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Ö Any of my toons. Have fun :D

“Lunae.. She’s a whore.” Avigail was blunt about this. “.. Though despite her being an absolute fuckin’ tramp, she’s got quite a lotta features I suppose are sorta nice. Tits are huge, hair’s soft.. She smelled like vanilla, if I remember right.” Avigail grumbled.

“She’s a slut, but she’s got nice..” She paused, sighing. “.. Skin.” 

That’s all she’d elaborate on that.

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Okay so I was rewatching bh6 and at the part where it's the video of Tadashi, there's a part where he has like a 5 o'clock shadow. Could you write a fic where Tadashi grows facial hair and the reader can't stop ogling over it?


You kicked open the door of his lab with ease, your fingers encased around two cups of coffee. The brightness of the room caught your attention first, as the morning sun sunk through the windows. Then, your eyes finally rested on your love, hunched over and trying desperately to get his fingers to work properly. “You’re looking a little rough.” You commented, setting his coffee down on the table nearest the door. You could physically see Tadashi jolt at the sound of your warm voice as he sat up straight, his back cracking and tell you that he had been in that position for longer than he anticipated.

Tadashi tilted his head back and laughed, rolling his chair over and grabbing his hot cup of wakefulness. He finally caught eyes with you, “Okay, I take back my previous statement.” You looked into his dark eyes, noting the stubble on his chin and the bags under his rich brown eyes, “You look absolutely rough like someone tramped you with a lawn mower.”

You could only imagine how calloused his fingers must have felt on his skin as he rubbed his tired face, taking a sip of his drink, “Thanks, (Name). I needed the assurance that I look terrible.”

“It’s the cute kind of terrible.” You complimented lovingly, walking a bit closer to him and kissed his hatless hair. He wrapped an arm around you, to keep you in place as he yawned. “How long have you been up this time? You were still at it when I went home last night.”

He sighed and looked up at you innocently, pouting slightly as he mumbled, “I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours.”

You sighed this time, fingers coming up and brushing back some of his naturally tangled, short hair, “Tadashi…”

“I know what you’re gonna say,” He uttered and looked down, “You shouldn’t stay up that late. It’s not good for you…” Tadashi paused and caught your concerned gaze, “I know, and I’ll sleep as soon as I get this piece of programming done.”

“When will that be?” You asked, sipping idly at your hot beverage.

“Within an hour,” He said, “Then, I’ll go shave, get some food and sleep.”

“Sleep and food sound good,” You said to him and cupped his face with your free hand. You nearly admired the feeling of the small stubble on your fingers as you leaned down and pressed a soft, feathery kiss to his mouth, “I kinda like the 5 o’clock shadow you’ve got going on,” You told him, mouth still slightly pressed to his as he gave you a lazy smirk, “Makes your baby face look a lot more older and more mature.”

“Then, I’ll keep it for you.” He chuckled and pecked your lips.

“Keep it for me and let me call you Mr. Prickly because your face prickles me while we kiss.” You smiled, laughing deeply in your chest as you began admiring the sun and the artfulness it spread across the windows, fingers idly dancing in his hair.

Tadashi laughed tiredly, taking a long swig of his coffee. “I’d fight you on that nickname but I’m too tired and Mr. Prickly is sorta cute.”

“Mr. T.H Prickly.” You grinned cheekily.