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“Different yet the same…”

little drawing i did with my phone at a tournament. it was fun but man, it’s hard to draw with your finger on a tiny iphone screen:)))))


Poly Shipping Meme “MY OT3 IS BETTER THAN YOURS” : Versailles (Season 2) ↳Philippe/Liselotte /Chevalier (Monchelotte)

A little late, but here’s a new painting for #cutiesaturday! Jessie, from the Pokemon anime. She found a throne. A totally unused throne that absolutely didn’t have a princess using it.
Was difficult to get this one done in a single day, but I managed!

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allura, in a frilly pink skirt decorated with skulls and crossbones, a shirt with a dripping pink heart design, a full face of make up with pink lipstick, pink platform shoes, carrying a black parasol with pink frills, and a pink streak in her hair: i’m a goth prep and i’m here to rebel

pidge: allura do you take constructive criticism

allura: alright go ahead

pidge: you can’t be goth and prep at the same time

allura: an excellent point pidge, but have you considered: i can do what i want

pidge: you’re absolutely right princess i never should’ve doubted you. have a great day.


The Woolpack Wedding Aesthetic Moodboard

I’ve reconciled with myself that its not going to be a barn wedding. Just imagine them drunk dancing and having a welly drinking ceremony in the Woolpack. Among their family and friends, and the wider village community they will utter their vows of “I know”/ “You Know”, a promise of being husbands always. 

*dedicated to @gemmalou-x- because she is the bestest friend one could ask for, and always pushes me to create when I feel unsure.

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i have no opinion that your bruce is 10 but i am absolutely /scandalized/ that you're writing young-alfred as blonde. is that the moustache of a blonde man, i ask you?


but also

rather than the more common B:TAS balding alfred i’m going for more of a

or a

or, you know, if we’re honest, just sort of generally a british man who managed to look very young well into his 40s

and if you then assume that stress and other factors all conspired to make his hair turn completely white then by his sixties he’s Officially Old and no one ever really looks much closer at him beyond Old Butler because why would they

but honestly by that point he’s Tired and he leans hard into being an old-ass old man and bruce in his late teens is baffled because ALFRED you’re not that old??? get some contacts and just for men or something oh my god alfred. but no, it’s too late. he’s gonna wear some little glasses and make his suits more and more old-fashioned and eat hard candies. he’s old now, leave him alone.

… but if he’s got real pale blonde hair it makes it easier for me to imagine he transitions pretty quick into just SNOWY WHITE, anderson cooper style. alfred pennyworth: no pepper, all salt.


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Chanyeol scenario | Royalty AU | Arranged Marriage AU | Slight Angst 

Summary: You’re unsure but hopeful about your arranged marriage to the handsome Prince Chanyeol of the neighboring kingdom. But you’re in for an unpleasant surprise when you find out he’s in love with someone else, and completely despises the idea of being married to you. 

Word Count : About 5,500 (i don’t know how this got so long)

A/N: I was originally considering making this a series because it’s so long, but I think it works as a super-long oneshot? I do hope you enjoy this, it’s probably the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted to write :) 

“Are you ready, your Highness?”

“I will be in just a minute!” you said, as your lady-in-waiting, Lily, gently placed the delicate tiara on your carefully styled up hair. You took a deep breath and stared at your reflection in the mirror.

“You look absolutely radiant, Princess,” she said, smiling. “I’m sure Prince Chanyeol will be swept off his feet with one look at you.”

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can i have a prince daichi who sneaks out from the castle every satnight to meet his lover sugawara? this idea stuck up in my mind for a while now haha. thank you!

i watched sleeping beauty again today so have this doodle

EDIT: @rinoa11 wrote a fic “Only In My Dreams !!!

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Can you picture Yura Plisetsky being grudgingly fond of Victor and Yuuri relationships, never refusing when they ask for his company, and even making pirozhki for family dinner? ;)

If you know where to look, you’ll find that Yuri Plisetsky is actually really easy to read. He’s like one of those sexist facebook manifesto where everything you say means exactly the opposite. More vehement the rebuttal is, the more he actually really wants to do the thing, and an insult is most likely a masked compliment (except for what they like to call “the strange case of JJ”, but that’s another story entirely). 

Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship is one of the things he’s actually secretly (not secretly at all) most fond of, and subsequently the recipient of his most colorful, well thought curses. He saves the sophisticated ones for big occasions, but he has notes on his phone. 

Viktor has been on the receiving end for more time than him, but Yuuri has become a solid Yuri translator too, if he says so himself. If you asked him, he’d say that the key is, even more than in the words, in the actions.

Yuri Plisetsky, you see, for all his complaining and fake puking, has become a constant in almost all their not-dates (he keeps carefully away from their real dates, and he’s learnt this the hard way), strolling at a safe distance from them, usual scowl etched on his face, phone in hand, but there nonetheless. He likes to claim he’s mostly there for the gifts, and the food, because they always offer (and Viktor has no self control, buying every tiger printed item on sight and dumping them into Yuri’s arms unceremoniously, to which the reply is a varied range of conflicted emotions and a muttered “thanks”, but the blush on Yuri’s face is always very present and they both find it adorable).

Yuri Plisetsky also has a given spot on their couch, because on most practice-free days you can find him there, socked feet propped on their coffee table, pretending he has nothing better to do and demanding to kick their asses at mario kart (he’ll kick Viktor’s alright, but Yuuri is unbeatable and he’ll have to accept it one day). For the record, he mains Yoshi, which makes Viktor cry at night when he’s feeling particularly emotional.

He definitely has a spare violet toothbrush in their bathroom, and let’s say the guest bedroom has a lot more stripes than it had before, but that doesn’t mean anything. The fact that he has a favorite mug that no one but him drinks into, ever, and that he always sits on the chair placed to the left of the table, too, is not a thing they discuss.

If Yuuri has been yelled at on the phone times and times again, by now, because he keeps getting confused by russian brands of yeast for the pirozhki that Yuri makes in their kitchen (”Just because mine is a hole and I always end up making too much- people are dying, Katsudon, I can’t throw out perfectly good food”) for their weekly friday dinner, which is not a family dinner, shut up Viktor, that, too, is inconsequential.

And when they compliment him on the deliciousness of the meal (Viktor with his mouth still full, because he’s like that sometimes, and Yuuri with a gentle, terribly proud smile), telling him he’s getting better at it, the redness of his face is just because he’s tired and it’s hot in the kitchen. He’s not training hard to make the best katsudon pirozhki of the world, and he doesn’t like seeing their pleased faces at all. 

But no matter what the signs may point to, Yuri Plisetsky definitely hates Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov’s guts, okay? He even tweeted about it once, and that’s proof enough.

Yuuri knows better than to tell him the truth.


Happy 574th birthday to Margaret Beaufort.
A woman who was maritally raped at  12 went through a horrendous body-damaging birth at 13, had to marry no less than four times, because of politics and the need to survive, and spent half her life fighting for the freedom and return of her only son.
A woman who believed having a lot of money was God’s way of using you to help the poor and less fortunate, who took in the homeless, cared for the sick, who allowed anyone to eat and drink at her table at Christmas, who threw the best parties that food made the table groan with the weight of it.
A woman who was an advocate of other women, giving money so poor women could get married, defending and helping Cecily when she married against the king’s wishes, protected her granddaughter from being maritally raped as she was.
A woman who was intelligent and helped found colleges at Cambridge and Oxford, who translated books from French into English, who supported and funding the development of the printing press, who encouraged the access of knowledge and reading to all.
A woman who was smart enough to make alliances where others hadn’t, who secretly communicated with Elizabeth Woodville for an outcome that benefited them both, who continued to fight for her son even when everything was taken from her.
  A woman who survived the constant political upheaval throughout her life, survived an attainder of treason, survived changing of kings, survived a horrific birth, survived being parted from her son, survived seeing loved ones die around her, including her own beloved son. 

A woman who is now portrayed in popular culture as a multiple murderer, a borderline sociopath, and a mean-spirited over-ambitious religious nut. 

Happy Birthday, Margaret, and also sincere apologies on behalf of historical inaccurate media.