mirror. “i just don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” he quickly kissed your cheek, careful not to harm the makeup that you had on. and if it was even possible, he tightened his grip on you, nuzzling is face into your neck.

you sighed as he quickly pulled away from you as your assistant barged into the small trailer. “y/n! you’re filming the stunt scene in 5, you’re needed on the set right now.” and with that, he slammed the door and left.

shawn sighed as you threw the black robe on over your quite revealing wonder woman costume, knowing it was time to venture back to the main set where he could possible watch his girlfriend get injured. now, shawn thought it was absolutely badass that his girlfriend was going to be the new wonder woman. he just never thought she would want to do a stunt, especially not one of the most dangerous ones in the entire movie. during the whole movie you’ve had to do fight scenes which required months of preparation, but never a full blown stunt filled with fire and everything.

the stunt you would be doing in less than 2 minutes is at the end of the movie when wonder woman is fighting with aries in attempt to stop him. you would be thrown to the ground from your position in the “sky”. there was a mat for you to land on when they release you from the harness that’s keeping you in the air, but the only thing is there is real fire all around the two of you in the scene. if something goes wrong you could possibly burn. the director of the movie was giving you another run down of the scene while you were being strapped to a harness that was going to pull you at least 75 feet into the air. shawn was still next
to you, only releasing his grip on your hand for the guy doing the harness to get through and tighten it enough. when you saw the harness you were a little worried, it wasn’t as protective as you thought.

“you ready y/n?” the director asked, patting your back slightly. “it’s what you’ve been waiting for.”

you nodded, throwing the headpiece you were supposed to be wearing on your head before you were flung into the air. “i’m excited.”

“that’s good,” he chuckled. “but it doesn’t look like your boyfriend is too thrilled with this idea.” he motioned his head toward shawn who was eyeing the set intently. “i’ll leave you two alone before you start the scene.”

as soon as the director walked away, shawn turned towards you and pulled you into his chest at tight as he could. “please be careful.” he said, kissing the top of your head. “i don’t want to see you hurt.” you pulled away as you heard your name being called. “don’t worry shawn, i’ll be safe. i love you.”

you quickly pressed your lips to his before you ran off to start the scene, leaving him with the other members of the cast and crew to watch. as soon as the direction said action, you were thrown up in the air and started to perform all the actions you were told to do, the actor playing aries doing the same. everything was going smoothly until it was time for the harness to release you onto the large air mat. you felt like you were being flung around just a bit too much, and before you knew it the harness released you, landing on the pavement 3 inches away from the fire flat on your back. immediately the crew stopped everything and about 20 people rushed towards you.

“y/n!” the director called, rushing to your side. “are you okay?”

you shook your head, knowing something was definitely wrong. you landed flat on your back and it hurt like hell. you were about to drift into unconsciousness when you heard the shouts of your boyfriend.

“y/n, babe, are you okay?” shawn rushed to your side, taking your hand. “i knew this was a bad idea. did you call someone?” he asked the director. you could barely make out what was happening, but you knew shawn was talking to the director and then everything went black.


you woke up to while everything. white ceiling, white walls, white sheets. you quickly narrowed it down to a hospital. you sat up, flinching as your back as in so much pain. shawn was sitting to your left, luckily he noticed you as soon as you noticed him.

“oh y/n you’re awake! we’ve been worried sick!” he said, wiping his eyes. probably from lack of sleep. “you passed out so we brought you here, do you remember what happened?”

you nodded, remembering everything from being flung around in the air to hitting the ground hard. “unfortunately, yes.” you sighed.

“you fractured your back,” shawn sighed. “the filming has obviously been pushed back until you make a full recovery.” you nodded, not even wanting to think of going back to film the movie in this state. as much as you tried to not think about the pain in your back, it was there and boy did it hurt. “i’m so glad you’re okay.”

he wrapped his arms around you the best he could without hurting you anymore. “i knew you shouldn’t have done that.” he mumbled, thinking you couldn’t hear him. you two stayed like that in comfortable silence until shawn broke it again.


“yeah,” you whispered.

“no more stunts, ever.”

House archetypes - Attack on Titan


Eren – Bold, determined, hot-blooded – The Avenger

Reiner – Follows his own moral code, literally cannot face himself if he doesn’t, weird discrepancy between his ideals and his behaviour – The Knight

Connie – HIS HONOR !!!, family guy, importance of balanced relationships – The Warrior

Nanaba – Brave but modest, will protect you whatever the cost, responsible and reliable – The Savior

Jean – Really cares about doing the right thing, acts tough but believes he’s not but in reality is, will punch your face anytime – The Fighter


Christa – Puts other people’s problems before hers to escape them, whole-hearted lover, dutiful – The Promised

Marco – Fair, trusting beyond reason, deserved  b e t t e r – The Sacrifice

Moblit – Responsible, loyal, caring & worrying – The Companion

Petra – Humble, devoted, secretly an absolute badass – The Soldier


Armin – Thinks outside the box, values strategy more than force, has two modes either really calm or really passionate – The Successor

Bertoldt – Quiet, focused, represses his emotions but is really sensible – The Isolated

Mike – Introverted, believer in mankind’s freedom, has his own method that few understand but everyone respects – The Analyst

Hange – Eager for discovery, bold of mind and temper, still a very capable and tactical leader – The Scientist


Mikasa – Will crush you if you get in her way, dependant on one and only and a single person, a talent for dramatic entrances – The Guardian

Ymir – Brutally honest, values independence above all, is actually the most selfless wannabe punk you will ever meet – The Armored

Annie – Smart and cunning, cold blooded, most likely to be the villain with daddy issues™ – The Snake

Sasha – Strongly attached to her land and her traditions, stubborn as hell, can function in group but puts herself first – The Survivor

Erwin – WILL SACRIFICE YOUR BABY FOR HUMANITY AND DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT, womanizer without trying, most likely to be the good guy with daddy issues™ – The Leader

Levi – Despises You And Will Let You Know, control/clean freak, selective but absolute trust – The Efficient

I know there are two (2) more Slytherins but I couldn’t see any of them in any other house so. Fight me. The palm of the most difficult character to Sort goes to my baby Armin Arlert who I almost put in Gryffindor (he’s the bravest of them all according to Mikasa and also did you see how he just *clutches his heart* with that mad glistening in his eyes and also his indestructible hopefulness are both very Ravenclaw and very Gryffindor to me but his realistic and collected side won him the Ravenclaw ticket).

pinhazpple  asked:

i finished the song of achilles yesterday night and no book has ever destroyed me like this.., who even need feelings anyway, please if you have headcanons about patrochilles to share or anything tsoa to share im willing to cry

Oh my gosh I have so many thoughts about Song of Achilles (and have forced them on so many. I cannot tell you the amount of people who hate me for making them read this book)

  • please give me all of the patrochilles friendship where they love each other so deeply and are already folded into each others lives before they even start dating
  • it is so natural for them to start dating, and they realize their relationship has always been heading towards this immense something between them that was fate 
  • Achilles knowing just how much Patroclus makes him a better person, and always calling him his better half 
  • Patroclus always calling Achilles petal as his endearment, and it started as a joke, but now Achilles feels all warm inside whenever Patroclus uses it. 
  • Achilles being an absolute disaster at life in general, and Patroclus being able to calm him down somewhat. Achilles always becomes softer around Patroclus. 
  • Patroclus being an absolute badass who works in a hospital and has seen some shit, so everyone always assumes that Achilles is the super aggressive and assertive one until they see Patroclus angry. Achilles just is a disaster; Patroclus is a storm.
  • They have a playlist of songs that they call theirs. It’s a really eclectic mix and Careless Whisper is definitely on there. 
  • Achilles is really particular about folding clothes. Patroclus is really particular about kitchen cleanliness. This is how they battle out problems in their relationships.