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Absolut have often been known for their striking bottle shapes and designs almost as much as the vodka itself. This year sees ‘Absolut Unique’ and the bottles are truely unique. Each one of the 4 million produced will look different to the last with Absolut adapting their quality control machines to ensure than no two are the same. With the bottles all have their own unique number as well.  

One of a kind. Millions of expressions.

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anonymous asked:

I'm interested in watching Steven Universe. I think I saw that you watch it so if you don't mind can you list me the things that are great about it? It looks like an amazing show!

Oh I would absolutely love to!

  • Unique characters and wonderful representation
  • Unique plot
  • A rainbow of various and realistic body types
  • Lots of female characters kicking butt and saving the day
  • Main character is precious, kind hearted, and just wants to help everyone he meets
  • The show also includes a lot of important topics, such as consent
  • Each character is unique; they have flaws that many can relate to and I can guarantee you’ll come to love every single character and find some things you can relate to and learn from
  • Lots of character development!
  • Good morals and lessons, especially for younger kids
  • Lesbians

You can watch all the episodes here for free if you’d like! But I highly recommend catching the show on cartoon network when it airs if you can, so you can support it!

anonymous asked:

Ngl I'm kinda worried about Mark'a mental health...

Why is that?

Is it because of his recent short sketch-type videos?

Obviously I don’t know Mark personally and I don’t want to/can’t speak for him.
But I feel like that’s just Mark being Mark. This is his way of exploring different genres of videos and a way to practice (or perhaps show off :p) his editing skills. Maybe it’s also because he has a lot more confidence now than he did when he first started his YouTube Channel and isn’t afraid to be the weirdo that he is and always has been.

I think it’s really great to see him trying new things and I absolutely love these unique little videos he’s been coming up with.

Long story short, I don’t think there is anything to worry about. Mark is just weird….in the best way possible of course.

The old Zen Masters had a wonderful way of pulling the rug out from under any place that anyone landed and tried to set up camp. If you said you were a person, they’d point out that the self cannot be found. If you insisted that you were not a person and that there is no self, they would point to the absolute, undeniable uniqueness and beauty of each snowflake, each whirlpool, each wave, each person. If you insisted you had to work hard and practice diligently to awaken, they would point to the fact that you are already awake, that it takes no effort and no time to arrive Here / Now. If you said no practice was needed and that kicking the dog was no different from meditating, they might slap (or kick) you. Wherever you try to land, whatever you grasp and begin to assert, wherever you fixate, the true Zen Master pulls that particular rug out from under you.

As people who point to what cannot be spoken, nothing we say is ever the truth, but still, we have to say something. So we use words, inadequate as they all are, and then hopefully we erase them or say something apparently contradictory. I’m reminded of the old Zen koan where the Master says, “Dead or alive? I won’t say!” Or the beautiful Zen expressions: “Not one, not two,” and Dogen’s “leaping clear of the many and the one.” Awakening is not about finally having the right formulation or the right conceptual map. It’s about not landing or fixating or getting stuck anywhere. It’s about having nothing.

The thinking mind is always busy trying to get a grip, trying to figure things out. On a survival level, that’s its job, and in certain practical matters, it works very well. But the thinking mind doesn’t always know when to stop. The tendency to grasp onto a formula, to make no-thing-ness into some-thing, to construct a whole reality and then believe in it—this tendency is very strong and deeply rooted. It tends to recur. It’s not always that obvious or easy to see that we’re mistaking the map for the territory yet again. It can get very subtle. So can we be sensitive to this habitual tendency, seeing it as it happens and letting go, now and now and now, daring to find out what happens if we don’t hold onto anything at all, if we let every belief, every formulation and every answer go?

One of the things I most deeply appreciated about my friend and teacher Toni Packer was her willingness to look freshly, to question everything, to “start from scratch” as she would say, rather than regurgitating past conclusions. I loved the way she would welcome and invite and enjoy that kind of open questioning and exploring, that way of not knowing. Instead of asserting that she had The Final Answer to How the Universe Works and What This Is, as so many teachers seem to do, Toni would look and listen freshly—right now, in THIS moment—open to seeing something new and unexpected. She would tell us that anything she said could be questioned and/or taken further, that none of it was to be regarded as the word of some infallible authority. She often asked questions rather than making statements, leaving the listener in that placeless place of open wondering and not knowing. Instead of giving us something, she left us with nothing. And that was the greatest of gifts.

—  Joan Tollifson
The Final Villain

I don’t like the direction Isayama is heading with the warriors. If the interviews are correct, there is going to be another shifter introduced who is effectively Zeke’s boss.  Isayama has described Zeke as a big brother figure to the titan kids, and that his status is similar to Levi for the Scouting Legion kids.  If that’s true, Zeke definitely answers to somebody that is the equivalent to Erwin.

Instead of having at least two antagonists that are very familiar to us, we are getting a brand new one at the expense of the mascot villain of the entire series.  Like Zeke’s boss is going to be some older crusty grandpa type character or whatever and he’ll have at most 20 something chapters of development before the manga ends.  Unless Isayama has an absolutely rivetting and unique character planned out, we are getting a very dull and two dimentional main villain.

I know, the counterpoint to this is that we still have Reiner, who has some mysteries still surrounding him, as well as Zeke, who definitely has a blood relation to Eren. But the antagonist roster won’t be nearly as full and challenging to our heroes™ than if, in addition, we also had Bertolt and Annie in the story.