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I know a lot of you loved the finale, but a lot of you are also devastated and thinking the separation will be the end of Bellarke. To be honest, before the episode aired, I was thinking the same thing. But now, more than ever, I’m convinced that they will happen eventually, and here’s why: 

There wasn’t enough dramatic build-up for a final separation. 

But wait, I hear you say, we literally watched them struggle to make it to space the entire episode, until we watched the clock tick out and Clarke run out of time. There was a hug. There was a heartfelt speech about how great Clarke thinks Bellamy is (a strong callback to the Season 1 finale). How much more dramatic build-up do you want?!

But the thing is, there was no big, heartwrenching moment. YMMV may vary on this, of course, because watching Bellamy decide to leave Clarke behind, watching her follow the rocket’s way up to space from the tower… those were heartbreaking, sure. 

But there was no last-minute, desperate confession of love. Their final words to each other were “Hurry up” - “you too”. That’s not how you end a ship you’ve spent four seasons building up. Bellarke didn’t end the way Clarke’s other loves ended, because it hasn’t ended yet

Will the years of separation leave them changed in ways we can’t anticipate yet? Probably. But we’ve seen Clarke state that she’s actively trying to hold on to who she is by contacting Bellamy. We’ve seen Bellamy determined to keep going the way Clarke would want him to keep going, for her. Whatever happens, they will stay with each other in some way.  

Will there be other love interests thrown their way? Also yes, probably, because this is TV-land and you can’t have all the pretty people running around not kissing each other. Bellamy and Echo’s conversation seemed like a set-up for them to grow closer, but I don’t think it has the potential to grow into anything resembling the love he has for Clarke. He says it himself, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever trust her. As for Clarke, sure, there may be other survivors she’s living with or run into, and she may have a thing with someone. (Although I’d love it if it was just her and her new adopted daughter who came out of nowhere.) But if she does, it can’t be that deep - otherwise, she wouldn’t still, after >2000 days, be talking to Bellamy every day without even knowing if he hears her. That doesn’t exactly say “I moved on”. 

So, I’m wary of next season. I’m sad about the separation, and a little annoyed too. I’m sure there will be repercussions to it, and new obstacles to overcome (for example, why haven’t the others come down yet? don’t tell me it’s because Raven forgot the date.) 

But I also still believe in them. This episode was not the end of Bellarke. 

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Are you planning a long run for Defenders ala Avengers, Daredevil, Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man and, uh, almost everything else?


 Keeping in mind that I don’t control the universe, as much as I tried :-), but  I have been trying to make it very clear for those who like when I go deep diving on a series that the intention is to do that here. 

when I take on a book I don’t look to see if I have one story to tell I look to see if I have a bunch of stories that would fit some theme that I want to spend the miracle of my life working on

 defenders is absolutely 100% this for me.

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@ anon who wants to watch 2 shows at the same time 'cause hyperfocus: whenever I have 2 fictional things I'm equally obsessed with and want to give both my absolute 100% to both (but obviously can't), I tend to deal with it by making up crossovers. How would Anakin Skywalker get along with the crew of Serenity? How many times would Commander Vimes flip off Mass Effect's Citadel Council in a week? How strange would Tolkien's elves consider the elves of Morrowind? It usually helps me a lot.

That is definitely an interesting way to deal with that dilemma, I might have to try it. Thank you for sharing!

the get down being cancelled is absolutely 100% some white nonsense the get down was the only thing i had the drive to marathon and everything else thats a netflix original could barely grab my attention for an episode and the only reason i even watched as much daredevil as i did was because rosario dawson is in it and she’s my favorite actress so i’m obligated to support her 😔

Some less-explored aspects of Viktor Nikiforov’s character that I will love and protect until my dying day:

  • Finally learned how to be a young and careless person at age 27
  • Was absolutely 100% willing to jump straight into a “Married for five years with a dog” type relationship with Katsuki Yuuri the moment his feet hit the ground in Japan (Viktor “U-haul” Nikiforov)
  • Arrived in Japan assuming that he and Yuuri were already in a relationship and, once realizing his error, didn’t pressure Yuuri into ‘Keeping his promise’ or something similarly creepy
  • Literally is such an affectionate person and lets exactly zero (0) stereotypes regarding Eastern European men apply to him
  • He never raises his voice in anger to anyone??? ever?? I love it
  • Is an extremely competitive person but probably also the most sporting person in the entire fuckin show? Like even Yuuri can sometimes be a bit of a sore loser but Viktor’s like, Yuuri you better inspire the fuck out of that smol multi-colored skate child. Hell yes I’m proud of Yurio, that’s my boy, that’s my actual son.
  • Is a masculine person who gives ZERO FUCKS about perceived gender
  • NONE of his compliments to Yuuri are overtly physicality-based? He showers Yuuri in compliments about his stamina, about his ability to wow the crowd. He tells him how sexy he is but it’s entirely because of how Yuuri’s CONFIDENCE makes him sexy. Viktor is, at every moment, using positive reinforcement to make Yuuri see himself in a kinder light.
  • Is literally always unashamedly high key about everything.

Art prompt: Zimbits at a themed dance party. Pick your favourite era/decade :)

stultiloquentia I’m not sure this was 100% what you had in mind, but indulge me. 

  • everyone: the prince's beast growl
  • me: the prince in full black swan makeup



















































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