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Jemma “heart eyes emoji” Simmons


Hedwig and the Angry Inch was amazing! I went into it knowing little to nothing, but walked out with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. It was an incredible work of art and unlike any play I’ve ever seen before!

Meeting Darren Criss was an absolute dream come true. I’ve tried to get tickets to see him in various things for the past seven years (no joke), but none of that mattered when he was standing in front of me and talking to me. While I was completely starstruck, it was so easy to talk to him and it felt as though I was talking to a friend, not some well known celebrity.

Thank you Darren for always being my teenage dream and the company of Hedwig for putting on one hell of a show!

Wowowowowwieee. I never thought I’d ever get this many people following me, I mean all I do is reblog attractive characters from BioWare but omg thank you all so much! 

Okay so lemme just do a little special mention here, these following blogs are my absolute favourite angel faces and you should all be following them bc omg I love them so much:

My King: kingoftheboyscoutss

My one and only: butchdel0ria

The greatest friend anyone could ever ask for: daudswhalers

My favourite blog of all time: fortheloveofandraste

The angel face: justonequickdrink

and ofc my constant source of heartbreak and entertainment: arandomfactoid

so ye, get on to following them if you haven’t already! Now for the list, bolded are people I consider friends, italicized are really awesome blogs and both mean you should definitely be following them.


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Also some Honourable mentions, these are people I really appriate popping up in my notes and I’m only not following you bc I’m a lazy lil shit ok? ty.

andrastes-flaming-bra-straps, therealmcgee, daughter-of-tyvia, thelawbringer, warrdens officialfemshep and finally ofc bmalsuj / sujthechef

Thank you all so much. ilu, I’ll shut up now ♥