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            anyway just a quick shoutout to  @creatied@blastyexplodo @phantomkept  !!  maddy,  effy,  bel are three of the absolute sweetest  most wonderful people  i just want them to know how much i love  appreciate each  every one of them because i do, a whole heck of a lot  ( not to mention, they’re all such incredibly talented people  &  i love everything they do— everything they write, every muse they make, everything we’ve ever or will ever plot together ; they’re just amazing  they deserve all the love in the world, thank you ). ♡♡♡

I’m going to guess this is because they don’t have enough qualifying submissions to choose from. In which case, with that whole insanity they keep cracking down harder and harder on about anything red or slightly violent looking, they absolutely 100% brought this on themselves. And they’ll have no one to blame but themselves when they have to explain why Flat Male Skydancer Leg Airbrush, Obvious Stock Image With Green Streak, and Blurry Bogsneak Neck No One Will Use #113 (or whatever hypothetical skin stereotypes you prefer to imagine here) won.

Mereel is the type of person to be able to nap anywhere — often in the most unlikely of places, or positions, for an indeterminate amount of time. Considering how hard he works, and how he drives himself into the ground, that shouldn’t be a surprise. B’)

Generally, though, he is a very light sleeper — and the places he chooses to nap narrow the “sneaking up” to a narrow direction. Thus if he’s spotted, or if anyone comes within even moderate range, he’ll immediately wake up.

The only exceptions is if he absolutely, 100%, trusts the person entering his range, and even then — it’s still a toss up.

Okay but my favourite headcannon in the voltron fandom is where Shiro’s sense of humour is practically the exact same as Lance’s but he’s vowed to never, ever let Lance know about this.

He’s really serious about hiding it from Lance, it’s his soul goal/focus in life

Until the day when he accidentally texts Lance instead of Keith

Space Dad: Keith

Space Dad: my dude

Space Dad: my man

Space Dad: My little brother

Space Dad: My only living family member

Space Dad: My red boy

Space Dad: Hear me out

Space Dad: Next time we meet lotor let’s just dead ass look him in the eye and challenge him to a dance off

Space Dad: He seems like the kinda guy to accept

Space Dad: And u know I’ll win

Space Dad: I got them fly moves

Space Dad: It will be majestic

Space Dad: SHIT


Space Dad: don’t know where we’re gonna get roller skates in space but honestly? Not my problem

Space Dad: Keith why are you ignoring me this is a fantastic idea

Space Dad: How dare you disrespect me like this, today of all days, the day of my daughters wedding

Space Dad: no but why am I imagining lotor just wiping out and then hissing like a fucking cat

Space Dad: galra are a lot like cats

Space Dad: Keith fukc Keith r you a cat


Space Dad: Okay but c'mon patch the furry but at least respond to the dancing roller blade off w/lotor

Space Dad: This is absolutely 100% how u win a war trust me I’ve worn a cool army suit once

Space Dad: oh no ur not Keith fuCK ME BACKWARDS HELLO LANCE

Lance McMeme: what the fuck just happened

Let’s talk about this

I didn’t know why people felt that it was different how Danny reacted to Jorah volunteering vs. Jon volunteering. Until I watched it again.

Then I saw it

This was her reaction to Jorah:

Shock, confusion, worry, the casual ‘what-the-fuck-do-you-mEAN-you’re-going?’ look. but then eventually…

Acceptance… five seconds later.

And then Jon starts talking. when Davos goes “They won’t follow Ser Jorah”, and Jon goes “they won’t have to”. Davos got it right away what the hell this boy was planning to do. 

And Danny… Oh, sweet summer child:


She didn’t get it at first. It went from … ‘what..?’ to “oh god..”

THIS is the look of utter f e a r. She is terrified right now, and she does not know what to say. Her inner feelings are conflicting with her job as a queen.

And what face does Jon give?

That face a guy makes when he’s screaming ‘I’m sorry’ in his head.

Now… here’s one of my favorite parts…

Jorah even fucking looks at Danny, waiting for her to SAY something (I think this is also the moment Jorah knew. He just knew)

And Danny… her breathing is so uneven… She is legitimately scared for Jon.

“I haven’t given your permission” 

 I don’t care what you say… This is not Danny being a Queen. This is Danny being selfish. She let her personal feelings get in the way.

But Jon’s entire speech. About strangers trusting strangers, pulls at her. Jon forcibly pulls the Queen inside of her.

And Danny looks at Tyrion. Hoping for his counsel.

And she finally breaks. She doesn’t accept it, No, no no, she is absolutely 100% against this. But if you are anything like me or probably 99% of people in this world, when you want to say something you cannot say because you are trying to hold yourself together, all you do is nod.

So she nods.

Art prompt: Zimbits at a themed dance party. Pick your favourite era/decade :)

stultiloquentia I’m not sure this was 100% what you had in mind, but indulge me.