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Half the Fool and Twice as Precious

I got a bit bored at work and my mind wandered to everyone’s new faves :) 


He is eleven and she is thirteen and Potter, Fleamont is sorted into Gryffindor, but Euphemia claps anyway when he is sorted because she is polite, and he seems enthusiastic enough. He is a first year and she is a third year, and they’re about as close as you’d expect two people who don’t know each other to be.

He is fourteen and she is fifteen and they are sitting a little ways apart outside Professor Dippet’s office, and she is smiling at him because isn’t he funny, this third year who can duel as well as, if not better than her? He smiles back because he knows his name is ridiculous, but he is proud of it and she respects that.

He is fifteen and she is seventeen, and he hates her for ruining Gryffindor’s chances at winning the Quidditch Cup. She’s too damn good at Keeping, and the whole of Gryffindor House despises her for it, but he cheers for her anyway during the final because Merlin forbid Hufflepuff win it again.

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Right now, you might be sitting there wondering how all of this loveliness and absolute gorgeousness can be crammed into one single image. How is it possible? Well,I have no clue. Whatsoever. The stunning beauty @strawberry-soo is able to create will never cease to amaze me. This awesomness is a take on yet another one of my ridiculous Kylux headcanons, which is that Hux loves roses. And when I say love, I mean love. Like passionately

This piece is a combination between my own headcanon and one of @strawberry-soo‘s own AUs (which is lovely beyond belief and needs to be written <3) and holy cow did it turn out perfect. Impossibly perfect. And I am so honoured that you decided to use your own AU to bring my headcanon to life in such a wondrous way!

Thank you so much for creating this enchanting wonder, my dear! I love it so much you wouldn’t believe! 

celestialkeyprincess  asked:

Her lovelie!!!! I absolutely adore your art!!! Do you think you could possibly do a Gajeel and levy one... i dont know, maybe an au with her helping his with hw? Thanks so much!!!! I love you!!! :3

Thanks so much! By some miracle, I found myself with some free time and remembered oh hey I should draw Fairy Tail again xD So here you are, the adorkable Gajevy couple working on homework together. Hope you have a fantastic weekend~

a little something i drew for Silence in The Bakery!

ssh i know this scene doesn’t exist in the fic but i like to think that Dean finally got Cas to try the Strawberry Fountain Cake….though with a little bit of mess on his face. (Dean likes it though.)