absolutely adore these two

I just love yoonmin so much man!!!!! I feel like I have to keep reiterating it but I honestly could not care less about romance and shipping most of the time!!! I adore their dynamic, they’re two of my absolute favourite people on the planet and they look out for each other, they reassure each other, they laugh together and cry together, share such beautiful moments, and care SO DEEPLY about the others’ well-being. It’s so obvious that they get each other on a really special level and I’m just so glad they can be that person for each other. Gosh. I adore them.

I just witnessed this short film called ZERO

About a little guy who is ridiculed by society for an aspect he can’t control (SOUND FAMILIAR?) 

Never the less, he’s optimistic and helps those in need. 

The ending is absolutely adorable. What do you get when you add two zero’s together?

Just watch it


Make me choose: Joss Carter or Sam Carter

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I… I’m sick! That’s why I told you to take your medications properly. You don’t listen to what the police say and don’t listen to the doctors, either. That’s not it.

I just finished volunteering for Vesak day at a temple!! ;o

aka I can’t feel my feet-

Usually, when you go to the temples during Vesak day, they’ll give you these little multicolored bracelets that’s composed of colors to represent the flag and it acts as a token of blessing- 

I stood there the whole day giving out and helping people tie the bracelets - I had to tie it on little kids too so it made me think of @futagogo lil Mouse and Rick <3

Slight Changes || Park Jimin

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Word Count: 1.9k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

“You can’t be serious Y/N, it wasn’t even my fault.” You ignored Jimin’s voice as you stormed away from him and walked into the kitchen. The only thing you wanted to do right now was get away from him, but it seemed that no matter how far you got from him he would just appear right behind you again.

“Yes, Jimin, I am serious. What would make you think otherwise?” Your tone was bitter, anger flooding through you and exiting in the form of words. There was no other way for you to release it so you just had to deal with trying your best to stay calm and not completely flip out on your boyfriend. Jimin sighed loudly before speaking again, causing you to turn around and look at him.

“She was just a fan, fan’s get close. It’s not my fault.” He argued. You rolled your eyes, feeling more anger rise at the fact that he was trying to defend himself over this. The picture had been all over twitter and it seemed that ARMY’s were going crazy over it. They had been tweeting it at you, waiting for some kind of reaction, but you held back until the moment he got home and you could confront him about it.

“It’s your fault that you didn’t try to ask her to move, and it’s your fault that you didn’t mention me, you know, your girlfriend.” You said.

“God you always get like this.” Jimin’s tone surprised you, and you couldn’t help but feel a little taken aback by his words. There wasn’t anything about it that was very different, just a slight undertone of frustration that you weren’t used to. Jimin was always calm with you, even now while you were practically yelling at you he was keeping his normal tone.

“What do you mean I always get like this?” You asked.

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10 AUs

1. “We have the same favorite book, and we always check it out from the library. We’ve never met, but the librarians are starting to ship us, and are coming up with ridiculous excuses for us to meet.”

2. “My dog absolutely adores you, and you absolutely adore my dog. Whenever we see each other, the two of you play for a good half-hour, at least. That’s great and all, but what’s your name?”

3. “I was planning on proposing to the person I was dating, but then, I found out they were cheating on me. They don’t know I know, and you suggest I go ahead and go through with it, with a slight twist: I propose to YOU, instead.”

4. “We’re both shopping for the same obscure item. This is the fifth store I’ve seen you at… Want to join forces?”

5. “I’m an actor, and part of my costume is a wedding ring, but I totally forgot I was wearing it. Now you’re yelling at me for flirting with you, and I have no clue how to get a word in edgewise to explain.”

6. “There’s only one bag of my favorite candy left, and you’re about to put it in your cart. Please don’t, seriously. I’ve had an awful week, and I need my candy fix.”

7. “I’ve never actually met the person my sibling is going to marry, but you’re always there at the wedding planning, so I just assumed it was you. But now you’re asking me out? And you’re actually the future spouse’s best friend? Oh, wow, I was not expecting that.”

8. “If you hug me, I will stab you-Oh, my gosh. You aren’t my best friend, you’re a stranger, and you look slightly terrified of me now. Please don’t call the police, I’m not actually going to stab anyone.”

9. “I passed out in a public place, and you sat with me for several hours to make sure no one harassed me? That is both sweet and strange.”

10. “We’re neighbors, and you always hear me screaming about my cooking disasters, and swoop in to save me. I probably should start paying you, honestly.”


|| otp: // jessica pearson & jeff malone || “so if you don’t want me to come to Chicago with you, i won’t. but i’m walking away no matter what.” “then walk away with me.” 

On a much less serious and more upbeat note than the last book, I present to you:

The Pants Project by Cat Clarke

Liv is a young boy who has just started middle school. He has two moms and a younger brother, and he loves them both dearly. What he doesn’t love, however? The fact that his new middle school has a uniform. And the girls have to wear skirts.

Because, you see, Liv is a closeted trans boy - and he very, very much does NOT want to wear a skirt.

Thus begins Liv’s campaign, joined by new friends, to let anyone at this school wear pants if they want to! It’s an absolutely adorable book. Liv’s two moms are great, and the book nicely deals with the homophobia he faces for having them, there’s a fantastic side cast (included a disabled character! but sssh spoilers) and quite frankly this book was a JOY.

I read it all in less than one hour in the park, and I absolutely adored it. A must read for anyone seeking novels abt trans characters, especially trans boys, bc Liv is an absolute gem.

This was a really nice book, and I absolutely recommend it.

basketball player!jungkook

author’s note: this is part of a sports series with my girl @wangpuppo (: and a request from one of my cute anonies that i miss. also, the bit with meeting a cute boy in philosophy happened irl and inspired this so heh enjoy!

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  • meet jeon jungkook, power forward of seoul university and computer science major extraordinaire
  • you would think from the size of his thighs and his arms that he was a hockey player but he assures anyone that it’s really just a hobby for him and that basketball actually has his heart
  • his mom is actually the reason how he got acquainted with the sport bc a little before he was born, she was actually a college player with a semi-pro spot ready for her until she met his dad who was actually the waterboy
  • they shyly flirted with one another until some of her teammates locked them in a supply room closet together bc it was so unbearable for everyone else to deal with their feelings (lol) so by the time they were out of the closet they were together and happily so
  • however, come around their final year in college when things go kinda wrong and she ends up pregnant with baby jeon and of course they’re ecstatic but holy shit they haven’t even graduated yet and they’re gonna have a baby and well…. she didn’t go onto the semi-pro team and jeon’s dad did his best to work hard for them while she finished getting her degree WHILE nursing jungkook for 9 months
  • to say the least mama and papa jeon managed to get through the whole ordeal with degrees
  • by the time they graduated, baby jungkook was born and he became the light of their lives and despite their initial struggles they did their best to provide the family and make it as comfortable as they could for him because dammit they brought him into this world, they wanted to make him live well too
  • the comfort of their lives came the moment papa jeon scored a position as a nutritionist and mama jeon became a physical therapist so that’s how jungkook got acquainted with the world of fitness and finding interest in the way his parents could take care of people
  • however, the moment he fell in love with basketball was when he saw his mom’s basketball tapes. all the glorious videos of her scoring that winning shot and zooming around the court with such swiftness and agility he damn near got whiplash from trying to keep up
  • and from that moment on, he wanted to play too
  • of course, his parents were very ecstatic about that and enrolled him in a community team and he excelled so damn quickly
  • for the next nineteen years of his life, he played basketball and loved every damn second of it and along the way he found an interest in computers too. (let’s just say he read a few books that his high school computer teacher gave him and he was determined to take apart a computer and put it back together - he succeeded) and so that is why he has a full ride to SU with a basketball scholarship as a compsci major
  •  anywho, seeing jungkook on the court is honestly a sight because you would expect him to be stomping around, too slow for the muscle all over his body, but jfc no he is so goddamn quick and agile. he could be on one side of the court and somehow end up right in front of the opposing member to block for his teammate to make that shot
  • he’s a great team player really, not much for the glory and usually to himself, but on a handful of occasions he’ll surprise even his members with a half-court shot
  • he doesn’t care much for the glory of the winning shot, just the feeling that basketball gives him when he’s on the court, gaining callouses from the ball, and running around until he can’t seem to feel his calves and god the happiness on his parents’ face always gets to him
  • so yeah, that’s jungkook as a basketball player - a really sweet and hardworking boy who loves to make his parents happy and to make his teammates happy too
  • remember how i mentioned how he’s a compsci major?
  • well, you’re actually a compsci minor because you find computers really fascinating and cool and unfortunately quite a few others do too so it leaves you two at a disadvantage as first years compared to the upperclassmen so you’re both resorted to taking these random General Education (GE) classes i.e intro to philosophy
  • it’s hard not to notice jungkook that’s for sure, especially when he’s lugging around his sports bag and when he’s cute as all hell in your honest opinion
  • you once told this to your friends and they never let you down about it either. honestly they’d tell you when he’d walk in or try and get you to sit by him but the closest you’ve ever gotten was probably sitting one person away and that was on the final exam day
  • on a few occasions you two would actually inadvertently glance at one another during your discussion (dear god none of your friends let you live, best believe that) but you were always too shy to approach him and he was actually quite shy himself because let’s face it baby boy is a shy nugget who only knows basketball and comp sci and some philosophy (barely tho lol but it’s okay cuz you knew the bare minimum too)
  • anyway, that quarter you didn’t get to know him as you wished and both of you ended up regretting that because damn y’all thought each other was cute. for him it was especially seeing you laugh with your friends and for you it was that little perplexed expression on his face when the professor would mention soundness and the theories about the concepts and dshgjds yeah you really wished you had taken that chance to tell him he was cute on the last day like you initially planned but was too chicken to do
  • but guess what?
  • the next quarter you see him in your intro to computers class and somehow you two end up seated by one another and although there’s no seating chart, it just becomes a thing that this is that person’s seat the moment they sit there more than twice and so you both are seated not too far from one another
  • your hair is a slight mess and your eyes are puffy while you sip your coffee and he looks fairly content albeit sleepy with his hood drawn up and you both don’t even realize it’s each other until hour two of the lab goes by
  • you’re both starting to wake up and looking around at each other cuz people are shuffling around and some are moving closer toward one another and then it strikes you that the kid with slightly ruffled hair is very familiar and then it hits you and you’re just like “wow ok holy shit cute person from that philosophy class!!!!”
  • but this isn’t enough to get you two to start talking to each other
  • that self-established seating chart has already set in notion and so there’s no honest chance in getting to know him from that and so you kinda give up because you’re very sure he probably doesn’t remember you and dammit your TA is standing over your shoulder staring at your codes with narrowed eyes (rip you but he was just playin’ cuz he liked what you had)
  • this whole exchange isn’t to say you both never talk because on this chance encounter of finding out why he lugs that damn nike bag around all the time comes full circle
  • so you do work at the infirmary, usually filing papers and the like since it’s sort of the track for your major and on a particular day comes in jungkook!
  • he looks like he’s in a lot of pain clutching his shoulder and the nurse gets him to do the necessary papers and shovels him off to the doctor who tells him that he has a pretty bad fracture and he won’t be able to play for the rest of the season (at least that’s what they think)
  • reason: some asshole from one of the other teams hit him a little too hard after one too many unnecessary roughness calls and on this blow jungkook fell a little too hard and too awkward for it to just be another minor bruise and yeah :(
  • he’s pretty devastated about this and he has to go through a bunch of testing and whatnot and as an assistant you usually run around making copies until you have to hand off some paperwork for him to fill out
  • prior to this, you noticed how most of his appointments took up his time during the labs and the lectures so you nicely set a copy of your notes with his, adding in things you figured he might need to know from the lecture since he was unable to attend and the moment he receives the large stack his eyes grow wide
  • and you’re like “oh so i remember you from my comp sci class and i figured you might these notes… -oh and those are just basic info that the doctor wanted you to sign off on and the like”
  • he blinks at you, still pretty surprised at your kindness (and totally not freaking out that such a cute person is chatting from him aka the same one he’s wanted to talk to for a while) but he flashes you a small smile (and omg you love it so much) and thanks you
  • coincidentally most of your volunteer shifts are during his appointments and whatnot so you talk every now and then, usually about the notes and eventually about your majors
  • the doctors and the nurses think it’s absolutely adorable so sometimes they let you two chat a little longer than usual just for young love to bloom <3
  • this exchange goes on from some time until he finds the guts to ask for your number when you hand him the large stack of notes in this rushed blurting of words i.e. “soumiwaswonderingificould-maybe-getyournumber??”
  • you: “wait what”
  • he looks down, cheeks quite pink, “can i -um- get your number? since y’know we have comp sci together so it’d be easier to like study for exams and talk about it and stuff…. yeah….”
  • you grin and nod, scribbling it onto one of the notes and the two of you can’t deny the butterflies and erratically beating hearts y’all have going on
  • you both see each other during his check-ups but he’s healing quite quickly thanks to having such strong bones so he may not be out for the rest of the season like they thought thankfully and so when he’s fine and his check-ups are less and less
  • so along the way, you two end up talking day by day even sitting by one another in your comp lecture because you’re semi-friends now and it’s just nice to have someone you know in that class since none of your other friends were interested in comp sci like you so nowadays you’ll text one another about the class and how your days are and those little butterflies emerge whenever you wait for his text or receive a response and you’re just like “dsjghsdjgshdgs”
  • little do you know he’s honestly the same exact way and his roommates jimin and taehyung are always like “???? WHO DAT? :D” and jungkook’s like “lol gtfo bye”
  • anyway, one day you text him about the upcoming final bc you’ll be damned if you miss out on your chance to actually ask his kid out and studying together and he agrees but it’d have to be after his practice and you ask him about his shoulder and if he’ll be good to play at championships
  • and he’s like “oh yah!”
  • and you’re like “o: woah, can i come watch? i haven’t gone to a game and i wanna see you play. prolly treat ya out if you win”
  • and ok, at first he’s a lil’ shy but he says “ok sure, just say you’re with me at the door” and you do and jin (the RA)’s at the entrance like “O: WHAT MY FLOOR CHILD HAS A GIRLFRIEND, THAT PUNK KSJHFJS” but before he can say anything else one of jungkook’s buds urges you to sit by the front and you do until you see jungkook and he looks so nervous, glancing around until his eyes settle on you and he just flashes you a grin and wave which you return as well
  • the game is going by swimmingly and you can’t help but watch jungkook especially because even though he’s the power forward he’s also very conscious of his shoulder which you were extremely worried about until you feel like you can finally breathe when your school wins and you stand with the crowd cheering like crazy
  • out of everyone tho he actually approaches you first with a grin and you’re congratulating him and he feels so elated he really just wants to take you up in his arms and kiss you tbh but he has self control and mercy bc he’s sweating like crazy
  • ngl tho he looks crazy attractive in your opinion
  • anywayy, as you two are talking since you did tell him that you’d buy him food on his win, the rest of the team’s like “yooo kook! party at jackson’s!!!! you in??”
  • and although you’re disappointed you tell him you won’t mind if he goes but he turns to you and says with a grin “nah i got plans already” and jsdkghsjgh the team goes “oOOOOoooooOoooo” but y’all ignore them and he goes “i’ll be back ok? gonna get cleaned up and we can get food?”
  • so you’re content to wait by the locker room for him, grinning af bc holy shit the cute boy you really wanted to get to know last quarter is going to dinner with you!!!!!
  • meanwhile jungkook’s so nervous and stuff cuz he plans on confessing and stuff since it just seems right and his teammates clap him on the back like “yo you got this bro!!!!!!! goood luck tho jin definitely sent him some salty messages and warnings to be safe ahahaha
  • and ok so y’all go to dinner at this nice ramen shop and it’s really great! and you two are laughing your asses off about how this one time oneo f his roomates taehyung got stuck in between the washing machines because he was so certain he could fit and how they had to call the fire department to get the boy loose and yeah ahaha
  • and he’s just in awe with how damn beautiful you look when your laughing and he just blurts out “you have a really nice laugh” when you ask him why he’s staring and you’re like “o: oh thank you…. you do too”
  • and he says “i wanna hear you laugh more and be the reason why you do….” he lets out a deep sigh, appearing a lot more nervous than before, “i like you a lot. i think you’re incredibly cute and i love that you love compsci as much as i do and talking to you these past few weeks have made me happy and god i really wanted to kiss you after the game but i didn’t want to scare you and i feel like this is a lot less eloquent than in my head so i’m sorry”
  • and you’re just in awe because damn you really planned on confessing first but you can’t deny the smile spreading on your face and you tell him “kook, i like you too. and i’d really like it if you kissed me, by the way”
  • and he’s all wide eyed but he grins and after y’all eat and you’re strolling around the city with his arm draped over your shoulders, you guys stop at the top where it overlooks the city lights and on a particular moment when you both are still and quiet and glancing at one another you lean in and do it
  • and it leads to a shocked expression on his face but he lets go of your shoulders and puts his hands on either side of your face and kisses you again
  • and ahh it’s just so damn sweet and neither of you can stop grinning because damn it really worked out as you both hoped
  • dating jungkook entails a lot of visits to his practices after you’re done with volunteering where you’ll come by with ice packs and water and snacks and usually you’ll bring enough snacks for the others who absolutely adore you for that
  • you also have a tendency to fuss over him whenever he overexerts himself because he’s a very big overachiever in sports and academics and sometimes you gotta threaten to withdraw your kisses and affections just to get him to settle down honestly
  • his roommates were so happy to hear how things turned out for you two and they go out of their way to tease him whenever you’re around and dear god Jin
  • well when he found out you two got together, he saw y’all holding hands and he literally sat you both in the lounge, brought out some snacks and just chatted with you
  • to jungkook, this was horrendous but you loved chatting with jin because he’d lay out a bunch of things about kook like how he isn’t the cleanliest and you shouldn’t be surprised to find anything and everything under his bed and how there was one time when jungkook spent an hour googling how to work the washer and dryer were right by the bulletin board in the room and that’s when kook lost it and dragged you away
  • it was then decided that jin approved of you tho
  • bc after the season when everyone is still training after, jungkook’s shoulder was bothering him and he refused to admit that he might’ve overexerted it and you stormed over to the dorm and scolded him for not taking proper care of himself before running around just to grab some ice packs and just a mini kit of dealing with this brat and jin just knew that you’d take care of this kid so he leaves y’all be and even closes the door to the dorm tho you pay no attention as kook starts opening up to you
  • even on days when he feels his worst like he feels like everyone depends on him and he’s not sure if his abilities are good enough since his shoulder’s constantly bothering him and all you think to do is give him words of advice and kissing him to let him know that he isn’t alone
  • because although you count on him, you want to be there to support him and well…. jimin and taehyung aren’t in the room and with the ice pack on his shoulder, you climb atop the bed, sitting on his lap and kissing him with more and more fervor that he reciprocates
  • you convince him to let you take care of him and you do indeed~
  • the one day he actually loses a game (bc hey no ones perfect) and you’re there doing your best to comfort him he just tells you how much he loves you and is grateful for you being there
  • and holy shit this is the first he’s told you this, you tell him you love him too and god he looks significantly happier
  • on days when you’re at your worst, he tries his best to get your mind of it, taking you on walks to your favorite places and carrying you when you’re too tired
  • other days he’ll even forgo practice, finding the frog leaps on the stairs worth it, when he can pick you up after your volunteer shift just to surprise you with snacks and a semi-well made bento box and boba and it’s just so damn sweet ok
  • you and jungkook manage to complement one another in the best way possible and when you’re both overexerting yourselves you’re there for one another to tell each other to chill
  • to say the least, both of y’all have never been more grateful for a philosophy class even if you both suffered incessantly in that damn class
Henry's Unfortunate Ink-antation Part 3

[submitted by: @the-elusive-blue-skittle]

About twenty minutes later, after Henry has been put back down to nap, two certain toons peek through the doorway to check on their sickly buddy.

“What am I gonna do, Boris? This was all my fault..”
“You were just tryin’ to have fun, Bendy. It’s not your fault. If it’s ANYONE’S fault, it’d be Sammy.”
“Joey said he’d ‘talk’ to Sammy. I don’t think he’s gonna listen, though..”
“Joey has his ways, pal’o’mine. Don’t worry.”

Bendy peeks at the sleeping Henry. 

“Maybe we should come back when he’s awake. He looks pretty peaceful right now.”

Bendy blinks a couple times as a mischievous grin creeps its way onto his face. 

“I’ve got an idea for one more gag.”


Joey knocks on Sammy’s door. The shorter man answers it, removing the cigarette from between his teeth and scowling.

“What is it, Joey?”
“Oh, not much, Sammy. I’d just like to have a word with you.”

Sammy does NOT like that tone of voice coming from Joey. That could never mean anything good.

Joey leans in close to Sammy’s face, taking the cigarette out of his co-worker’s mouth and snubbing it out on the wall.

“I heard you almost cost Henry his life today.”
“W-Well… Him and the others came along and trashed the entire music department!”
That’s no reason to stand around and make fun of a predicament Henry had no control over, Lawrence.

Sammy backs against the wall of his office, glancing left and right in fear.

“You’d best listen to what I have to say,” Joey starts. “If you keep this up, I’ll show you personally what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. Am I making myself clear?

Sammy gulps. “Y-Yes, sir. Crystal clear….”

“Now. Go apologize. Now.”
“Y-Yes, sir…”


Wally is visibly upset at having to clean up scattered puddles of… Henry. He sticks out his tongue as he polishes the now sparkling-clean floor. He’d been informed by Joey of Henry’s predicament and was warned about excessive toon shenanigans beforehand. Wally just hopes it isn’t contagious, or else he’d be outta there. The young man wipes his brow and leans on his mop, whistling at a job well done.

Across the room, the phone on the wall rings. Being the only one there to answer it, Wally struts over to ask, “Yellow?”

… And is immediately met with loud yelling.


“Uh, m-ma’am…”

“DO YOU JUST NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR EMPLOYEES OR- Oh. This isn’t Joey Drew, is it?”

“ ‘Fraid not, miss. Dianne, was it?”

“Yes. Do you know where Henry is?”

“Uh, well… There’s been a bit of a… Situation.


“Joey says I’m not allowed to-”

CLUNK. She hung up. Uh-oh.


Soon enough, there’s pounding on the front door of the studio. 

“I’m busy. Can you go answer it, Wally?”

“W-Well, Joey, I-”

Can you go answer it, Wally?

Gulp. “Yeah..”

As soon as the janitor opens the door, he’s immediately met with Henry’s angry wife. Wally shrinks back a little as Dianne pushes her way inside, stopping at Joey’s office.

Mister Joey Drew?”

Joey turns around to face Dianne, standing up out of his chair with a small smile. 

“Well, salutations, Dianne. What can I do for you?”

“Where’s Henry?”

“Ah, uh… It’s a bit hard to explain, really.”

Dianne taps her foot, placing her hands on her hips as she stares intensely at the old man. In the background, one of the toons peeks from around the corner. They’re mostly covered up in a red blanket, and the shadow from the cloth is obscuring the majority of their face. Dianne tilts her head at the unidentified cartoon. They seem to panic and duck back behind the wall.

The woman pushes past Joey and walks toward the hallway to investigate. She turns the corner just as the little toon removes the blanket, not knowing she’s close behind.

“… Henry?!”

Uh-oh. The toon, having been revealed to be just who Dianne is speaking of, makes an attempt to run away, but scutters in place for a second or two before he’s scooped up by the under arms and held out at arm’s length.

“U-Uhh,” Henry stammers, beginning to get a little runny. “H-Hello, honeybun…”

Dianne looks… Terribly confused.

“What happened to you, Hen?”

“Well, uh… Ink. Ink happened.”

“What’s that supposed to mean,” Dianne asks with a stern sort of tone, setting Henry back down on the floor and kneeling to his level. ‘Gee, he sure got tiny…

Henry rubs the back of his head with a gloved hand, glancing off to the side. He still feels a little woozy from losing so much ink. He stumbles dizzily, holding his head in a hand.

“Ooh, golly… I’m dizzy…”

Dianne can’t help but smile at the word ‘golly’ coming out of her husband’s mouth. She sits on the floor and drags her toony husband down, too. “Don’t stand up if it makes you dizzy, hun.”


Sitting down on the floor across from Dianne, Henry can’t help but feel embarrassed at the way his wife is forced to look DOWN at him. She begins to inspect him closer, pinching his cheeks, brushing his hair, tugging at his clothes, and the like.

“Did you get… Heavier?”

The question causes Henry to get ‘red’ in the face.

“Why would you ask a question like that?!”

“Well, did you?”


… She pokes his tummy, prompting a squeak from the toon, like a squeaky toy. He gets even ‘redder’ as he protects the area with his noodly arms. Dianne giggles at the sound he produced.

“Okay, I have to admit… That was pretty cute.”

‘Such a cute little expressive voice…’

God, Henry loves her smile. He loves every little thing about her, from the way she does her hair to the way she walks, or the way she giggles at things that aren’t even that funny. Although, being a toon and having made someone laugh, he has to admit… It feels pretty good. A tingly feeling in his chest whenever he has the pleasure to bring someone a giggle, chuckle, or snort.

“Helloooo? Is Henry in there?”

Dianne’s voice snaps Henry out of his joyful trance. He coughs and tugs on his shirt collar, looking away with a nervous smile.

“Y-Yes, pumpkin?”

“Can you still eat regular food like that?”

Now that’s a question Henry doesn’t have the answer to. He meekly shrugs, crossing his legs with some difficulty due to their elasticity.

Dianne tilts her head curiously. “So, what’s that like? You sure are… Tiny, now.”

The toon grumbles under his breath, crossing his arms with a pout. “Well… It feels… Funny. Literally. Anything that happens has the potential to end up being funny, and I end up looking for the best possible way to make that happen. And I… I really, REALLY want to run around and cause trouble, REALLY badly, but I know I shouldn’t…”

Henry sighs. “And… I feel really energetic, like my heart’s going a million miles a minute.”

That’s right. The whole time he’s been here with Dianne, not one part of him has stopped moving, going from jiggling his legs to drumming his fingers to even just idly teetering in place.

“I need to get the energy out, but after last time I tried anything and, well… MELTED… I’m kind of scared..”

“Waitwaitwait. You WHAT?”

“Uh… M-Melted?”

Dianne suddenly gives her tiny husband a hefty squeeze, enough for Henry to produce another dog toy-like squeak.

“Don’t you dare scare me like that! Be more careful, okay, pookie?”

“Okay, sweetums…”

Dianne gives her little husband a kiss on the cheek. Henry’s eyes go all lovey-dovey as… Little hearts pop out of his head. He gives a lovesick sigh, clasping his hands in front of his chest. The woman curiously pokes one of the toon hearts floating around her husband’s head, causing it to pop with a small amount of glitter raining down, disappearing just before it hits the floor. Another inky heart takes the popped one’s place.

And the woman thinks it’s absolutely precious.

She scoops Henry up in her lap and kisses all over his face, the spots graced with kisses becoming lipstick stains on the toon’s face. He reacts by going fully limp in her arms as his heart quite literally beats out of his chest, showing through his shirt. How goofy. She smirks playfully as she gives one final, long kiss on his lips.

Or lack thereof.


Henry giggles in a dazed manner, with a big, happy grin plastered upon his face. “Well, golly gosh, missus…” He rubs his cheek with a gloved hand. “I feel much better, now…”

“Good,” Dianne replies, giving Henry’s tummy a small tickle, enjoying the lighthearted giggling that ensues.

What is that feeling? Henry’s certainly felt it before, but it’s been so long and so numb that he could hardly tell the difference. The toon tries to get his human wife to stop drumming her fingers on his belly, but he can’t muster up the strength to verbalize his request, only letting out snorts and giggles. The only thing he can do is gently push her hands away with his own.

Dianne takes one of Henry’s hands and studies it carefully. “… So, is having four fingers the same as having five?”

“Gee, I dunno. You tell me,” Henry replies, smirking as he rubs the last of the lipstick stains off his face.

“Well, does it feel funny?”

“Mhm. Picking things up is… Hard. I keep dropping stuff by accident.”

“Can you take the gloves off?”

“Well, the gloves are so that when animating a character, you can always tell where the hands are so they don’t get lost in the body. I could take them off, but I think I’d have to have some sort of gag set up, first. Otherwise…”

Henry tries to pull the glove off, ending in him just pulling at his own fingers uselessly. “Nothing happens.”

“… Weird.” Dianne puts a finger to her chin. “You’re awful fidgety, Hen. Are you bored or something?”

Henry meekly nods, not wanting to admit that he’s bored out of his little toony mind. He’s NEVER bored. He always manages to find things to do, but now that there’s not much he can do without screwing it up in some comical fashion, he’s forced to just sit and watch other people do their own jobs. He sighs, plopping his head in a hand.

“Well,” Dianne starts. “I think it’d be fun to watch you run and play with the other toons if it makes you happy!”

It’s embarrassing how being active keeps being brought up as ‘playing’, even though everybody who says it is technically right. Henry looks up at his beloved with wide, excited eyes, the more toony side of his personality coming out of its shell.

“Really? You.. You mean it?”


Henry gets excited and hops up to his feet, bouncing in place with a huge smile. “Well, what am I waiting for? Watch and learn, toots!”

Dianne snickers. He’s never called her ‘toots’ before. If this isn’t just the most adorable thing… Though, she’d still prefer the normal, human Henry anytime.

The toon gives his human wife a biiiig kiss before zipping off to find his friends to cause some trouble.

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