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Paper Stars

Summary: Dan starts to get love notes in his locker in the form of origami stars, so he gets the help of his best friend, Phil, to figure out who it is.
Word Count: 2,398
Warnings: cussing
A/N: Thanks to @insanityplaysfics as always for giving me ideas. I’m a fucking sap recently because my boyfriend proposed to me and I just wanna write a crapton of fluff and puke rainbows everywhere. This is short and sweet, which is very rare for me! I hope you like it anyways!
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The day Dan opened his locker to a strange slip of paper folded into an origami star was one of the strangest moments of his life.

“What,” Dan said simply, giving the offending paper a strange look. He bent down and retrieved it, staring at it long and hard. It was thin, made with a flowery paper, and he could just make out words written in very small print on it. “What,” Dan said again.

With a small amount of struggle, Dan managed to unwrap the star, revealing the writing inside. The script was sloppy to the point where Dan thinks it was written with the wrong hand. Dan said “what” again and the word didn’t even sound like it was real anymore. It took him a few minutes to read what it said due to the scribble, but he eventually managed.

‘i used to stare out the window because i thought the scenery was beautiful. Then i saw you and suddenly the world didnt seem nearly as captivating as before.

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My Great Comet Experience...

Last night I had the great fortune to see Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812 and there were so many amazing things that happened so I wanted to tell you all about it.

-First of all the theatre is absolutely beautiful. It is fully decorated in velvet curtains and immaculate paintings

-I was seated on the lower stage which was absolutely amazing. we had comfy chairs and a cute little table to put stuff on (trust me you may receive a decent amount of stuff during the show)

-At the very beginning of the show the whole cast (except Pierre) come out to hand out pierogi and explain the actor’s paths and other basic things

-The pierogi is amazing and I definitely advise getting one


-The moment when Pierre steps out of the door the whole room changes and you truly start to believe that you are in Moscow during 1812

-In this particular performance I saw Dave Malloy as Pierre and it was honestly so amazing to see the man who created the whole show play his part on the stage

-I also Saw Ingrid Michaelson as Sonya who was absolutely amazing on her Broadway Debut.

-During the song the lighting is amazing and it is a truly dazzling experience

-The song ‘Pierre’ is definitely one of the best and it should be known that the actors go almost everywhere so you should definitely be prepared for that

-During Pierre I had a quick interaction with Lucas Steele (who plays Anatole if you didn’t know) that was absolutely amazing. During the song he came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder, then he swung around me to sit on the stairs to my left resulting in us being two inches apart

-Grace McLean’s vibrato during ‘Moscow’ is absolutely amazing and they add so much humor into the song that it makes it so much better

-In the song ‘The Private and Intimate Life of the House’ Nicolas Belton (who played Andrey/Prince Bolkonsky) did an amazing job of adding a subtle humor to the role while still making him a despicable character

-Mary is such a pure character that you honestly can’t help but want to protect

-’The Private and Intimate Life of the House’ is very intense and personally brought me back to some very rough times so good job to those actors and Dave Malloy for making the movement so real and truthful

-During the beginning of ‘Natasha and the Bolkonskys’ the actors do a great job of audience participation that is honestly very funny

-The whole “Constrained and Strained phrase was a moment of pure musical bliss

-When ‘No One Else’ started the lights changed so beautifully and the air conditioning started to pump in completely changed the energy in the room

-Every single note from Denee was totally on point and completely transported you from the theatre to a world unlike everything

-’No One Else’ was absolutely perfect and had such an amazing blend of joy and sadness within it

-During ‘The Opera’ there is a lot going on around the theatre so be sure that you are able to look around at everything

-Dolokhov and Helene are honestly so cute together

-Pierre jumping up at “No, I am enjoying myself at home this evening” added the perfect amount of humor to the scene

-The literal opera was very odd and kind of humorous in a way

-When Anatole enters the Air Conditioning is turned up, truly pulling you into the story

-Anatole and Natasha was on point with every single note and there was a unexpected amount of humor that made the scene work so much better

-The intro to ‘The Duel’ added a lot of humor that made the hundred times better

-Dolokhov winked at me upon entering the scene

-’The Duel’ uses a pretty intense strobe light, so if you are epileptic or have had a concussion keep that in mind when nearing this scene

-This whole scene is very intense and there was a lot going on

-During the actual duel Pierre is fully shitfaced and it is literally climbing up the stairs to the Mezzanine

-”My Turn” was perfectly haunting

-Also Helene’s Scream also

-The transition into ‘Dust and Ashes’ was utterly perfect

-Dave Malloy singing ‘Dust and Ashes’ is now my personal Aesthetic

-Every note in ‘Sunday Morning’ was perfect

-”Everyone sees a man” was oddly funny

-Helene’s Entrance into charming was absolutely amazing

-Pierre’s face during charming was one of utter disappointment, and then one of slight admiration which I find absolutely adorable

-Amber Gray has probably one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard and I am not okay that I am currently not listening to her singing at this moment

-At one point in the song Helene grabs the necklace that Andrey gives Natasha and replaces it with her own pearls which is really neat moment

-During ‘The Ball’ the actors are once again all over the theatre

-The costumes during the ball were absolutely gorgeous and I was left in awe by them


-Letters opened so perfectly

-During the number I was given a love letter by one of the chorus girls that was so sweet and made my day so much better

-If you are sitting at the bar in front of Pierre’s salon you will have the job of passing the letter from Anatole to Natasha, and if you are on the far left you will have to walk up onto the stage and hand the letter to Denee

-Anatole’s “just say yes, just say yes, just say yeeeeeees” was oddly funny

-’Natasha and Sonya’ was oddly intense and made you feel so bad for both of the women

-Once sonya walked to her spot a single light bulb descended on her and made the setting feel so much more intimate and seemingly ornate

-’Sonya Alone’ was so beautiful and made me honestly love the song

-’Preparations’ was such an amazing song that worked on so many levels

-Denee came over and handed us the legendary egg shakers for ‘Balaga’ and ‘The Abduction’ which was awesome

-If Egg shakers are made available know that the red shakers are rare and less common so be sure to grab a red one

-’Balaga’ is such an amazing number where the actors are all around the theatre, as does Balaga so you will still interact with him if you are up on the mezzanine

-Lucas’s “wooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” at the beginning of ‘The Abduction’ was truly perfect

-During the dance break there is a musical reprise to the ‘Prologue’ that fit into the song so perfectly

-Pierre’s solo in the song was amazing

-When Anatole stops everyone and they all sit down they all stopped for a solid minute

-Lucas decided to high five an audience member sitting near him making the moment so much better

-Marya’s “you will not enter my house scoundrel” was so utterly perfect and her vibrato on it was perfect

-During ‘In My House’ Marya had this very calm heir that was so much more intimidating than her just yelling at Natasha

-Watching Natasha block out Marya as she talked was probably the most heartbreaking moment in the entire show

-The way that Natasha curls into herself was such a poignant sight

-’A Call to Pierre’ was utterly perfect and it was so amazing to see the two original actors in their roles

-During ‘Find Anatole’ all of the actors hit their stride acting wise and seeing them up there in that song was the best moment in the whole show

-It was so interesting to see how Helene was actually a caring sister and that she genuinely was a good sister who loves her brother and wants the best for him

-In ‘Pierre and Anatole’ Pierre seemed so mad that it truly did seem like he was about to smash Anatole’s head in

-At “Amuse yourself with women like my wife, well then you’re within your right.” the whole theatre collectively gasped at the pure savageness of that line

-Pierre throwing the bag at Anatole was also super savage

-Denee’s scream was probably the scariest part of the whole show

-” Saint Peterbuuurg” was so perfect and lasted for about 20 seconds which I did not think was possible before, so good job Lucas Steele

-’Natasha Very Ill’ and ‘Pierre and Andrey’ were both great

-Helene, along with most of the cast was crying until the end

-During ‘Natasha and Pierre’ Natasha was given a wig that did not look very good but that is understandable since it was such a quick change

-The delivery of Pierre’s line during the song was utter perfection

-When She touched Pierre’s face I think the entire theatre had the wind knocked out of them

-One amazing thing that happened during the show was that there was one woman who right next to me in the stairwell that had one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard

-At the moment that Pierre stepped onto the street the room suddenly became much cooler

-The vocals to the last song were just perfect

-During the song the lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling started slightly moving up and down fully making it look like a night sky against the darkness

-The Great Comet was absolutely beautiful

Overall this was probably the best theatre experience of my entire life, it was beautiful and amazing and every moment brought you away from the harsh realities of our world and filled the audience’s heads with the stories of love and loss. if you are in the city while this show is still open I highly suggest you see it. it was beautiful and transcendent 10/10 stars.


Title: Bully

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader

Word Count: 4.8K

Genre:  Angst(?), Fluff

Warning(s): bullying, cussing

Originally posted by leelchan

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A Christmas Miracle part two

A little festive fun with Negan

Negan x wife number 6 (reader - Y/N)

4100 words

Warnings - Negan language, smutty goodness, sexy aesthetic NSFW

Catch up with the first part A Christmas Miracle part one

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anonymous asked:

If you could be a perfume which would you be?

What a lovely question! There are a few:

Gardénia pétale (Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Gardenia) – secrets, pleated skirts, Sylvia Plath’s poems, hidden gardens.

Daisy Eau So Fresh (Grapefruit, Pear, Violet, Wild Rose, Apple Blossom, Musks) – climbing a cherry tree, white cotton dresses, “The trees like lungs filling with air / My sister, the mean one, pulling my hair”.

Miss Dior Flower Bouquet (Sicilian Orange Essence, Pink Peony, Damascus Rose, White Musks) – white silk, the months May and June, pressing flowers, braiding my hair.

Miss Dior Le Parfum (Damascus Rose Absolute, Patchouli, Amber) – pure Paris, a signature scent. Empty museums, smooth Rodin statues, Le Dîner en Blanc, compliments from strangers, Sainte-Chapelle, singing Françoise Hardy by the Seine.

La Petite Robe Noire (Black cherry, Almond, Bergamot, Tonka Bean) – rosy cheeks, pointe shoes, cold hands, Tchaikovsky and silver tears.

Shalimar (Bergamot, Powder, Iris, Vanilla, Amber) – orchestra tuning, Teatro alla Scala, Serge’s voice, blue velvet dresses and pirouettes, sighs, wandering in Paris at 2am.

let’s talk about amber liu

because literally she is the sweetest human being ever

i mean just look at her 

in this video, they were doing a hidden camera where eric pretended that his friend was in the hospital and in dire need of a blood transplant but amber has no idea what’s happening

eric asks to pause the interview since he needs to go to the hospital to see his “friend” who had gotten into an “accident”

eric then asks if anyone in the room has the blood type b since he is aware that amber herself is a type b

amber immediately offers to donate her blood despite not even knowing who eric’s “friend” is 

amber asks for permission to leave the interview to go to the hospital to help eric’s friend, but as planned, the manager says “no”

you can tell that amber is genuinely upset about not being able to go because she believes that eric’s friend is really in danger and she really wants to help

then eric plays a song that basically is telling amber that this whole thing was a prank all along and that no one is actually hurt

despite having been genuinely scared about the situation, amber laughs it off and finds the prank funny and she doesn’t get upset or angry at all and that’s why amber is a great person. she had been willing to help someone she did not even know without even the slightest hint of hesitation and i think that makes her absolutely beautiful

anonymous asked:

what would you think if amber and marty got together 😂 ik quite a weird pairing but they both have lowkey savage personalities so it'd be pretty badass 🙌🏻

Never really thought about it tbh?? Just tried to imagine it but honestly Amber is extremely toxic, manipulative and abusive and I don’t want her to be with anyone in the near future if she isn’t gonna change. I’m glad Jonah dropped her lmao. Plus I love Buffy and Marty together like dude I love them even more than Jyrus and Jyrus is the fuckin brand™ I’m using soooooooo. (Plus plus there has been no interactions between them so far so I have no idea how their chemistry would be)

Just got back from the most phenomenal evening seeing Amber Riley absolutely raise the damn roof with her incredible voice as Effie White in Dreamgirls. She was cheered from the moment she walked on stage, and you could sense how much everyone wanted to see her rock this role. Which she did. She has so much incredible depth, warmth and melody to her powerhouse soulful voice it’s hard to put into words. There was a grand total of four standing ovations after her songs, with people gasping (I literally heard the guys behind me shout holy shit!) after her Act 1 performance of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going. So much emotion, pain, love, ambition and heart in that song. I was crying because she rocked me so much with her acting throughout. Her comedic timing, her huge stage presence, and her emotional roller coaster ride just blew us all away. Plus the rest of the cast are all incredible as well, the Dreams in all their glitz, glamour and glory. Liisi as Deena, with her heartbreaking solo and beautiful duets taking us all on a journey. Ibinabo as Lorrell with her wants and hopes and dreams and hilarious delivery. Joe Aaron Reid as Curtis, who is charm and scum and petty crook ambition, who you cheer for in his failures. Adam J Bernard and his amazing Jimmy Early (got soul!)

Thank you also to my seat buddies, I went all by myself and you guys were super kind (enjoy your LA trip!) and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. In fact the entire theatre were so warm, engaged and excited - made the whole experience feel like everyone was in that room rooting and cheering for everyone on stage. (Which they were!)

If you’re in London, please please check it out. Amber is finally centre stage where she belongs and I am telling you, she is going to scoop up those awards and five star reviews. It was worth the year long wait and then some, an incredible show from start to end.