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I’m so, SO sorry this is such a long post! I would have put the images 2x2 only the dialogue was harder to read that way (even when you clicked on the damn things to view them in Tumblr’s lightbox). And OMG OF COURSE YOU CAN!

Bree is absolutely awful at chess. She needs all the help she can get tbqh. 

Sore Loser (Harry/Ron)

Summary: Harry is shit at chess, and Ron isn’t making the game any easier on him by distracting him during every turn. After being absolutely destroyed by his boyfriend, Harry is all pouty, and Ron simply can’t have that. Based on a prompt @wigglywormy gave me…Hope you likeee it! xx

Harry Potter was good at a lot of things. Playing Quidditch, Defense Against the Dark Arts, saving the Wizarding World from mortal peril…But the one thing he was absolutely shit at was chess. And Ron was really, really good at chess. Harry had never won a game in their years of knowing each other.

Not that Ron made it any easier of course. He never tried to go easy on him, in fact, he just tried to make it even harder for him. Distracting him throughout the game by talking, and most recently, tickling him while he tried to direct his pieces to mess him up. (It was quite an effective strategy.) It wasn’t fair, Harry was already bad enough at the game, he didn’t need help losing.

It was probably childish of him to be so upset over something so trivial, but he’d stalked up to their dorm and gone to his bed, hearing Ron follow close behind him. He shut his eyes, and soon heard the noise of his four poster curtain being opened, and felt the Ron’s weight dip the mattress, his arms wrapping around Harry gently.

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i cannot believe michael tate?? he bought a trenchcoat and just kept it around until he had a sufficiently dramatic opportunity to wear it. he absolutely cannot play chess. he has loud, life-changing self-actualization conversations with strangers in bars. he actually seems to kind of like writing a psychic self-help column with Ghost Advice. he currently lives in a hammock. despite being A Mess in every way he was somehow best friends for over ten years with a man who probably ironed every item of clothing he owned. he is so endearing. please do not leave him alone

all I’m saying is that if Atem and Kaiba DID get married and Pegasus WAS alive and had made up with them and become that annoying but lovable uncle type, he would definitely DEFINITELY give them an absolutely ridiculous chess set for a wedding present with their Duel Monsters as all the pieces, like Kaiba’s queen is the BEWD and his king is Maiden With Eyes Of Blue and Atem’s queen is Dark Magician and his Bishop is Dark Magician Girl and his pawns are Kuriboh etc etc okay

The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem {BonKai Teaser}

She never understood it; what Elena saw in Damon, what Caroline saw in Klaus. When Bonnie’s two best friends ended up sleeping with arrogant, temperamental and, well, psychotic men she just couldn’t wrap her head around it.

Not until … ugh, no. She refused to complete the sentence.

I can’t say until now, she thought to herself, wincing as she adjusted her position on the Salvatore sofa. She pressed a hand to the now bloodied bandage on her side. Kai shot you. With an arrow. A literal arrow!

To be fair, said another, smaller voice in her head. You did kill him first.

Yeah, because he’s a psychopath!

Bonnie snorted. She couldn’t believe she was actually having this conversation with herself. She was currently hiding from the man in question. Hiding because she didn’t know what he’d do to her if he found her, what horrors he’d inflict on her. Had that been part of the fun for Caroline? Not knowing if Klaus would stab her like he did that one time or help her find a dress like he did on prom night? Was this supposed to be desirable? Was this supposed to be what all women secretly wanted? Were we all idiots?

“At least I understand the Damon thing now,” said Bonnie quietly to herself.

Being stuck with him for four months, reliving the same day, wasn’t exactly an easy experience; in fact it was pretty draining. Damon whined most of the time, drank all of the time and he was infuriating, more times than not Bonnie fantasized about ripping off his arm and slapping him in the face with it just so he could shut up. But then there was the fact that he was also loyal. Fiercely loyal. And oddly dependable. And funny (even though she’d never tell him that). She never felt scared of anything when he was near her and sooner rather than later she ended up relying on him, and a little while after that, she learned to miss him when he wasn’t around her and now there were times where she missed him so much she could hardly stand it. There was decency in Damon. But that couldn’t be said for Kai. At all. Ever. And yet.

And yet.

And yet … whenever he touched her, she’d feel a panic in her chest and a stirring in her gut, deep in her gut too, in a place she didn’t even know existed. And it was any time his skin made contact with hers, it didn’t matter if he was hurting her, it didn’t matter if she was hurting him, even in their most violent encounters there always came that moment where the pain and the rage turned to an electricity that devoured her. He made her feel things, want things she’d only felt in her darkest moments, when expressionism took a hold of her, he would stare at her and she him and she’d just want to grab him to her or thrust into him and mash her lips against his, brutally, ferociously. She wanted to scratch him, bite him, clamp down on his lower lip, make him bleed, make him yearn, make him crazy and she knew he wanted to awaken that in her too, she knew because of that moment, that split-second moment that always happened when they let go of each other, that moment of wicked longing, of half-impulse, the urge to hold onto each other again to feel that current between them. She didn’t want to admit it but a part of her, a small part, she thought defiantly, almost looked forward to her showdowns with Kai, it was like a chess match, a dirty, terrifying, absolutely fatal chess match and every time she outsmarted him…she felt exhilarated and proud and satisfied at his loss and every time he got the best of her…well, every time he got the best of her, he was touching her. The thought roused that stirring in her gut again and unbidden images came to mind, images of her nails dragging down his chest, his teeth on her neck, their bodies slamming against walls …

Bonnie closed her eyes and shook her head, wiping the images clean from her mind. I have a problem, she thought to herself.

SasuSaku Month; Prompt Eight

Title: High Stakes
Summary: “Whoever loses has to do whatever the winner wants them to.”
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: The Student Becomes the Teacher
Rating: K+

He was frustrated. Plain and simple.

When Sakura had asked him to teach her how to play chess, at first he was surprised at the fact that she’d never played it before, but he obliged nonetheless. Naruto wasn’t able to understand when he’d tried explaining it to him and Kakashi just didn’t care enough to pay attention to the game.

He hoped that maybe Sakura would take the game seriously and perhaps even present a challenge to him.

Now, three hours after teaching her the ins and outs of the game, he found himself wishing he hadn’t taught her at all.

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monopoly, anyone?


Hear me out. Don’t play monopoly with Frisk.
Frisk is a good kid. They’re nice. They’re a good friend. But if you play monopoly with them you have to GET READY TO BE COMPLETELY DEVASTATED!!! THEY ARE MERCILESS
They have the best negotiation skills. They know what to buy first, how much money to spend. Legend says(and with legend I mean Chara) that Frisk is so good that they’re probably cheating. But no mortal has ever found out how.

While Chara is absolutely godly with chess, Frisk is absolutely godly with monopoly.