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Another Silly Sportarobbie Headcanon

Robbie Rotten only uses affectionate names for Sportacus for two reasons
1.  When he is being privately affectionate.
2.  When he is absolutely 100% done with Sportacus.

For example:
*Sportacus is in the middle of making food and is being 200% more extra™ about it than he really ought to be*
Robbie: “Sportacus?”
Sportacus: “Yes Robbie?”
Robbie: “Light of my life?  Bringer of my joy?  Apple Strudel of my Eye?”
Sportacus: “Yes…?”
Robbie: “- the reason I get up in the morning and what beckons me to bed every eve…”
Sportacus: “… Um… Robbie?  You only say things like that when you are either really happy or very frustrated…”
Robbie: “Take a wild guess.”
Sportacus: “… Oh.  Sorry Robbie! :}D”

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Matt Headcanon: When he was younger (like younger than Pidge) he broke his arm because he jumped off the roof with a trash bag like a parachute. He saw a character in a cartoon do it and wanted to test the physics.

this is absolutely 100% a matt thing. you’re totally correct anon. thank you.

(fun fact i tried this off of my treehouse when i was little but fortunately 1) it wasn’t too high off the ground 2) there was a lot of snow, so i was fine)

honestly…from one bi to…another or a gay or a straight or a pan or any queer individual…the tumblr that shits on pairings based on gender is so boring honestly and I’m like…completely absolutely 100% over it and I hope it dies soon. I’m 100% a shitty sjw that fights for representation and wants more of it but like…this is reaching above and beyond.

can we shit on pairings based on idk…abuse again??? shitty writing?? lmfao. I’m so exhausted of enjoying relationships based on their chemistry and writing and having to further explain myself about liking “That Straight Couple” which is bullshit. or even straight people that wanna pick and choose certain aspects of relationships and only apply them to M/F couples.

I’m tired.


Agnona pieces I’d love Sofia to wear (2/2)

On the first day of the State Visit from Canada to Sweden, Sofia debuted a new brand: Agnona. Agnona is an Italian fashion house started in 1953. I did some digging in to Agnona and found some of their pieces are absolutely gorgeous. I would 100% love Sofia (or any royal lady) to make Agnona a regular fixture in their wardrobe.

Some less-explored aspects of Viktor Nikiforov’s character that I will love and protect until my dying day:

  • Finally learned how to be a young and careless person at age 27
  • Was absolutely 100% willing to jump straight into a “Married for five years with a dog” type relationship with Katsuki Yuuri the moment his feet hit the ground in Japan (Viktor “U-haul” Nikiforov)
  • Arrived in Japan assuming that he and Yuuri were already in a relationship and, once realizing his error, didn’t pressure Yuuri into ‘Keeping his promise’ or something similarly creepy
  • Literally is such an affectionate person and lets exactly zero (0) stereotypes regarding Eastern European men apply to him
  • He never raises his voice in anger to anyone??? ever?? I love it
  • Is an extremely competitive person but probably also the most sporting person in the entire fuckin show? Like even Yuuri can sometimes be a bit of a sore loser but Viktor’s like, Yuuri you better inspire the fuck out of that smol multi-colored skate child. Hell yes I’m proud of Yurio, that’s my boy, that’s my actual son.
  • Is a masculine person who gives ZERO FUCKS about perceived gender
  • NONE of his compliments to Yuuri are overtly physicality-based? He showers Yuuri in compliments about his stamina, about his ability to wow the crowd. He tells him how sexy he is but it’s entirely because of how Yuuri’s CONFIDENCE makes him sexy. Viktor is, at every moment, using positive reinforcement to make Yuuri see himself in a kinder light.
  • Is literally always unashamedly high key about everything.

“The future,” he said, looking down at his open hands, “begins here.”
  - Iron Man #325

I absolutely 100% believe that Riverdale Veronica will try to pick a fight with everyone who doesn’t agree that Betty is a literal perfect angel, and Betty will have to stop her every time because Ronnie is a rich kid who can’t actually throw a punch.

On the subject of The Anime Awards...

I’m genuinely pretty proud of how Mob Psycho did, even in the categories it didn’t win!  I think we should be very proud of how many votes Mob Psycho 100 got in a lot of these categories.  There’s a lot of disappointment, sadness and general negativity and I’d like you guys to hear me out and maybe have a bit of optimism from this whole affair brought to you!

Hero of the Year

Mob was genuinely pretty close here!  I’m not surprised that Deku from MHA won, because he is a dynamic and interesting shounen hero, and more traditionally fills the role.  The fact that Mob is recognized as a hero at all is really amazing to me because the story really does treat him as a victim of circumstance more than an active force.

His heroic actions haven’t even really happened yet, most manga readers will know!  What someone who has only watched the anime will see from Mob is a kid who’s only driving motivation is to be well-liked and to keep his family safe.  The fact that Mob received 29k votes for Hero of the Year isn’t something to sneeze at, let alone imagine what it’ll be like when future arcs get animated!

Best Boy

Reigen literally came in second place.  That’s so perfect, you guys, he had enough of an impact to earn that title!  And it’s not like Yuri is a bad character to lose to, either - Yuri IS a great character in his own right and is just as dynamic and fun as Reigen can be.  YoI has some bumps in its production, but the character writing never really was one of them imo - this was an honorable defeat and hey, a silver medal matches Reigen’s suit better, don’t you think?

Best Fight Scene

We did win best fight scene, and the fight they picked?  Episode 8, Mob VS Koyama - the most serious, brutal and horrific fight in the season.  The turning point.  The moment where the stakes were so high, and we hurt to see these poor kids being forced into violence.  The animation was good, but more importantly, the impact of what was happening there landed the fight a victory by 15k votes.

Best Animation

Holy fucking shit you guys I cannot even complain about getting second place here - look at our lead against Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, which is the show I was seriously examining as the competitor for Mob Psycho’s animation!  We got nearly 20k more votes than that show, and goodness gracious, the giant chunk of votes YoI usually gets was smaller than usual in this category.  I think most people can actually recognize the difference in quality!  But I’ve already rambled at length about why MP100′s animation is good so I’ll clip myself here.

Best Action

I seriously didn’t expect MP100 to win here, you guys, even if it was a pretty close race - it’s not a show that exactly focuses on the action even if that is an aspect of the experience.  It’s pretty amazing that the action of a character staying mostly stationary and waving his hand at people to attack them turns out to be the winning action scene!  There were some serious contenders here, but reflecting on it, I can absolutely see why Mob Psycho deserves this.  The animation is very dynamic, the shifting mixed media often accentuates the violence and movement of a scene, and half of the fights feature creepy spirits and extremely surreal psychic powers - and the scenes are only enhanced with the soundtrack done by the legendary Kenji Kawai.  Considering so much of the action is also sprinkled with comedy and is PACED super well (ONE is just the king of good pacing, imo, but that’s a rant for another day) it’s no wonder.

Best Opening

We blew all of the other competition besides YoI out of the water on this one.  We have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  Without YoI, it would’ve been no contest!  And you know what?  YoI’s opening is good, as well - I can’t even attribute the victory entirely to YoI’s bigger fanbase, either, because their OP was very beautifully and artfully done.  Other OPs were left in the dust with our two monumentally big votes in these categories, though.  We completely deserve the silver medal.

Best Ending

Not as monumental of a landslide, but we still did excellent.  We should be proud of Miyo Sato’s work on this ending, and how it’s more dynamic and such a beautiful piece of oil-on-glass work.  Mother’s Basement has already rambled at beautifully detailed length about this ED so definitely go watch his video.

In General

We all knew this was going to be a popularity contest - look at how many more votes were for YoI than for ANY other anime!  It was one of the most-watched anime this season, and their categories got nearly 50k more votes than other ones.  No other anime actually HAD that crazy huge of a lead in any of the categories, most victories were 10k-30k victories in comparison.  We were fighting a behemoth, and a base of people that probably have ONLY watched YoI.

I think we need to remember that most casual anime watchers will only really watch one show at a time.  A lot of people just don’t have the time to dedicate to watching more than 20 minutes a week - busy lives, hectic schedules, and other hobbies will compete for people’s time and not everyone decides that anime is their preferred time sink.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  So my perspective of these voting results?  They show how monumentally popular and successful YoI was, and how much of an impact it made on the anime-viewing public at large.  They show that YoI touched a LOT of people, enough that they shared it with everyone they could and almost everyone - and it’s not like it’s a bad show in any sense of the word!  It’s well-written, has extremely lovable characters and absolutely phenomenal character chemistry.  If it were something stupid like Sword Art Online I would feel insulted, but Yuri On Ice is a beautiful show and absolutely deserves its popularity.

So what exactly am I getting at with that?  Well, simply this: nearly everyone I spoke to that had seen YoI but had also seen other anime spread their votes out.  I had to chuckle when a couple friends went “Yuri on Ice is my favorite show” but then voted for Reigen for Best Boy, or Mob Psycho for best animation.  If you look at how Mob Psycho ranked compared to shows besides YoI, it came out on top almost every time.  Mob Psycho 100 performed so well compared to so many of the other shows, and it’s not like the shows that were competing were bad. Nearly everything we voted for had extremely good merits.

So for Mob Psycho 100 to do as well as it did, despite the fact that it’s not as popular as YoI?  I’m glowing with pride, as a fan of it - and I think you should be too.  I can only hope that we can settle down and not bicker, because I’d love to encourage people to watch Mob Psycho 100 as well as Yuri On Ice, and learn to love and appreciate them both.  If any Yuri on Ice fans have any questions about Mob Psycho 100, please ask me - I love talking in brief or at length about my absolute favorite show and I would absolutely love to share it with you as you all have shared Yuri on Ice with me.

for everyone who says “it’s not queerbaiting!” i just want to let you know that i am not committed to TJLC and i spent a year in college analyzing and tearing apart every single moment of queerbaiting in BBC Sherlock and let me tell you right now that it is absolutely 100% queerbaiting whether u care about john and sherlock together or not

there are inconsistencies in the plot, pointless and endless lead-ons, etc.

if don’t see queerbaiting in sherlock, you are not looking hard enough, really don’t care enough to look, or have privilege regarding your sexuality


“It was a feeling that starkly contrasts the energy of label presentations that took place at Sony’s new downtown Manhattan offices in January. There, amid optimistic talk of streaming and excitement over new music by Harry Styles, Morris says he recalls “feeling so flushed with pride and saying to myself, This cake is baked.’”