absolute abstract

yoongi as a tattoo artist

requested by @first-humble

  • runs a solo studio because he doesn’t like arguing over the other artists about designs
  • also because he hates the idea of sharing space with someone else
  • he’s really particular about what designs he does, he’s best at abstract patterns
  • is absolutely unafraid to tell a customer when their design sucks
  • “okay i understand that you think you need a naked woman riding a tiger into the sunset but i’m gonna tell you straight up you’ll regret it”
  • the shop is covered in a bunch of rough design sketches that he wants to try out on someone but hasn’t been able to yet
  • one day this guy comes in and is walking around looking at all of yoongi’s designs and after a bit he points at this one of a butterfly (which is yoongi’s favorite) and asks if he can have it done
  • the guy keeps coming back and getting more tattoos and after a while he and yoongi start talking more (yoongi wouldn’t admit it to himself that he thought the guy was really cute, even though he didn’t know his name)
  • “i know we’ve met three times but i feel like it’s a good time to each other our names”
  • “what difference would it make?”
  • “well it’d be pretty handy if i could know your name when i ask you out”
  • yoongi’s idea of a ‘date’ is giving jimin a tour of his studio, showing him how he comes up with his designs and telling him stories about the dumbest tattoo designs he’s gotten requested to do
  • he doesn’t know it but when he’s tattooing someone he does this cute thing where he sticks his tongue out and jimin thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world
  • when jimin tells him about it he refuses to believe it
  • “nothing i do is cute, my entire existence is manly”
  • “are you calling me a liar?”
  • “ … no.”

if you need any additional proof of how oppressive a language can be, just remember that in Russian, everything has a gender, from the ocean (that is male, even though water itself is a female noun) to a speck of dust (that is, for reasons unknown, also female)… and you can’t use a verb without specifying whether you, as a speaker, are male or female…

…but we still don’t have an equivalent for English they/them pronouns.

one of the richest languages in the world doesn’t allow you to speak of yourself, other people, your surroundings or even absolutely abstract concepts in a gender-neutral way.

just imagine what living there is like for people outside the gender binary. if you don’t exist according to your own language, it’s no wonder you feel invisible and lost.