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The Greatest Kings

I’ve received some disgruntled messages about comparing Jinheung and Wang So in one of my previous posts and coming to a conclusion that Jinheung was in some ways similar to Wang So. All I can say is: WELL, HE ISN’T NOW! I miss the Jinheung from the first 6 episodes where he was so much stronger, self-confident and aware of his position and right to the throne. I miss the man who was ready to fight the whole world to claim what was rightfully his. This must be the first time EVER that I have seen a character REGRESSING instead of developing.

Moon Lovers had its own flaws but there is no doubt that compared to Hwarang it’s highly superior drama, especially the portrayal and development of Wang So. Mostly because the writer there understood that the greatest monarchs of Goryeo and the Three Kingdoms were no modern pacifists - they were ABSOLUTE MONARCHS, CONQUERORS, WARRIORS WHO FOUGHT WARS AND KILLED AND PUNISHED THEIR ENEMIES TO CONSOLIDATE POWER because that’s how they managed to make all the reforms and memorable deeds they are remembered for today. Taking that away from them is the greatest injustice a writer can do to historical figures like them. Unlike Jinheung,Wang So wasn’t reduced to a mere love interest; his main objective in the first 15 episodes of ML might have been gaining Hae Soo’s love and protecting his loved ones but that’s because he was in different position than Jinheung - he WAS NOT THE KING NOR A CROWN PRINCE, in fact as the 4th Prince he was so low in the line of succesion that he had no reasons to believe or hope that he would one day become a king. He never lived with those responsibilities, so naturally his actions and character were never ruled or shaped by them like Jinheung’s were (but mostly only at the beginning, unfortunately).

Some might argue that Jinheug isn’t the main character of the story in Hwarang, but he still is the second most important character AND HE STILL IS ONE OF THE GREATEST KINGS KOREA EVER HAD. This is the man who founded Hwarang, the man who made the unification of the Three Kingdoms possible and the shrewd politician who in 551 allied with Baekje to attack Goguryeo, only to turn on his former ally 2 years later, allying with Goguryeo instead, and attacked Baekje. It was the biggest conquest on the Korean Peninsula until the unification of the Three Kingdoms. JINHEUNG DESERVES BETTER THAN THE TREATMENT THE DRAMA HAS GIVEN HIM.

The Fourth Estate Has Failed Us

Our country’s founders thought that free speech was so important they made it the first amendment. The FIRST. This is also where we get freedom of the press. Why is that? Let me tell you. The founders came from a monarchy. In monarchies, monarchs rule and tell their subjects what they can and cannot say, or what can or cannot be printed. This leads to absolute tyranny by monarchs or rulers of any kind. The founders invented a government that would be subject to the people, not the other way around.They tried to ensure this by creating the second amendment, our right to bear arms…just in case this new government got any nasty ideas about becoming rulers. There are three distinct bastions of power in our system. Congress, the Executive office, and the Supreme Court. Each has their own way of deflecting the power of the other. In Congress, you have the House and the Senate, who also have powers to check the other. The press is the fourth estate. They are the watchdogs over government. If they remain objective, then we the people don’t need to take up arms against the government, because the pen of the press will be our main sword. Such was the case with Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame. They were instrumental in bringing down a corrupt and criminal administration that was using the FBI, the CIA and the IRS to go after those they considered dangerous to their mounting ‘rule of the people’. Do we see parallels today? Hmmmm. Ever since Watergate, the press has turned on us, the people. They are in bed with D.C. and the powers that be. They are in bed with ideologies they hold dear, instead of being staunch defenders of objective journalism. There is no more of that in our day. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, et al, have one agenda and that is to push their political ideologies instead of pushing the truth, no matter how much it hurts. This is why I have no problem with Wikileaks, regardless of who they expose. If the administration in power needs to have their corruption exposed, and the press won’t do it, then that means we either need a renegade group doing the exposing, or we need to take up arms. I, for one, support the former and not the latter. I don’t care who is in office or who has high level positions in our government, whether they be Republican, Democrat or Independent. If they are corrupt, they need to be exposed for what and who they are. In my opinion, we now have a corrupt fourth estate that we can no longer depend on, like we could back in the early '70’s. Were they lily white back then? By no means. But they weren’t entirely covered with the shame that the press finds itself clothed with today. Unfortunately, Wikileaks is now a necessary evil for us to find out what is going on behind our backs, in the shadows, under the table and out in the open, since our government no longer believes it has to hide anything from us, the sheeple. So, don’t be too hard on Wikileaks. If the fourth estate was actually doing their job, they would have beaten Wikileaks to all of this garbage, and Assange’s group would not have had a pulpit to speak from in the first place.

In-Depth Work with Illéa (warning: possible spoilers)

Prologue: I’m just being crazy again and backing my theories with what seems like intelligent information, but is actually just me being pretentious. Feel free to support it or oppose. 

I honestly blame Gregory Illéa for the way things are now in the country. HAVEN’T YOU LEARNED WHAT HAPPENED IN HISTORY?! Let’s look back, shall we? 

  • EXHIBIT A: Russia’s Catherine the Great. An absolute monarch. Civil War, Soviet Union, Putin. 
  • EXHIBIT B: Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. An absolute monarch. Uprisings, guillotine, Napoleon Bonaparte. 
  • EXHIBIT C: Queen Elizabeth. Oh. Jk. England actually had their shit together as an absolute monarchy. 


 America/Illéa was never meant to be an absolute monarchy!! 

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“People complain of the despotism of princes; they ought to complain of the despotism of man." 

— Joseph de Maistre

Complete quote:

“Man is insatiable for power; he is infantile in his desires and, always discontented with what he has, loves only what he has not. People complain of the despotism of princes; they ought to complain of the despotism of man. We are all born despots, from the most absolute monarch in Asia to the infant who smothers a bird with its hand for the pleasure of seeing that there exists in the world a being weaker than itself.”

That Vatican City meme..

Have you guys seen that meme that points out that “Women are not allowed to vote” in Vatican City?

Vatican City does not have elections. Nobody votes in Vatican City. It is the territory of an absolute monarch–the Pope. Cardinals in Vatican City don’t vote. Archbishops don’t vote. Monsignors don’t vote. The Swiss Guard do not vote. ARE WE GETTING THE PICTURE TUMBLR? 

And please do not say, “Cardinals vote.” Cardinals have a conclave, AFTER THE MONARCH IS DEAD. Yes, there is a conclave, which has nothing to do with the Vatican City-State but is a spiritual conference to choose the next Spiritual Leader. If Vatican City was nuked and there was nothing but a sandbox there, there would still be a conclave in some place or other.

The conclave, unlike national elections, is not attached to the Nation State. It can take place anywhere, from Seoul to Tijuana. The Spiritual Leader who comes out of a conclave just happens to inherit the role of absolute monarch, but the two are separate roles and the conclave is first to find the Church a spiritual leader–NOT to find Vatican City a new monarch.

I need to take some blood pressure medicine because when the Stupidmeter of Tumblr goes off the charts, I am fit to pop a gasket.