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book clary: whiny, problematic, cliche “underdog becomes the hero”
show clary: badass, soft, *cough* not trying to get with the guy she believes is her brother *cough*

book jace: an asshole but “it’s okay because he’s just witty and the cool-guy”
show jace: supportive, strong, a good person to have as a friend/ally

book simon: literally did nothing except pine over clary for like three books, but he’s the cliche cute-nerd friend that EVERY main character has to have
show simon: badass, can make his own decisions, nerd-hot

book isabelle: wasn’t even there most of the time, slut shamed when she was there, but she was a good sister
show isabelle: a fcking goddess™, the best forensic pathologist in the state of NY, just trying to be accepted by her mom, a fcking amazing little sister

book alec: problematic, whiny, good with a bow, knew he was “in love” with his parabatai but still dated magnus (completely disregarding magnus’s feelings)
show alec: amazing fighter, amazing brother,amazing son, amazing boyfriend, amazing amaZING AMAZING !!!

book magnus: literally wore fuckinf ridiculous clothes, but overall he was pretty great
show magnus: the most badass, fashionable, wise person on the world, an excellent boyfriend, takes absolutely NO bullshit, is there to help people when they need it

book luke: wasn’t even there most of the time ???
show luke: the BEST detective in New York, amazing step-dad, badass leader, saved the day so many times i’ve lost count, just overall the best


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  • i feel as if Yongguk isn’t the type to completely open up to someone until he truly trusted and loved them
  • because of that i don’t see him introducing you to his family for a while since they’re something he treasures
  • however, once you had met his family he’d waste no time showing you off
  • you’d most likely become close friends with his brother and sister
  • protective af
  • would be really proud of everything their s/o did
  • he’d give very thoughtful gifts
  • i don’t think he’s the type to forget important days in your relationship (ex. anniversaries, your birthday, etc.)
  • he wouldn’t mind going out for dates but he’d prefer to stay home and just bask in your presence
  • he’d engulf you in his arms when the two of you cuddled
  • he’d be very supportive of you
  • bear hugs
  • waking up to his more than normal deep voice
  • he’d probably make a fool out of himself whenever you were around 
  • he’d have an extreme soft spot for you
  • you two would go on couple walks with Tigger
  • you’d help him run the instagram account he has for Tigger
  • there’ll be times you guys will just spend all day in bed
  • forehead kisses
  • he’d like resting his head on top of yours when the two of you hugged
  • he’d explain the reason and the meaning behind each tattoo 
  • his aegyo would be reserved for only your eyes to see
  • do volunteer work together
  • every kiss would be passionate tbh
  • he’d unconsciously always be touching you (holding your hand, wrapping his arm around your waist, etc)
  • without realizing it, he’d have a smile on his face whenever the members brought you up in a conversation
  • lots of pillow talk


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This is my first time doing one of these so I really hope it’s not horrible!

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  • he’d occasionally be very needy for your attention
  • he’d love to cuddle with you
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • anywhere kisses really
  • he’s the type to like to take candid photos of you 
  • so in other words, the majority of the pictures he’d have of you in his phone would most likely be embarrassing af 
  • i don’t think he’d be shy to show affection in public
  • he’d love to hold your hand and hug you from behind
  • he’d act all pouty and cute when you were mad at him in hopes of defusing your anger
  • he’d leave cute love notes scattered around the house for you 
  • he’s the type to send you bouquets of flowers while he’s away on tour
  • when he was on tour he’d be constantly texting you whenever he had the chance
  • he’d take a lot of pictures of the country he was visiting, wishing you were there with him  
  • he’d love to surprise you when he’d return back from tour
  • but if you were picking him up he’d rush to find you and engulf you in a long hug
  • he’d sing you to sleep whenever you had a nightmare
  • fluffy couple sweaters
  • speaking of sweaters,  he’d love seeing you in his sweaters especially if they were oversized on you
  • you’d probably witness a lot of daejae 
  • he seems like the type to tuck your hands in his pocket when you’re walking out in cold weather
  • he’d always seem to be smiling when he was around you
  • he’d love showing you off to the other members
  • he’d occasionally ask his hyungs for advice if he felt he needed it
  • would constantly remind you of how much he loved you
  • he’d make you feel cherished for sure


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Ahhh he’s my bias wrecker and this made me swerve into his lane for a bit…sorry admin k c:

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Fun story: I fucking LOVE Hamilton, like you do, but NO ONE can rival my boyfriend’s absolute obsession with the musical. So, being the amazing girlfriend that I am, I bought him tickets to see it in Chicago for his 21st birthday.

I bought them on Ticketmaster, so I couldn’t wrap him a gift or anything, so I just sprung the news on him while we were driving (three weeks early, btw, because I can’t keep a secret to save my life). His reaction: First he thought I was kidding, then he was completely silent and tense, then he called his mom to tell her and started crying on the phone, then we finally parked and he hugged me for a solid fifteen minutes, then we walked around a mall while he bounced/laughed/was all-around giddy and full of nervous energy, and then later that night he called me to tell me he threw up.

We’re seeing it on May 17th and it can’t fucking come soon enough. :D

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Bang Yongguk as your boyfriend

- ready to duel anyone who looks at you for too long

- supports whatever you do

- probably likes romantic cliché movies

- will send you lots of shirtless snaps

- then acts like nothing’s happened 

- random hugs and kisses during the day

- lots of cringeworthy but cute aegyo 

- he’d become very cuddly when you both lie in bed

- sometimes you would catch him looking at you, but he’d turn his head as soon as you noticed

- then he’d smile his adorable gummy smile

- b.a.p would soon be your second family

- prepare for a winnie puuh marathon

- definitely buy matching rings

- he would anxiously sit in he corner while you listen to his new songs

- he’d take you to spontaneous beach dates

- sometimes you’ll come home and find your favorite book, movie, flower, candy on the bed 

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This is my first “ … as your boyfriend “ post. I know its not great, but it will get better, promise!

in another world, when you are loved, you grow wings  to show it. the bigger the love, the bigger the wings. 

and a world that sees wings as the ultimate status symbol. celebrities with gigantic wings that cannot fly because they are too heavy. monarchs that have stylists to enlarge their (very stumpy) wings. 

babies born with the soft proof of their parent’s love, babies flaking off feathers when their parents don’t care enough. teenagers who watch their wings flake and grow every day, never sure who loves them or doesn’t. having your crush figure out you like him because his wings won’t stop fluffing up. 

bullies who fake having large wings, who hurt others because they never felt whole, who go home and try to wish their feathers into growing. gentle, soft people who have long wings they’re embarrassed of, who tuck them and try to be average because they don’t like showing off. 

weddings where there’s so much love in the room everyone’s wings swell up. the couple having perfectly matched wings which don’t stop their steady growth. waking up next to your husband of six years to find he’s gone and all your feathers have fallen off.

a girl who is pushed down and laughed at for her little wings, her broken home. who knows she’s ugly for it, who feels perfectly alone. who one day walks into a room with another girl who happens to complement her shirt and within six days has become the closest friend she’s ever learned. her wings spreading big and wide and proud over other people’s heads, her new feathers getting in the way because she’s not used to them, pushing her new feathers out of the way so she can kiss the girl she’s dreamed about.

finding your best friend and watching the feathers sprout. lying awake in bed feeling useless and yet having this proof that someone out there loves you. helping a stranger on the train only to have a few cautious pinfeathers tickle their way out. wondering if they felt that tickle, too.

waking up from a dream very confused, hoping a boy six blocks down doesn’t come into school with suddenly slightly larger wings. ace people with arching wings who are absolutely loved by their friends, who are absolutely loving. your boyfriend promising you that boy he’s flirting with means nothing, finding that your feathers are slowly falling out in the shower each morning. 

having average wings and a sad heart and doing your best to be alive and happy and whole but failing terribly - but working towards it, slowly, until one day you see your wings spreading and get excited about who it could be, who liked you enough to change you this drastically; only to figure out on a tuesday afternoon that it’s you, you’re the one who loves yourself for once; and the thought is so big and wide and lovely that you sit down on the floor and can’t stop crying because despite everything, you made it. and that’s amazing.


Your boyfriends go on a date to the museum while you’re at work but it’s okay because Kookie is keeping you updated.

I love taekook so much. They are so precious and they would be the absolute best boyfriends in the world to you and to eat other. - admin nicole 💕

Sick Babygirl - pt.2

Genre: a smidgen of fluff and s m u t

Length: about 1,500 words

Kinks: dd/lg, choking, brat taming, predator/prey play

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Jaebum had been taking care of you all week; bring you everything you needed or wanted, leaving practice early just to check up on you, and so much more.

You looked up at him, softly pouting as you made eye contact. “Daddy…” His petname rolling off your tongue and escaping your mouth like a sweet, peaceful song.

A bright smile appeared on his face, his cheeks turning a bright pink- just like they always did when you called him that during the moments alone you two had together. “Yes princess?” He asked in reply, gently caressing your face.

“You seem really tired. Are you sure I’m not being a bother?” You asked curiously, cuddling into the palm of his large hand, “I feel so annoying. You’re doing so much for me..”

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My request: Chocobros having a stable relationship until their S/O starts feeling left behind because of amount of work their boyfriend has. She finds THAT GUY who cheers them up - no cheating, as in sex, involved - but Chocobros notice the sudden change of S/O behaviour. Good thing they do, because oh boy THAT GUY turns out to be obsessed with you. In the end, I just want a scenario with Bros being knights in shining armors saving you from a weirdo with a knife. (inspired by Love Artifact AMV)

OOOH YES! Omg this has so much alpha-male chocobro potential! Ah, I am so excited to write this *starts writing immediately* I wrote Noctis a really long scenario because I realised that I always neglect him in my fills and write his scenarios too short LOL :/

Just to let ya’ll know- if the whole post does not show up, just copy and past the permalink into your browser (for mobile phone users) :D If you have any issues, just DM me and I’ll help you out! :D

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Noctis: You sit by yourself at lunch for the third week in a row, your chin cupped in your hands and your lips parting continuously to let you tired, sad sighs. You wanted to spend time with your boyfriend, but that was becoming difficult with high school graduation looming in the next month. Noctis was not a normal student, after all, he was the Crown Prince of Lucis. On top of exams and college applications, he was also well into his magic training, his physical combat training and his advanced political science classes. Noctis was a busy young man, and you appreciated that fact- but you did feel a little lonely. It had been over a month since you got to feel Noctis’ lips against yours, and you missed his lazy little smiles and his impromptu naps on you lap in the park. You just missed him so much, but you felt like a whiny girlfriend every time you thought about asking him to meet you in his down time. He was probably tired and needed his rest. So you refrained from contacting him lest you ended up annoying the busy prince- after all, you were nothing but his commoner girlfriend. In the grand scheme of things, you probably didn’t matter too much to Noctis anyways.

Weeks of thinking along those lines led you to conversing with the resident ‘bad-boy’ in your grade. He’s relatively good looking- nothing like the art that is your prince though- and he knows how to hold an intelligent conversation. So on the lead up to your graduation, he spends lunch time with you and the two of you become good friends- or so you think. Resident bad-boy invites you to a party during one of your lunch time chats, and you tell him that you’ll think about it. That night, you scrounge up the courage to call your busy boyfriend, only to be re-directed to his soft-spoken voice mail message. You groan in frustration, disconnect the call, and then dial your new male friend’s number, and tell him you’ll be at the party.

That weekend, you and the bad-boy Tak hit it off, and you’re starting to feel very comfortable with him. You start to feel a little shy and bashful around him and you also find yourself flirting lightly with him. Nothing too serious, just some giggling, some arm touching and some flirty smiles exchanged across the room- but every time he tries to make a serious move, you remind him that you are already spoken for. This tactic seems to work for a while until Noctis is back at school, and sitting with you at lunch for the first time in a very long while.

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