absolutdurr's tomorrow tarot reading

Tomorrow Morning: Ace Of Coins: KEYWORDS - privacy, health, fruitfulness, bright, something perfect, possible financial  success or news. OTHER - the word gift keeps popping up with my for this one, and strings attached.. this card feels very old for you, but in a discover almost sort of way. like finding something you forgot that means a lot to you. something or someone is going to be very healthy. 

Tomorrow Afternoon: The Chariot Reversed: KEYWORDS  - something bad, or unfortunate  (this doesnt feel very big to me.. or its more of emotional or dissapointing possibly) difficult motivation. OTHER: something seems very pushy with this card.forceful. or something like that. setbacks or change of plans

Tomorrow Evening: Page Of Wands: KEYWORDS: creative, theatrical, inspiration, brilliance, direct. OTHER: this is very passionate. you’re gonna do something you love, or create or see alot of creativity. again the word force comes up in my  book a lot with you. you may be force to go somewhere and it actually turns out rather nice. or you may have to force yourself to do something, and then It actually will pay off in the end, I would watch for this, and since the Chariot is “travel” i keep seeing something like driving or walking.. I have no idea but that keeps getting stuck in my head. or if its something like getting up in the morning. what ever you may not wanna do, I WOULD DO, it’s gonna pay off.

thank you for letting me read your fortune! it was so fun 

like I said. I do not really know you too well. but since I gave a lot of information and prediction, it should be in there :D

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How could you give that away? It’s ridiculously cool! It sounds like you had a pretty good day, minus being rushed etc.

LOL! Thanks, but seriously, the autograph just… bothers me. I’m probably just being super picky but blah. And today, was overall “eh”. It wasn’t overly great but it wasn’t overly bad. Raymond and my friends made up for the crappy event and whatnot~

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     they go up to a size Z, but might be a tad pricey. Try googling and see what comes up.

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    Done a wee google search and this place have gorgeous rings and they go up to a Z :) serendipitydiamonds.co….

GUYS! I did a google search and came up with the same thing, but I am really wanting to find somewhere I can visit and try on ect. You understand right?

Also, I really want somewhere that legit. I really don’t want to be fucked over with this! 

Austin on my calf :) - not much of a deep and meaningful behind it I don’t suppose. I’ve loved wrestling since I was tiny, and always loved Austin - he’s my hero. 

Thanks for sharing Amanda, whoever did that is pretty damn good. I’ve seen some atrocious Austin tattoos so I’m glad that you didn’t fall victim to shoddy tattoo work lol.