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Any otp prompts? I'm trying to get two characters to fall in love, but I don't want it to happen immediately. And they just met and are trying to get to know each other more. Appreciate the help!

I don’t know what the specific situation is here, so I’m going with the classics. :)

1. “Hey, it’s getting late… Do you want to grab dinner so that we can keep talking?”

2. “I should probably have your number. In case of an emergency or something, I mean.”

3. “You haven’t seen the Wizard of Oz? You absolutely have to come over and watch it with me.” (Any movie can substitute.)

4. “Are you asking me out?” 

“I mean… Is that okay? I’d just like to get to know you better.”

5. “Tell me something about yourself. Anything. First pet?”

I hope these help! :)


dp/30: so you wanna do a musical?

jr: you know what? actually i would, i totally would, i came from music before i was an actor … the first play that i did i was 19 i was the scarecrow in the wizard of oz. absolute blast … it was a lotta, lotta fun, i mean i really dug that.

dp/30: so do you dance too?

jr: yeah but i wouldn’t call myself a dancer. i mean i can move but i’d never say like ‘oh yeah i can dance’ 

In the Hands of Evil

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                                           In the Hands of Evil


heyy, can you do a dean X reader where she’s his wife and she’s 6 months pregnant and it’s where demon Dean is loose in the bunker and he finds her and nearly kill her but Sam finds them just in time and when dean’s cured he feels terrible and doesn’t touch her in case he hurts her, and when she gives birth she’s really weak (like critical) and Dean snaps out of it and takes care of her and the baby xx

Authors Note: Ok, So I will admit now, At the time of writing, I haven’t seen season 10 yet (Hides head in shame) I was waiting for it to come on DVD and between hubby’s work and life we haven’t sat down to watch it. But I am starting tonight. So I’m basing this on screen shots and other fics I’ve read. UPDATE: I’ve seen the first disc (I think) WOOHOO!



‘Y/N! Come on Sweetheart I just want to play.

Y/N kept running, as well as she could. Her swollen belly slowing her down quite a bit. It was the lesser of two evils, run and risk falling over and hurting their baby or get caught by the monster chasing her.

‘Y/N!’ Dean called again, the smirk never leaving his face.

  He spun the hammer in her hands.

  ‘Imagine what I could be doing to help you right now. I could flatten that gut of yours out. Help you meet back up with your parents, although I expect you will be heading south dear.’

Y/N snuck into the garage and went and hid in one of the cars. She clamped her hand over her mouth to try and stop the screams from exiting. She felt her whole body shaking. Her stomach churned and she didn’t know if it was morning sickness or fear. She was regretting her decision to stay. Sam had suggested she leave when the test came back positive, out of fear of what the mark might do. But not wanting to leave her husband she stayed. Up until he turned, Dean was the most loving husband and Father to be. He had been so excited about this baby. Now he was a demon and wanting to kill her and their child. She knew it wasn’t him, that it was the demon’s doing. All she could do was pray that Dean fought him off enough to keep her alive.

She wondered where Sam was, they two had been separated. Sam told Y/N to run and hide while he distracted Dean. But now Dean was hunting her and she had no idea where her brother in law was.

Her bump gave a kick, and a fresh batch of tears fell down her face. She had to get out of this bunker. She had to save their kid at all costs.

The scream left her throat the second Dean grabbed her hair and yanked her out the car.

‘You did well baby. We get to end this where it started. I do believe that we hooked up over there right?’ Dean asked throwing her against the impala.

Y/N threw her arms out to stop the impact hitting her stomach. She felt a shooting pain go through her wrist, she tried to fight back the tears and another scream.

‘So sweetheart, what game should we play? Hide and seek is over. Unless you want to run again? I did tell you when I caught you I would have fun with you.’

Y/N straightened up and looked at the demon. Trying to find every ounce of strength she had.  

‘Well?’ Dean asked.

Y/N glared at him, refusing to talk.

‘You always were good at pissing me off when you wanted to. Well, with everything you did. You do know the only reason I married you is because it meant I didn’t have to search for a root, I could just come home for one. This shit of a thing,’ he said gesturing to her stomach. ‘Was nothing more than an accident. One I’m happy to correct.’

He lunged at her and Y/N hit him with everything she had, causing him to stumble. She took off back towards the bunker, screaming for Cas and Sam. Dean grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, hitting her again and again. He slammed the hammer into her wrist, her legs, her head. Watching with pleasure as the life started to fade from her eyes.  

‘Y/N!’ Sam cried running in, ‘No, no. Dean what have you done?’ he sobbed.

‘Fixed a complication in my life.’

Dean launched at Sam hitting him over and over again, Sam fighting back as hard as he could. All while trying to check on Y/N and the baby. Cas appeared suddenly, grabbing Dean and managing to get him under control ceasing the attack. Once he had contained Dean, Cas looked over at Y/N, her dying crumpled figure on the floor.  

‘Help her,’ Sam sobbed.

‘I can heal the worst of the injuries to her and their son, but I can’t heal them all.’

Sam nodded, as long as she lived. As long as their baby lived. Dean was going to hate himself enough as it was but to have killed his family, that would destroy him.

‘Their son?’

‘Yes. He’s very weak but I can save him.’

‘Do it.’


Y/N woke up in bed, her body sore. Flashes of what happened going through her mind. For the first time since this happened, she prayed Dean was dead. Her hand went to her stomach and was relieved to feel the baby move.  

‘He’s ok,’ Deans voice came from the corner on the far side of the room.

Y/N looked over at him, uncertainty filled her.  

‘I’m me, Cas and Sam, they… the cure worked.’

Y/N took a good look at her husband. He looked like the dead, a man with the weight of the world drowning him. The light that was once in his eyes had died, all she saw was pain, anger, hate, guilt.  


‘Cas told us, he had to…’ Dean’s wiped his face.

The tears hadn’t stopped falling the past few days since the two men had cured him. Since he realised what he did. He looked at his once beautiful wife, the bruises that covered her body, the wrist that was in a splint. He looked down at her swollen stomach, at their son that he had almost killed and all he wanted to do was kill himself. His world was in that bed, his everything had almost died at his hands and nothing he said or did would fix that.

‘Dean,’ she said softly, trying to get up.  

‘Don’t get up, you need to rest. I’ll go. I just wanted to make sure you were ok.’


‘I’m so sorry Y/N,’ he said, his voice breaking.  

‘It wasn’t you. You didn’t do anything,’ she told him, tears forming in her eyes.

‘I could have fought harder to stop him.’

‘Baby, I know you and I know for a fact you would have fought it.’

‘Don’t,’ Dean whispered walking out.

Over the next two to three months despite all efforts from his wife, Dean stayed away. He avoided her at all costs. The times he was close to her, he struggled. All he wanted to do was puller her into his arms, to kiss her, to hold her. But he was so scared he would hurt her, scare her or worse. If she tried to touch him, he pulled back stopping the contact before it happened. The two now slept in separate rooms, Dean having moved into one of the spare rooms. Even sleeping near her petrified him. What if he hurt her in his sleep? He relived the attack constantly, he remembered what it felt like to hold the hammer, the sound of it hitting her. Her screams and sobs begging him to fight. He thought the demon side of him sleeping around was the worst thing he could have done to her. He never expected this.  

‘You need to forgive yourself Dean,’ Sam said quietly after Y/N had gone to bed.

‘You’ve seen her. How could I? God, I almost killed her and the baby,’ Dean told him, picking up the half empty whiskey bottle.

‘It wasn’t you and she knows that. The demon hurt her Dean, now it’s you doing it.’

Dean stood up and walked out, not wanting to hear any more.

By 1am he did what he had done every night for the past 2 and a half months. He walked into Y/N’s room and watched her while she slept. He took in her growing belly, thankful that it was a good sign his son was growing and as healthy as Cas told him he was. Dean crossed the room and sat on the floor next to the bed, he watched Y/N’s chest rise and fall. He brought his hand up several times to touch her belly. God did he want to just feel how big it was. But he was so worried his touch would break her, it had once. Y/N shifted in her sleep and her belly accidently grazed Dean’s hand. He panicked and stiffened, relaxing slightly when she didn’t scream out in pain. The baby however kicked and Dean became so scared he had hurt him that he ran from the room and called Cas to go check on her. He spent the rest of the night sitting on the bed looking at his hands. There was once a time where he loved feeling his son move and kick.

Dean awoke to Sam banging on the door, yelling for him.  

‘Y/N. Baby. Coming,’ he panicked.

Dean ran through the bunker to find Y/N leaning over a chair in the main room rocking from side to side. All he wanted to do was go help her, go rub her back, kiss her head, tell her it’s ok. He stood back unsure of what to do.

Y/N cried out again, grabbing her belly.  

‘She needs you Dean,’ Cas said appearing next to him.

‘No, she needs to be safe. I won’t achieve that.’

‘She needs a hospital,’ Sam said.

Dean handed him the keys to the impala.

‘You’re kidding right? You’re taking your wife yourself.’

‘I can’t Sammy,’ Dean commented, fighting every instinct and urge in his body. He fought back the tears and failed. ‘She needs to be safe and I can’t give her that.’

Sam swore. He didn’t bother arguing, he just bundled Y/N into the impala.

‘Where’s Dean?’ she panicked.

‘He’s not coming.’

Sam stopped trying to put Y/N into the car and just pulled her into a hug while she cried.

They reached the hospital and Sam stayed by her side as she delivered her baby. 9 hours of labour and 30 minutes of pushing, she gave birth to a 51cm long, 6 lb 12 oz, absolutely perfect baby boy.

It was soon after that things went bad.

‘Mrs Winchester, we need to give you another injection of Pitocin, your body’s not clotting the blood properly and your uterus is failing to contract,’ the doctor explained.

Y/N nodded tiredly. She could feel the blood gushing out. They handed her the baby and she held him for a bit before shoving him at Sam and screaming. The cramps she was getting were more painful than the labour itself.

‘Y/N?’ Sam panicked.

‘I can’t take him, I’ll drop- ARGH!’ she doubled over in the bed crying out again.

Sam looked down at the amount of blood on the bed and he felt his face pale.  

‘Mr Winchester you need to leave now. It might be beneficial to find your brother,’ the nurse explained.  

‘What’s going on?’ he panicked.  

‘Y/N has retained placenta and it’s holding her cervix open, it will have to be manually removed and perform a D and C, she’s going to need surgery.’

Sam could hear the doctor yelling for the OR to prepare for surgery.  

‘That’s too much blood,’ Sam gasped watching as it started to drip onto the floor.

The nurse gave a sad nod. ‘She’s haemorrhaging. We will do everything we can.’

‘The baby?’

‘We will put him in the nursery.’

‘No, let me take him while we wait. I’ll get her husband here.’

The nurse nodded and organized for Sam to meet another nurse with the baby and a crib in another room.

The phone call was the worst one he had ever made. He tried so hard to talk but couldn’t.

‘Sammy?’ Dean asked, his heart stopping as he listened to his brother sob.

‘The baby’s here he’s ok.’

‘Thank God,’ Dean sobbed. ‘What’s he like?’


‘Does he look like Y/N?’


‘It didn’t hurt her too much?’

‘She’s hit some complications. They are doing all they ca-.’

The line went dead and Sam looked at the phone in his hand. The nurse brought the baby in and Sam looked at him wrapped up asleep. Y/N never got the chance to name him. He ran his finger over the baby’s hand and his heart broke. There was a chance this baby was going to grow up how he did, never knowing his Mum.

Dean ran into the room and looked at his brother. The blood shot eyes, the tears.

‘Is she…?’ Dean asked, tears running down his own face.

‘No word. Your son,’ he gestured to the cot.

Dean walked over and looked at the bundle in the cot and his breath hitched. He was perfect in every aspect. He went to touch him but stopped.

‘He may have lost his Mum, Dean. Don’t make him lose his Dad too.’

Dean reached out shakily and touched his sons head. He had his Mum’s nose and his Dad’s lips. The baby started to stir and Dean freaked out.

‘You must be Dad,’ a nurse said gently, coming in. ‘Don’t panic too much, he’s just hungry. Normally he would have fed by now. Do you know what Y/N planned on? Bottle or breast?’

‘Breast I think,’ Dean said quietly.  

‘Ok, we have some stored breast milk from donations, we can put that in a bottle and give that to him. Then we can wean him onto the boob later.’

‘Any word on Y/N?’ Dean asked.

‘Nothing yet. But it will be a long slow road to recovery. Even with transfusions the blood loss will weaken her for quite some time. Especially if she’s feeding as well. It could be a good few months, if not longer before she is back on her feet and 100%.

The baby stirred again and the nurse smiled.

‘Why don’t you pick him up and give him a cuddle while I go get him some dinner.’

Dean hesitated, put did finally pick up his son. He smiled as the boy snuggled into his chest and settled back down. He watched carefully, worried he would break him. Relaxing a little more with each moment that passed and his son remained unharmed.

The doctor came in and gave them an update, Y/N was out of surgery. Things took another bad turn. She was going to be ok but it would be a long road to recovery. She would need plenty of transfusions; she had lost about 50% of her blood. They would be bringing her in to the room shortly, but she would be staying for a good couple of weeks.

Dean fed and changed the baby, and was sitting in the recliner cuddling him when they wheeled Y/N in. Dean took in her appearance and had to check the machines to make sure she was alive. She was paler than anyone he had ever seen. She had drips going in, two lots of fluids and one of blood, catheter, heart rate monitors. It was a horrible site.

‘Oh baby, I’m so sorry,’ Dean sobbed.

He handed the baby to Sam and went and gently and cautiously kissed her on the forehead.

‘It’s going to be a long road to recovery,’ the doctor said quietly.

‘But she will be ok?’


‘Can she still have kids later?’

‘Yes but I advise making sure her doctor is aware of what happened. While the next delivery may go off without a hitch, there’s an increased risk of this happening again. They will be best to have the operating room on standby.’

Dean nodded.

‘She came too and starting asking for Bobby?’

‘She named him Bobby?’ Sam asked smiling.

‘That’s what we thought she might have meant, but wanted to check.’

‘She would have,’ Dean smiled. ‘Bobby helped raise her.’

Y/N’s eyes fluttered open.

‘Dean?’ she sobbed.

‘Yeah Sweetheart, I’m here,’ he said kissing her.

‘I thought…’

The doctor excused himself and left.

‘I know I was an idiot. I’m so sorry.’

She nodded and closed her eyes again.


‘Right here, Sammy’s holding him.’

Sam brought him over and Y/N opened her eyes and smiled.

‘Want to try and hold him?’ Dean asked. ‘We can kinda lay him in your arm or something. Avoid the IV’s?’

Y/N gave a weak smile and Dean helped her hold their son. He watched as she struggled to even raise a hand to touch him. He knew he didn’t have a choice. As much as he was scared that he might hurt the two of them, there was no way he could walk away. They needed him. His family needed him. Y/N couldn’t even lift Bobby at the moment. He asked the nurse to organise a cot or something for him, he wasn’t going anywhere.



¾ oz. Absolut Raspberry
1 oz. Champagne
1 oz. Peach Puree
¾ oz. Chianti


1. Fill Martini glass with ice and pour ice into blender.
2. Add ¾ oz. of Absolut Raspberry, 1 oz. Champagne and 1 oz. Peach Puree.
3. Blend.
4. Pour ¾ oz. of Chianti in the martini glass.
5. Pour blended mix carefully into glass and enjoy!

Rusty Nail's Recipes

Dear Drinkers! I’ve returned from Oakland, and from spending a lovely two weeks with my dear Techmod. With my batteries thoroughly recharged following this window of respite, I come back to you having made my pilgrimage to one of the two most holy temples of my craft. Trader Vic’s, in Oakland, is the first Tiki Bar in the US, and is the location that the Mai Tai was created. Being in the actual, physical building in which one of the most famous cocktails of all time was created… was a humbling experience. It’s gotten my engines revving, though, Dear Drinkers, and, as such, I bring you today’s honoree! I wanted to make sure I got this drink crafted and published today, as the timing of such is rather important to the individual to whom it honors. Not the date, specifically. But, honestly, the time. For ages. For ages and ages, and AGES, there has been one blog, more than any other, that stands as a bastion, as a shining example of what can happen with a little mod guidance, a lot of Anon-Magic, and an undying, passionate love of the weekend.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Wait, wrong picture…

It’s Aha McLovin of “Nopony Ask Mclovin”!

I’d love to do a drink for each of Ross and Corel, and Jay, and Helga, and the entirety of the extended cast of this delightfully light-hearted blog, they, and we, will have to make due with a drink that both reflects one of the purest joys of Aha’s existence… and also the blog’s overwhelming proclivity towards Anon-influenced physical alterations.~

An Aha McLovin


  • 2 oz Cruzan Pineapple Chilled in a Freezer.
  • 1 oz Absolut Citron Chilled in a Freezer
  • 1 cup Flavorless Vegetable Oil (It must remain liquid when chilled, and you will split it into two separate glasses.)
  • 1/3 cup Passion Fruit Puree
  • 1/3 cup Pomegranate Juice
  • ½ teaspoon Agar Agar POWDER (You’re going to be using ¼ teaspoon twice.)
  • Chilled Soda Water
  • Chilled Collins Glass.

Special Equipment:

Chilled glasses to store Vegetable Oil. Small Saucepan. Party Syringe (Purchasable from Party Surplus). Fine Mesh Strainer. Paper Towels. Water to rinse. A spoon.

Making an Aha McLovin:

  1. Put The Vegetable Oil into the Vegetable oil holding glasses and chill them. Do not use these glasses for the cocktail.
  2. Put ONE KIND of juice and ¼ teaspoon agar powder into saucepan.
  3. Bring to boil, then let simmer for 1-2 minutes (Until powder disappears)
  4. Let Mixture cool for 4 minutes.
  5. Use Syringe to drip juice mix into Chilled Oil one drop at a time. It should form into Fruit Juice Caviar at the bottom of the glass.
  6. Pour glass of oil and caviar through wire mesh strainer.
  7. Keeping caviar in mesh, rinse gently under cold water.
  8. Repeat above steps for other kind of juice.
  9. Pat caviar dry on paper towel.
  10. Add one large spoonful of each kind of caviar into the Cocktail Collins glass.
  11. Pour Cruzan, Citron, and Soda Water over back of spoon to fill the Collins Glass. 
  12. Drink!

You’ve just made an Aha McLovin!

This drink is a Molecularly Gastronomically Deconstructed Bora Bora. In addition to being neat as freakin’ hell, it also stands in tribute of the long history of the McLovin Tradition of honoring and interacting with Anon Magic’s. The orange and rosy-red colors of the passion-fruit and pomegranate caviar? Those mimic the orange and red of McLovin’s own coat, and Rose-Tinted Glasses.~

Just in time for the weekend, too…

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, my friends!

Sunday Sydney Oz Comic Con

Best day ever! I made so many friends, one of them even wanted a photo with me. I gave the bust and letter to an assistant, so I’ll never see his reaction, but that’s okay. They took so few questions in the Q&A but thankfully mine was one of them, I made sure of it, keeping direct eye contact on the woman picking questions the whole time as if my life depended on it. I was originally supposed to be at the very back of the theatre on Saturday, but due to a scheduling error they asked to move me to Sunday and even bumped me to VIP for the inconvenience. This meant that I was in the second row from the front and it really felt like I was having a more direct talk with him.

This is a rough transcript of the conversation with Benedict:


Ben-Hello Khan

M-Heh, I’m better

B-At everything I suppose?

M-Hmm yeah pretty much *audience laughs. Then I continue to my question* You have played a couple of characters on the autism spectrum as Sherlock seems to have Aspergers like I do and the Creature has more severe autism and you do it so perfectly, you really get it in a way not many people do. Just want to know more about that, what draws you to it, what you did for research, that sort of thing.

From here I’ll just summarise but he appreciated the question, he then spoke about how the Creature was autistic in terms of how his senses perceived the world and he also reflected that the Creature was an example of what harm comes about in neglecting someone like that. He said he visited a school for autistic children specifically for researching the part. He then talked about Sherlock, he said something along the lines of something I had always believed “Sherlock is a hero not despite of his differences but because of them”. He also thinks a lot of Sherlock’s behaviour is by choice as he is so dedicated to his work. After that there was a huge applause and before I left at the end of the show a woman who had been in the audience told me that I was very brave for asking the question and thanked me for doing so. I was much calmer today than I thought I would be, but typically during a conversation with someone I’ve just met in addition to having to speak in front of an audience I was rocking slightly and I wasn’t making eye contact properly and I had a tendency to tilt my head. But considering the question I suppose it was alright. Benedict seemed very respectful and thoughtful and all around absolutely wonderful.

THE DREAMY DORINI SMOKING MARTINI Contributed by Audrey Saunders INGREDIENTS: 2 oz Absolut Vodka .5 oz Laphroig Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1 dash Pernod Glass: Martini Garnish: Lemon twist

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everyone's all on about buffy ships, but I just wanna talk about Willow/Oz (do they have a ship name?) it's my biggest OTP of any show and I can't get enough of it. As much as I love Willow/Tara nothing can beat Willow/Oz for me.

YES THANK YOU. Willow has some of the best relationships on the show, and Willow and Oz were absolutely adorable together. If anyone knows the ship name for them, please clue me in, because I don’t know it! 

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