absolute polish

I suspect this makes me a “bad seamster” but like. Although I’ve sewn for years and years, and am fairly good in an amateur sort of way, I don’t like the general rule of “hide your work.”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t (usually) leave raw edges all over, but at the same time, like…

Yes, it definitely started as “Man, I do not feel like changing the thread/bobbin on my machine, or buying tons of thread that matches one specific project that I will never use again,” but it’s honestly become more than that?

Sure, if I make a plushie, it will absolutely look more “polished” if I use matching thread and specific stitches designed to hide even the HINT of those stitches. But then, what is the visual difference between what I made, and what someone could buy in a store? I mean, by “polished” we definitely mean “looks like a machine or otherworldly perfect being put this together,” and I am definitely not telling anyone else that they shouldn’t do that. But at the same time like, I want my stuff to look homemade. I want my nieces (and maybe someday nephews!) to be able to pick out the things that I’ve made them. I mean, yeah, sure, it’s cool to have the ability to make something that you could find in a store, but!

Like, I absolutely support fabric artists who can make things that look storebought, and at times I do that too, depending on the project. But I have found that for my aesthetic, I really enjoy the visible stitches. The piece is still just as strong and well-made, it just looks handmade, and that makes me happy.

I’m fucking exhausted.