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the stupid thing with people being all obsessed about the idea of cas choosing the winchesters over heaven, though, is that:

“Imagine it, Castiel, for you to come and go as you please. Be part of your family, your true family, again.”

the entire point is cas not having to chose in the first place. he can be with the winchesters and on earth when he wants. he can be in heaven and with the angels when he wants. he can have both.

but, y’know god fucking forbid cas has happiness and joy outside of dean the winchesters.

Fearful Love Part 2

Jared x Reader

Word Count: 1,838

Warnings: language 

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Part 1

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Just some of the many faces that will be the absolute death of me *swoon* *faint* *die*….


Saturday’s female celebrity of the day is Emma Roberts.  Earlier I discovered that I have over four thousand followers now and that seems pretty good!  Especially since I don’t think it was too long ago I hit three thousand.  It’s good to know there’s still people (and spambots) interested in female celebrities!  And what better way to celebrate than with Emma Roberts, one of the absolute tippy-toppiest best girls?  This is the forty ninth time she’s been FCOTD.

BSD Single Dad AU [The Trio]

[General tidbits about Aiko, Ayumu, and Chikako, and what they think of each other.]

~Aiko Kunikida~

-Depending on the version of the AU being used, Aiko is either a newborn/infant, or a young, preschool aged child. Her parentage is a bit flexible, but, in this version, her mother lives in Tokyo and Aiko is in preschool.

-Aiko is a very energetic little girl who enjoys playing sports, practicing judo, and just being outside in general.

-Much like Kunikida, Aiko has a strong sense of right and wrong, but can be a bit careless when it comes to achieving justice.

-Aiko has black hair, and light colored eyes.

-It is unknown if Aiko has an ability as of yet.

-When it comes to Ayumu, Aiko finds him to be a good friend, as well as someone she wants to protect.

-When it comes to Chikako, Aiko sees her as a bit of a bully, but tries to be nice to her anyway.

~Ayumu Dazai~

-Depending on the version of the AU being used, Ayumu’s appearance and age change. Previously, I used the version where Ayumu was still an infant, but the recent additions I have him as a young, preschool aged child. 

-Similarly, the identity of Ayumu’s other parent is open to interpretation/guesses, as it, too, can change depending on which pairing is decided on, either by myself or majority rules.

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Small Audience - Victuuri Family Fluff

A/N: Special thanks to @sofiama for sharing that pic yesterday! @memento-scribet and and I had a pretty lengthy discussion last night about the babies and decided that the twins needed an older adopted sister so here’s her story!

Prompt: In which Victuuri adopts a kid.

“I really think your program could benefit from an extra quad in the second half of your -” Victor commented to Yuuri who was listening intently to his coach’s advice. Victor almost accidentally ran into a small platinum haired little girl who was carefully peering through the glass doors of the practice rink. “Oh! Pardon me, little girl!” Victor said stepping around the girl. She looked up at him wide eyed in star struck wonder.

“Would you like an autograph or photo?” Victor asked kindly, leaning down to the girls level. If it was possible her eyes widened even further. She shook her head and quickly ran in the opposite direction.

“Nice going old man. You scared off a small child.” Yurio sneered pushing the door to the rink open and stepping inside, completely ignoring the fans who were calling for his attention.

Victor and Yuri interacted with their fans for a few more minutes until Yakov insisted that all of his skaters get their asses on the ice for practice. About halfway through practice Victor happened to look over out the window overlooking the rink. Most of the fans have dispersed, they have been training all day at this point, but one little fan remained watching the Russian skaters with bright eager eyes. Victor smiled warmly at the wondrous look she had on her face when Yuuri landed his quad flip.

In a spur of the moment of decision, Victor exited the ice, took off his skates and walked towards the door with Yakov shouting unheard demands behind him.

“Victor?” Yuuri asked in worried confusion.

“I’ll be right back Yuuri. There’s something I need to do.” Victor explained vaguely.

“Ok …”

Victor jogged out of the rink and over to where the little girl still watched the practice from the window. She didn’t hear Victor approach her and almost comically lept up in surprise when he spoke up.

“Would you like to come inside? You can see a lot better from in there.” Victor offered her.

“Can I?” She asked hopefully.

“Sure thing! Just let me go ask your parents if it’s alright.” Victor responded cheerfully. Victor’s heart completely shattered when her adorable excited smile quickly fell from her face. “What is it? What’s the matter?” He asked trying to find any solution to make this child happy again.

“I - I don’t have any parents.” She confessed looking down at the ground to avoid Victor’s eye contact. Victor’s eyes widened in understanding as the realization of her words fully hit him.

“Ah.” He said. Victor quickly shook off his sympathetic look with a gentle smile and an extended hand. “Well then, the offer still stands if you’d like to come inside. Oh! Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Victor Nikiforov and who might you be?” Victor asked.

“Sophie.” She answered, her smile starting to return.

“Does Sophie have a last name?” Victor asked kindly, extending his hand out to hers. She cautiously took his hand and let Victor guide her into the rink.

“No sir.” She answered looking up at him as they walked hand in hand.

“Well that’s quite alright!” Victor replied warmly. He pulled the door to the building open, bowed, and gestured for her to enter the rink. “After you, my lady.” He said. Sophie giggled behind her hand at the famous skater treating her like a princess.

When she walked in and saw the rink with her own two eyes, she stopped and stared wide eyed as she took in all the sights and sounds. Unfortunately she couldn’t quite see over the boards and was hopping up and down on the tip of her toes to try and catch a good glimpse of the skaters.

“Here let me help with that.” Victor noticed her struggling and lifted Sophie up and onto his shoulders to give her a better view.

“Wow! Did you see that? That was amazing!” She praised pointing towards Yuuri who had just flawlessly landed an impressive quad.

“Would you like to meet him?” Victor asked and without waiting for an answer he waved Yuuri over. “Yuuri! Come meet my new friend!” Yuuri skated over to where the pair overlooked the practice session. Yuuri smiled kindly at the girl and exerted his hand out in greeting.

“Hello Miss -”

“Sophie.” Victor supplemented.

“Miss Sophie. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Yuuri Katsuki.” Yuuri introduced himself to the child.

“You’re a really good skater.” She complimented shyly.

“Thank you. You are too kind.” Yuuri responded graciously.

“Yuuri is too modest! He really is amazing! Oh! Here’s an idea, how would you like to skate with us today?” Victor asked with unrestrained excitement bubbling inside of him at the prospect of skating with this bundle of adorableness.

“I-I don’t know how to skate.” She admitted.

“We’ll teach you then! You’ll help me teach her, won’t you Yuuri?” Victor pleaded, giving Yuuri his irresistible puppy eyes

“Okay.” Yuuri agreed.

“Great! I’m pretty sure the rink has some spare rentals in the back that they wouldn’t mind us borrowing. They’re only rentals so they’re not the best quality blades but they should serve our purposes nicely. Let’s see if we can find you a pair.” Victor said bubbling with excitement as he guided Sophie over to where he knew the skates were held. Victor hopped over the counter and nabbed a pair that appeared to be her size. He then proceeded to help her put them on and lace them up good and tight. She was a little wobbly on her feet as she tried to balance on her blades but Victor held her hand and helped her walk back towards the ice. Victor stepped out onto the ice first and held her hands tightly as he helped her glide across the ice.

“Just hold onto me, alright? I won’t let you fall I promise.” Victor swore. Sophie nodded and gripped Victor’s hands for dear life. “Alright when you’re comfortable, to go forward you’re going to bed your knees slightly like this and while keeping one foot on the ice you’re going to push the other leg outwards and back.” Victor instructed her, showing her the motions while staying in place. Sophie nodded and tried doing it like he did but ended up leaning too far forward and slipping. Victor easily caught her before she could fall to this ice.

“It’s alright, I’ve got you.” He reassured. “Go ahead and try again.” Victor encouraged. Sophie tried skating forward again with a greater degree of success. Eventually after a while of Sophie practicing in the safety of Victor’s grasp, Yuuri switched off with him so that he could step back and take some pictures with his phone.

“Very good! You’re a natural Sophie! Yes! Just like that!” Yuuri praised as she started to slowly skate without holding onto her tutors. Victor watched as the two interacted with Yuuri holding both of her hands in front of him to keep her steady on her feet should she fall. Victor couldn’t help but to conjure up images of this little girl one day growing up to be an amazing skater who swept medals left and right at every competition.

“She looks a little like you, you know.” Mila commented, watching the impromptu lesson play out in front of her. “I think it’s the hair that does it. Such an unusual color you two have.” She continued.  

“There is a bit of a resemblance there, isn’t there?” Victor said thoughtfully, never taking his eyes off of his Yuuri and this little girl who was quickly making a place for herself in his heart.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were her father.” Mila said. With those words uttered between them, Victor came up with an idea that excited him more than anything. He wanted to hug and kiss Mila for the idea that she gave him but decided that should probably wait until he had the chance to discuss it with Yuuri.  

“She’s an orphan Yuuri. She doesn’t have a family.” Victor explained later that night while he and Yuuri were cooking dinner.


“Yuuri I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think we should adop-”

“I’m gonna stop you right there Victor because I know what you’re about to say and I agree.” Victor’s face falls thinking Yuri is rejecting his idea to finally adopt a child of their own but brightens to the largest grin when he realizes that Yuuri actually agreed with his idea. They’re going to be fathers! And with any luck, to the most adorable girl in the world no less!

“Yuuri!” Victor called out his husband’s name excitedly and leapt into his arms, pulling Yuuri into a tight hug. “Oh! I could kiss you right now!”

“What’s stopping you?” Yuuri retorted with a smirk.

“Absolutely nothing!” Victor said. Victor took Yuuri’s face in his hands and pulled Yuuri into a quick passionate kiss before pulling away when he realized there was more that still needed to be discussed. “Unless you have any objections I have a child in mind that would be perfect for us.”

“Sophie? Victor, I didn’t know it before today but I think she’s the missing part of our family that we didn’t know we needed.” Yuuri admitted.

“So we’re really going to adopt her?” Victor asked hopefully.

“If she’ll have us, sure.” Yuuri agreed.

“Oh Yuuri! We’re going to be the absolute best parents this girl could ever wish for, I just know it!” Victor said hugging his husband impossibly closer to him. In that moment though, he didn’t care how tightly he was holding his Yuuri. He was just so overwhelmed with joy and happiness that their little family was going to grow in the very near future. Victor couldn’t exactly say he ever imagined himself being a father but being a father to Sophie? Nothing in his life felt more right than that.

HoriKashi Week - Day 4: TouchFt. Chorus from “Touch” by Shift K3y

♪ “Tell me is it easier to see // That I don’t want nobody else for you but me?”♪