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Andrea is actually not a full time model as so many agencies rejected her her for insufficient height. She’s from small town, working as a waitress and volunteers in a hospital with mentally ill patients in her free time. 

She’s one of the strongest, most humble and kindest people I’ve ever met. I just wanted to say thank you Andrea, you’re absolute badass.



Imagine: Natasha having a crush on you

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     Every time you walk into the room it seems as if time slows down. Whenever you walk towards Natasha, to her, it seems as if you’re walking in slow motion, hips swaying back and forth, your hair flawlessly flowing in the wind… god was she in love with you. Honestly Nat was, to put it like the teenagers would, so “shook.” She has never been this smitten with someone, the stone cold assassin has always taught herself to be distanced, she could never let someone she loved get hurt. Seeing how absolutely badass you were made her change her mind, you didn’t need protecting however she did whenever she was around you.

     Back to reality, you were waving your hand in front of her face to get her attention.

     “Earth to Nat?”

     She shakes herself out of her mind, “Uh yea w-whats up?”

     You laugh and point to the cloth next to her. Making the connection Natasha nodded as handed it to you. She watched as with a detailed eye, you clean your guns. In Nat’s peripheral she could see the rest of the avengers watching this exchange. She turned her head and silenced any potential laughter with a death glare. She got up, brushed her hands off on her pants and walked over to the super group.

     “Gosh, Nat.. you’re obviously crushing so hard, it’s almost as if you’re a teenager again.” Clint patted the Black Widow’s back.

     “You’re a trained and might I add, highly deadly assassin, why don’t you just go talk to her?”

     Natasha glared at Tony and he backed away with his hands raised in surrender. She walked away from them and went to the training room that was thankfully empty. The only thing she could think to do to get out her anger was to punch something, so she did. The assassin in was so immersed in what she was doing that she didn’t notice you come into the room in your tight black shorts and crop top.

     “Nat?” you tried to yell over the sound of angsty punching.

    “Oh.. OH, Hey [y/n],” she stopped punching and tried to look you in the eye.

     “You alright?”

      “Yea, yea.. I’m good, great even.” She kept on repeating things as to reassure herself.

     “Ok…. did you wanna train together? Finally try to beat me?” you teased.

     “of course, just you wait..”

     You were the only one that could beat the Black Widow in a sparring match. If Nat had her head clear she could probably beat you but holding her in choke hold with your legs wasn’t the best for her mental health.. if ya know what I mean.

     “Steve, get in here so you can be the referee!”

     Walking in Steve was smirking, he was so glad he would finally get to witness this train wreck. He stepped into the ring.

     “Alright ladies, I want a clean fight,” He sends a wink over to Nat and steps out, signaling for the start of the match.

      You sent the first punch. Natasha barely dodged it because she realized how beautiful you were, even if you were trying to beat her up.

      Before she knew it she was on the ground under your smirking face.

      “And the win goes to [Y/N]” Steve said.

     Still sitting on Natasha you said “I think that was our quickest match yet, huh  Steve?” He looks at the timing feature on his knew technologically advanced watch, thanks to Tony.

      “Yup,” he smiled at you.

     “This was so much fun, thanks Nat,” you look down at her with what seemed like the brightest most purest grin on the planet.

     “Anytime [Y/N], Anytime.” Natasha put her head back on the ground as you got off of her. Oh Boy was Black Widow head over heels in love.


Nina’s Fic Recs

Week 2 - In which Nina realizes she reads way too damn much oops

Date Night by @impalaimagining - Sam x Reader, bit of angst, smut.  Man, when Sam apologizes, he really brings out the big guns… HOO BOY.

In The Beginning by @cleverdame - Daddy!Sam x Reader drabble of sorts, heartbreakingly cute fluff. Just… sweet, loving, gentle, nervous first-time Daddy!Sam. IM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING

Escape by @lipstickandwhiskey - Sort of Dean x Reader, kind of angst. Warnings for some torture/violence. Reader is an absolute badass, and while we all like the idea of being badass enough to save ourselves, who wouldn’t want knight-in-shining-armor Dean Winchester riding to the rescue??

Just Another Monday by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing - Dean x Reader, fluff. Oh Dean… so oblivious. Your feelings aren’t gonna bite ya know… 

All Is Beautiful Pt.1 Pt.2 by @cleverdame - Sam x Reader series, Angst, smut, and fluff (the whole shebang lol). Some sexual themed violence, so heed the warnings. This is just everything Sam is, all wrapped up into one fic… the sweet, sensitive, fierce, amazing protector and hunter we all care about. What I wouldn’t give to be able to run away with him.

Close Every Door by @jotink78 - Dean x Reader series (completed), mostly angst with a happy ending.  Some heavy descriptions of torture, so definitely heed the warnings.   I just started reading this series the other day and ITS SO GOOD I blew through the whole thing in a day I just COULD NOT put it down. 

First and Last by @scorpiongirl1 - Sam x Reader, A/B/O dynamics, SMUT. Uhmm. Holy fuck. Dayummm. Just… damn. Stock up on batteries/towels/water bottles/what-have-you before you read this one, kay?

Mysterious Hazelnut by @deanwinchester-af - Sam x Reader, fluff. This story is the kind of coffee shop AU that gives me unrealistic expectations about coffee shops…. like, WHY CANT THIS EVER HAPPEN TO ME ITS SO CUTE AND PERFECT 

This gif drabble by @cleverdame - Sam x Reader, smut. Ok so I know her writings are on here like 3 times but I just discovered her this week so I’ve been slowly reading over her Master List so forgive me… And uhhhh for this one, I’m gonna need a minute over here… and maybe a change of undies.

Laundry Day by @moonlitskinwalker - Dean x Reader, maybe a little bit of fluff, and smut. Domesticity looks DAMN GOOD on Dean Winchester. Also, WHO WOULDNT WANNA WEAR HIS SHIRT… AND ONLY THE SHIRT???

This gif drabble by @impalaimagining - Sam x Reader, smut. No one in their right mind would consider that either Winchester would ever have trouble… ya know…. getting the job done… But man, do you have all kinds of fun finding a workaround ;)

Wanna Build A Snowman? by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - Sam x Reader, fluff. We just had a huge snowstorm here and now I’m so sad that there’s no Sam to come and play with me

The Oldest Man In The Room by @winchester-with-wings - Steve Rogers x Reader, fluff. Oh my god I have never heard of anything more romantic than Steve Rogers, dressed as Captain America, being dropped from the sky practically into your lap by Tony Stark (as Iron Man). WAY better than flowers and chocolate :D

A Time To Celebrate by @littlegreenplasticsoldier - Cas x Reader, fluff. Oh my god, Cas, could you BE any more adorable??? I just love how seriously he takes things; this man does not know how to do (or more importantly, FEEL) anything halfway. One can only hope that intensity and passion will eventually translate into the bedroom…..

Sweet Relief by @winchestersnco - Nurse!Sam x Reader, fluff, smut. Another “oldie” but definitely a goodie. Just…. 10,000k+ words of PURE AMAZINGNESS 

The Fair Sun by @lipstickandwhiskey - Dean x Reader, slight angst, fluff.  I will literally NEVER tire of the trope where boy and girl are so totally in love with one another but are SO BLIND to the fact that their love is most DEFINITELY not unrequited. Like it’s just SO DAMN OBVIOUS and yet they still need a friggen Norse god to literally beam down from the sky to tell them to get their heads outta their asses. Amazing. 

And that’s it for this week! Now go read these - y’all have a lot to catch up on ;)

i am still thinking about how River Song is married to 428 different people, “one for each gender”. she’s pansexual, polyamorous, absolutely badass, intelligent, rules her own life, goes on adventures, is endlessly amazing and epic and i love her a lot

Angie Martinelli is the hero Peggy Carter deserves


> Whoever captured their kid is going to be dang sorry when Rocket Mom™ rams through whatever building they’re holding the child and swoop the kid up like a great eagle.

> After that, it’s bye-bye to all the guys who tried to lay a hand on her child.

> Expect their base to be nothing short of vapourized by barrages of rockets, one round for each scratch they put on Pharah’s child.

> If the child had any more than the odd scuffle, you can be sure her captors will be nothing more than fish food by the time Pharah’s through with them.

> The child is a lot more fussed over after the ordeal.


> McCree struts in through the front door on his own.

> Tbh their kid is terrified but it’s absolutely the most badass thing they’ve ever seen.

> Before the mooks can even point a gun at him or his child, they’re down with a bullet between the eyes.

> After he rescues his child, McCree probably gets a bit emotional.

> By a bit I mean he probably cries.

> The organization that kidnapped his child is very much burnt to the ground after that. No one is quite sure how McCree did it.


> From the perspective of her child, all they see suddenly is the familiar blue of their mother’s shield around them, before a shower of energy bolts strike their captors.

> Rinse, and repeat until whatever building the captors were holding the child in becomes nothing but smithereens.

> (honestly what were they thinking)

> Zarya becomes quite paranoid and overprotective of her child for a long time after that. While her child understands the reason behind their mother’s anxiety, it might cause a strain on their relationship if it’s an older child.


> Let’s face it if Hanzo ever had a child he’d be a cocky lil shite like his father and a rebellious lil twerp like his uncle when the two of them were young.

> “Just you watch! My father’s dragons will consume you for laying your dirty hands on me!”

> Voted most likely out of all the children to be actually hit by his captors just for being loud.

> The third time he says that to a captor, the child spots the dragons out of the corners of his eyes and stops mid-sentence.

> It almost gives away Hanzo’s position, but it’s too late for his child’s captors anyway.

> The wood chipper dragons fill up the interior of the cell and course through the building.

> The child becomes even more cocky and constantly spouts compliments to his dad, much to Hanzo’s embarrassment.

> Admin GK

Dating Isabelle Lightwood would include

-Being a power couple of absolute badass

-You mostly eat take out

-If there is cooking you are the one to do it

-Training together

-Going on missions together

-Going crazy if you ever think the other is in trouble

-You would do anything to protect each other but then get upset when the other puts themselves on the line

-Always having each others backs

-“That’s hot” she says whenever you beat someone else

-If you ever fight you make up within the hour

-Constantly getting small kisses

-She comes up behind you and pulls you into a hug

-Going out dancing occasionally

-Being absolute sass masters

-Helping each other get ready with makeup and outfits

-PDA, she always has a hand on you

-You are always jokingly flirting with each other

-Always doing what you can to make each other laugh

-Cuddling into each other

-That she always turns into make out sessions

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my my wife @brilaflair, who is an absolute badass at everything!

P.s. She learned all of this in 1 week.

#MrsLaFlairInTheAir #parkour #bestwifeever (at Tempest Freerunning Academy South Bay)

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It was something about you…

Maybe it was the way you talked, or how you moved, or maybe how absolutely badass you were when it came down to it. Perhaps it was your laugh, one that made him stop in his tracks, or how your hair falls into your eyes or glow in the sun.

Bodhi found himself gravitating towards you, trying to get to know the person that intrigued him so much.

And you didn’t mind.