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Can I just mention something re 'if you don't like Scott, you're racist'? Not once has Scott's race and/or heritage been a part of or been incorporated into his character or story. Yes, Scott is played by a Latino actor. But Posey being Latino has no bearing or impact on the character, because his heritage isn't reflected or included in the writing of Scott. You can be racist towards Posey, but not Scott as character 'cause Scott is written as white.

Scott is absolutely coded as a white character. There is nothing about him that gives a voice to what I presume is the unique viewpoint of a Latinx teen in small town California. 

This guy almost got the role: 

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That’s how white the character was written. The actor may be POC, but the there is nothing about the character that approaches meaningful representation. 

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i like your blog but you post to many black goths. imho they just dont look right.

They look just as beautiful as any white goths and they have the right to express themselves and exist in this space as much as anyone else.

I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat since it needs to be said:

There is no right skin colour to be goth. Period. Goth is a composite of multiple things and appearance is just one fraction of all that. Skin colour, hair colour, make-up style, gender, and whatnot do not define whether you can be goth or not, and no way is the “right” way to have them.

The pale red-lipped and black-haired girl dressed in all black might be the stereotype of a goth but that is a very shallow and one-sided representation of the people in the community. How many of us actually fit into that stereotype? How many of us strive to look like that because if we don’t, we will get told we don’t look right? Goth has since its beginning featured many ethnicities, and there is nothing weird about non-white goths in the subculture. Research information and photos of the English goth scene in the 80s. There are loads of non-white goths absolutely rocking the original look (not to mention creating other forms of gothy art like alternative music). The main reason it “doesn’t look right” to you is because the stereotype is so strong and over-represented in gothic imagery. But we all know stereotypes can be terribly, terribly wrong, which leads to this kind of racism (yes, that’s what this is).

There are many gothic styles I personally don’t like, but it is not my place to tell those people that I don’t think they look good. I wouldn’t want them telling me that, so why would I do that to others? And I’m talking about styles that someone chooses to wear, so can you even imagine hearing it about something you cannot choose like skin colour? I understand that it is your personal preference and your opinion but is it necessary to bring it up when all it will do is discourage people from being a part of a community they feel they belong to? There’s a ton of people outside the subculture whose ignorance can make being a goth difficult, we shouldn’t be doing that to each other within the subculture too.

Some goths are black, some goths are Asian, some goths wear hijabs, some goths keep their natural hair, the list goes on. And they all look gorgeous and have as much right to express themselves in the subculture as white goths. In reality the subculture is extremely diverse but there is so much gate-keeping from goths who think that you need to look like X and listen to Y that we end up only seeing a glimpse of it all. That shouldn’t be, and as corny as it sounds, we should try to create a comfortable, safe community instead of one that shuns people out because they do not fit a stereotype.

The non-white goths aren’t going anywhere from my blog, they belong there as much as any white goth, classic horror heroine or Addams Family member.


I know that I’m not perfect,
But I keep trying cause that’s what I said I would do from the start. 

Eliot Spencer: White Male Punchline

ok so ANOTHER thing I love about Leverage is how seriously it DOESN’T take Eliot Spencer

because Eliot Spencer, taken at face value, is an absolutely generic white action movie/video game hero, right? has a Troubled Past, beats up armies of goons, cracks wise, hits on ladies, etc.

except that this show’s narrative turns every aspect of that character type into a punchline! not necessarily at his expense - but it goes out of its way to avoid the kind of reverence most testosterone-charged action media give White Male Badasses by sidelining him, refusing to let him play the hero, and making him comic relief most of the time, even when he’s being a Badass

in fact the only times the narrative does treat him with any sort of reverence?

is when he’s being kind. (which he does on a far more regular basis than most other characters of his type)

and that? actually makes him an interesting character

I’m so glad the racism at my former high school is being exposed and getting national attention. (if you seen anything about the Massachusetts charter school punishing students for braids I sadly went there), this isn’t new at ALL. and honestly they have had this policy for years about “extensions”. I remember when I was in the middle school and the administration or the office would call me out of class to accuse me of having fake hair. they would threaten me with detention and even suspension if I refused to take the hair out by the next DAY. not only was it humiliating to be taken out of a learning environment for this but it was flat out disrespectful to my culture.

these rules disproportionately affect black students, as there were MANY white students who clearly wore clip in extensions and NOBODY accused them of having fake hair. the rules don’t stop at extensions though. there are also rules against hair height and even haircuts and how your hair could be cut. the coded language in these rules made it so that basically only black students would be targeted and victims of the punishment from these rules. black students couldn’t have natural hair, black boys would get in trouble for the way their hair was cut and you’re not allowed to have any kind of braids. it restricted us as black students to only be able to have a perm or VERY short hair because otherwise it would be labeled as a distraction or they would find one of the many nonsense rules to reprimand us for it.

as a black student it was an absolutely degrading experience going to that school as we had NO kind of representation. out of the almost 200 staff members there is only ONE black teacher currently, and in my 13 years at the school maybe I had 2 or 3 black teachers total. and on top of that the entire administration is white. there’s absolutely no black representation anywhere, and because of that you have white people trying to strip black students of their culture in the name of “socioeconomic division” and “distraction”. but for a school who wants everyone to feel “included” it’s going against everything to strip culture from black students with their hair.

anyway, this is why it will NEVER just be hair to me because I was targeted for years because of my hair at school. and punished for it.