absolute favorite scene. ever

They have stolen the heart from inside you, but this does not define you. This is not who you are, you know who you are.


so whenever i come across this clip from sym bionic titan on my dash i always make a point to show off this video as well

it’s my absolute favorite scene from any show ever and i really wish this clip was more known and loved as the other is

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6? \(≧▽≦)/

Durarara Art Challenge

#6  Something that happened only in the Light Novels. If you never read the Light Novels then draw a favourite scene from a random episode


Thank you Eli <3 I absolutely wanted to draw one of my favorite scenes ever of the 9th volume of Durarara light novels, that unfortunately wasn’t animated </3


overwhelmed by grief or disappointment

69/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

Art of the Day: Outward

Tools: Acrylic and watercolor on canvas // Edited in PSCS5

A scene from the book The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.

Excerpt from the book: “…we sit in silence some more, the storm wind cutting through my blanket and my hat and ruffling the pages of my notes. I reach into my pack and take one of the precious November cakes - still warm - and offer it to Sean.

He takes the cake without saying thank you. But the thank-you is somehow implied. I’m not sure how he does it, because I wasn’t looking at him to see his face when he took it.”

This book keeps haunting me. I read it last year and it creeps up on me every once in a while. And I keep going back to this scene, which is one of my absolute favorite scenes in any book ever. It’s so subtle and atmospheric and GODDAMMIT, I love it so much. I just had to paint it.

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Favorite Diggle scene?

Ever? Or in the premiere? I’m gonna go with the necklace scene. I love me some Diggle truth bombs and when he goes all Yoda. I especially love when he shuts down Oliver’s bullshit and he handled it masterfully in that scene.

Diggle basically Diggled the shit out of 3x01. There wasn’t a scene where he wasn’t absolute perfection. David Ramsey is a god among men.

Favorite Diggle scene ever? That’s easy…my blog is named after it.

“You can stare down death with something to live for or not. Something to live for…is better.”

BOOM. That’s the whole show folks. That’s what Oliver Queen has to learn. To become a hero, to stay the course, you have to have something outside of yourself to sustain you. A reason to live. LOVE. And Oliver’s reason…Oliver’s love…is Felicity Smoak.

That’s also why I named the blog after it. To me…that’s what life is. You find something to live for…something bigger than yourself. Whether that’s faith, or love or family or a career to devote your life to…whatever that is. We all need something to live for.

This quote also completely exemplifies my shippers heart. My big three couples: Bangel, Olicity and Stelena…they are all hero’s tales and every hero needs someone to live for…to help them become a hero. Living for someone and not yourself? That’s selfless love to me and that is what EPIC love is all about.

Other runners up:

I don’t think love is about changing or saving a person, I think it’s about finding someone who’s already the right fit.

Again, Diggle and the truth tea. Drink it up Ollie. This isn’t about finding a perfect match or a perfect love. It’s about finding the right love…that’s what makes it perfect. That scene was everything to do with endgame and Felicity is endgame. No one can see what Oliver Queen needs more than John Diggle.

Diggle: But with me, there’s be fewer casulaties including you.

Oliver: Diggle, I’m not looking for anybody to save me.

Diggle; Maybe not, but you need someone just the same. You are fighting a war Queen, except you have no idea what war does to you, how it scrapes off little pieces of your soul. You need someone to remind you of who you are, not this thing you are becoming.

Diggle just summed up the entire reason why Team Arrow must exist. Why Team Arrow will save Oliver Queen’s life and his soul in that one sentence.

Diggle is the shit. 

Is there anyone who have watched Begin Again? Well, I love how Adam Levine act in this film, and this picture is absolutely my favorite scene ever. Cheers to the best movie of 2014!

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do have any extremely hot top!draco fic recs?? or any fics with rimming? (sorry i just read a. really hot fic and i'm in the mood for more)

I do! I have a top!Draco rec list here :)

One of my favorite Drarry fics, Unhook the Stars by jad, is (mostly) top Draco and includes my favorite felching scene ever. Plus, Draco is absolutely perfect in it (so snarky, so sexy, so gloriously bratty)

I don’t keep track of which fics include rimming, but I love it too (a lot!), so there’s probably a lot of it on my smutty rec list too