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The Exam Continues

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Gryffindor: “Almost there! We just have to get past the pixies. You ready Slytherin?”

Slytherin: “Oh no! I am done being flown, frozen, charmed, hexed, jinxed… It’s Ravenclaw’s turn.”

Ravenclaw: “Uh… you know actually I would be more useful by your side in case something happens and we need another solution.”

*Everyone turns to look at Hufflepuff*

Hufflepuff: “I knew this moment would come…”

Gryffindor: “Great! So here’s the plan.”

*a few minutes later*

Gryffindor: “All set?”

Hufflepuff: “As I’ll ever be.”

Slytherin: *Grinning* “Don’t you trust him?”

Hufflepuff: *with less enthusiasm* “I absolutely trust him.”

Ravenclaw: *also grinning* “You’re sure he’s not some sort of crazy person, right? ”

Hufflepuff: *now really trying to convince himself* “I absolutely trust him.”

When you’re teaching, you need to be on top of the material, but being able to engage your audience, to rivet their attention, and to fire their interest and enthusiasm is absolutely crucial.

I’ve started to notice a trend among actual male “desexualize the female nipple” supporters and “I just wanna see tiddies” “feminist men”. when the topic is brought up, usually an actual supporter of women is pretty calm about it and you can really just see the look on their face that they don’t think it’s right for women to be so limited and sexualized. usually this is vocalized. Meanwhile, the absolute fucking dingbat usually responds “fuck yeah man, free the nipple!!” with way too much enthusiasm  and absolutely no visible care or knowlege for why the movement is actually there at all. Long story short, Its not hard to pick you assholes out


Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling is just fine with the character of Hermione Granger, played by Emma Watson in the series’ almost $8 billion film franchise, being played by black actress Noma Dumezweni in her upcoming play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

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So I’m seeing a lot of negativity on my feed in this fandom, and that makes me sad, because I know some wonderful and talented people here.  So I just felt the need to do a quickie little gratitude to a few of my faves (certainly not all of them, but just off the top of my head).

@dorkinhighheels: She is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading the work of.  I absolutely can’t put her fic down once I start reading it, much to my sleepy chagrin the next morning after a binge-reading until the wee hours on a weeknight.  She’s always so friendly, and was so welcoming when I first joined this community, and she’s beautiful and unique and I love her enthusiasm and absolute love of this franchise.

@winnyverse: Winny’s writing and musings always set my imagination on fire.  She’s one of my favorite people to headcanon and brainstorm with, and she welcomes people with open arms into the fandom.  And she also does really awesome action figure dioramas that I’m obsessed with.

@gladrial: Another blogger that I met early on in this community, who, like the previous two, was (and is!) very welcoming and talented and devoted to her turts and friends.  ^_^

@loonilum, @southernblossoms, @laced-up-and-honour-bound: Some of my favorite RPers to follow, who are super sweet and encouraging and just generally good people to have in the fandom.

@theycallmeraph @purpleproblemsolver @blueyesofjustice @orangecrushninja: Seriously some of my favorite (separate) RPers of the brothers.  They’ve all got the characters down pat and they’re super friendly and interactive.

@fear-the-antiverse @gladiatorsofelegaus: I absolutely adore these RP blogs, both of which are ridiculously interesting AU’s and are written SO well, and run by very nice people, based on the messages I’ve exchanged with them.

Obviously there are SO many more, but tbh I’m at work and being super sneaky about writing this anyway.  For anyone I missed, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO HARD and you’re wonderful and don’t let assholes get you down.  <3 <3 <3

My times with Fritz Hesse were totally unproductive; he conversed politely with me, but absolute joy and enthusiasm came into his voice as soon as Adini appeared.
—  Queen Olga of Wuerttemberg (Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia).  Olga’s prospective suitor, Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Hesse-Kassel fell in love with her younger sister, Grand Duchess Alexandra Nikolaevna instead.

ArmedForcesUpdate is an awful channel, but I love just reading down their list of videos. It’s not just that they’re hyperbolic, but that they’re equally hyperbolic in every possible direction. They belt out every bit of disingenuous propaganda they find with absolutely irrepressible enthusiasm, even if it blatantly contradicts a video they uploaded only a month before.

This one is my favorite though:



So, you all know we’ve wrapped what was the crazy-beautiful times of filming LLL (we still have some pickups to do but shhhhhh).

What’s next? For the mean time we’re gonna concentrate on getting all the things we promised in the Kickstarter organised and will hopefully have them to you by May. The rewards that require filming are going to take us a little longer, but we are excited to get these to you as well! There are other aspects of NMTD that we would like to finish off, such as blooper reels. Once that’s all sorted we’ll be heading straight into the editing process for LLL.

We cannot believe the effort and outright amazing things our cast and crew have pulled off. Their dedication and enthusiasm was absolutely outstanding. We love them all dearly, and are so incredibly grateful for everything they have done.

Thanks also to you guys! Your support and excitement for Lovely Little Losers has been absolutely wonderful.

Talk to you all again soon!

Muchos love,

The Candle Wasters

Carnival--A Birthday Fic for Baby Sis Ash

Happy Birthday, rebornfromash. You deserve a Monet–sorry I can only offer dogs playing poker.

He used to claim he hated carnivals, the same way he used to claim he hated most things. Carnivals weren’t “cool,” so to admit he absolutely loved them would have been tantamount to seppuku as far as his image was concerned.

Soul had long since ceased giving a damn about his image, but he still refused to admit how much he loved carnivals, the annual Death City carnival in particular, mostly because he enjoyed how hard his meister worked every year to convince him of just how great it was.

Her enthusiasm was absolutely enthralling–her complete and total abandon, if only for a few hours. It was one of the things he loved about the carnival, going with her, but it wasn’t the only thing.

In truth, he should hate it. In truth, there was so much about it that he ought to avoid, that he would avoid in most cases.

It was crowded and he hated crowds.

It was loud and he hated busy, ambient noise.

It was dirty and hot and smelled like ass warmed over.

Instead, he loved that so many people could exist in a place and experience so much raw and unadulterated happiness–that they could experience said happiness inspite of it being loud and dirty and hot and reeking of close pressed humanity.

It wasn’t a place of facades–it wasn’t like the upscale parties he loathed–it was a place of joy.

It was full of life. It was real–completely and utterly real.

As real and vibrant as she was.

Okay, so maybe his love of the carnivals did come down to her in the end, but didn’t it always? Hell, even his love of music came down to her these days.

Sometimes he wondered when she had become his everything.

Most times he just basked in the fact that she was willing to be.

His reverie was broken by a laugh, and he looked up from his place on an out of the way bench to find his meister blinking back at him with wide green eyes and an even wider smile. “Leave it to you to be all broody in the middle of a carnival–I got you something, by the way.”

“Not brooding,” he said with a put upon sigh. “Whatchu get? And it’d better be good, because that was the longest damned bathroom break in the history of forever.”

“Well, I won you,” she glanced around then pointed to a gigantic purple teddy bear the size of a small child being held by a little pigtailed girl of similar size, “that, but I sort of gave it to a crying four year old, so instead, your gift is the wide eyed joy of said four year old.”

“Uh huh,” he nodded slowly. “So what you’re really saying is that you ditched me to play ball toss and then didn’t even have the decency to give me the prize.”

“Pretty much, yeah. But I’m thinking you’ll let me make it up some other way.”

“Oh?” He raised his eyebrows. “And just how do you intend to do that, Albarn? Because last I looked, leaving your weapon alone in the middle of hell to play kiddie games was–”

He was cut off by her mouth as she swooped in to kiss him, and he quickly found himself with a lap gloriously full of meister.

She pulled away to look at him, eyes shining mischief. “Forgiven?”

“Throw in a funnel cake and you have yourself a deal.”

She grinned at him and replied, “Deal,” before attacking his mouth again with her own.

Soul really loved the carnival.

Loved the atmosphere, the feeling of freedom, the loss of restraint. Loved the fact that here and only here, Maka felt free to just kiss him like this when normally she was so careful not to show any affection around the rest of the world, afraid to show too much–a few months of dating, and she was still so damned afraid they were going to break.

Here, somehow, she was fearless.

Here, somehow, she could be herself again.

So yes, he loved the carnival, even if he’d still never admit it.

He loved the carnival almost as much as he loved her.