Each relationship between two people is absolutely unique, that is why you cannot love two people the same. It simply is not possible. You love each person differently because of who they are and the uniqueness that they draw out of you
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ABSOLUT UNIQUE: 4 Million Uniquely Artful Bottles

From ABSOLUT VODKA comes a new creative innitiative: the ABSOLUT UNIQUE which consists of close to 4 million uniquely designed bottles to grace shelves worldwide. The liquor brand has always been at the forefront in introducing creative collaboration efforts from a range of artists, but in this particular project, ABSOLUT has decided to take the artistic reigns. Using a mix of 38 different colors and 51 pattern types, applied through splash guns and color-generating machines, each bottle produced was ensured that it would look one-of-a-kind. Set to be released September 3, the horde of uniquely designed vodka bottles are out there for a fitting drinker to find just the right style. Check the video below to see how it was all done with more information available at the ABSOLUT website.


Knickerbocker Glory - Karolina Laskowska AW14. ‘Ayame’ cupped sheer corsets

A wonderfully dramatic cupped corset created with sheer corsetry mesh, coutil and carefully selected vintage kimono silk. Due to the nature of kimono silk, each piece created in this collection is absolutely unique and cannot be repeated.


Absolut have often been known for their striking bottle shapes and designs almost as much as the vodka itself. This year sees ‘Absolut Unique’ and the bottles are truely unique. Each one of the 4 million produced will look different to the last with Absolut adapting their quality control machines to ensure than no two are the same. With the bottles all have their own unique number as well.  

One of a kind. Millions of expressions.

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Absolut creó una edición limitada llamada “Unique” bajo el concepto de que “ninguna botella es igual a la otra, lo único que tienen en común… es que todas son hermosas”.


Absolut Unique 2012; a “carefully orchestrated randomness” // This is really, really COOL! You can find more, here.