absolut tribute

Haven’t seen this movie in ages and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s a tribute to Travolta’s connections that anyone thought he could fill Robert Shaw’s fucking Y fronts in the remake. 

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the concert tribute was absolutely incredible. ariana did such a beautiful thing, and i'm so so so proud of everybody in manchester, and everyone affected by this tragedy. everyone's prevailed, and i'm just an emotional mess right now. my heart is with everyone everywhere.

it was so so beautiful xx

22 Tips for findom...

Here are my personal tips:

1. Let them come to you. Dont go posting on their wall anything like “hey I saw you peeking, why not say hi?” If they are interested, they will contact you. You can scare them off calling them out in public.

2. Approach subs with respect. Don’t attack them with attitude and brattiness right off the bat. Some really arent into that.

3. ASK THE SUB WHAT HES INTO. Major one. Makes everything easier for you in the end. Ask what his kinks and limits are.

4. Don’t post a fuck you pay me status. And I really dont suggest posting a status about tributes yet, as you are so new. That can also turn them off. Only post when you have piggies to call in the stables!

5. Understand the fetish. Google it, read a book, blog, ask another domme. Be informed and knowledgeable. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. I am here because this is fun, not because I NEED the money…

6. NEVER SAY NEED. You do not NEED anything. You WANT everything. You are a spoiled brat and they will try to get your attention to no avail with gifts.

7. Don’t be fake. Dont be mean if you arent mean, dont be nice if you arent nice. Dont change yourself or the way you are comfortable domming because you think it will bring you more $$$. Findom is about having fun and being spoiled. Having subs amuse you.

8. Its not all about tribute. Be here because YOU ENJOY THE KINK. If you come here expecting $$$ and no work involved, you will not succeed for very long.

9. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DEMAND TRIBUTE WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR OF TALKING TO A SUB!!!! That is hugeeeeeeeeeee! A lot of subs will contact me and ask why I havent demanded a tribute yet. My answer? Because its NOT all about the money and a relationship this important requires a lot of getting to know each other and feeling comfortable with the relationship.

10. Be able to be approachable. Talk in chat, get to know people, have a good welcoming attitude. AVOID DRAMA. Major sub repellent is drama!!!

11. Keep negative details about your vanilla life out of your d/s life. Major buzzkill. Def dont post statuses about it either.

12. NEVER EVER EVER post a status about how you aren’t doing well here, or how subs are wasting your time. Thats just a no no.

13. FD_Verify works really hard to keep this free for us, appreciate her.

14. Findoms has its own economy in a way & it does fluctuate. You will have good weeks, GREAT weeks and for sure you will have terrible weeks! (Some who have been here forever might believe otherwise because they have worked hard to build themselves up)

15. Work hard, play hard. Its nearly 6am and I have yet to sleep yet. Ive been up working on my website, pictures, videos, youtube, so much work. Be dedicated. Subs admire that. I get comments all the time about it.

16. Make a website.

17. DO NOT POACH A SUB!!! Always look at the profile and check ownership status. Stay away from owned subs.

18. Nudity. Nudity is not allowed from dommes. No exceptions. You may post your butt in panties, but honestly. Dont post anything you wouldnt want a boss or family to see. Being nude/sending nudes/ doing nude cam shows does not get you quality subs, if it gets you any. That is not what findom is.

19. Always post tributes you recieve from a sub. It makes them feel appreciated. Even if the caption is something like “this loser could do better.”

20. AVOID PAYPAL. They are not supportive of the “adult industry” and they WILL close your account with money in it, no notice. Greendot money packs, nite flirt, gift rocket & amazon gcs are all you should say in public.

21. Don’t expect to start getting tributes when you sign up. It takes a while. Dont get upset if you arent getting tribute, and dont let that bother you. Seriously. Do not get hung up on that.

22. I feel this is important enough to go back to. Talk to a sub like you would talk to me until you find out what he likes. It shows you are capable of picking their brain. Study them. Pay attention to their kinks. Its not all about you. I mean would you give away money for nothing?

Basically. Have fun, mingle with other dommes, subs. Follow my tips and you should do well! Keep in mind this is my opinion and what works for me some might disagree with!


meruem as a character was just so amazing i am stunned

first he was introduced as a cruel tyrant - born with the desire, the idea that he was destined to rule the world. we as the audience have no feelings for him here - right off the bat we see him kill and eat his own kind and leave his mother to die. Having been with the other ants for a while, we had started to connect with them despite their actions - Colt, for example, because he was only capturing humans out of his duty to feed and protect the Queen - and when we see the heartlessness of the King and his Royal Guard toward the Queen and her subordinates we immediately jump to the side of the Queen and Colt. Colt’s reaction to the Queen’s death was heartbreaking to watch, really - because the human side of him comes forth bringing memories of his former self and his desire to protect those precious to him. At the same time we now view the King and the Royal Guard under a harsh, unforgiving eye as we see them carve a brutal trail of mindless violence until they arrive at the palace. This, coupled with Pitou’s killing of Kite, seemingly cements us on the side of the human protagonists as they formulate a plan to take out the King.

And then enter Komugi, the “uncommonly stupid girl” who is brought before the King in his search for entertainment in the days leading up to the selection. Komugi puzzles Meruem - how can a human, so weak and powerless in contrast with Meruem’s natural might, have such a position of power over him? And Komugi is so important because she causes Meruem to realize that strength exists in more than one form - that the physically weak are not worthless, and should be protected, not trampled on by the strong. In this sense, Komugi acts as both a catalyst and a foil to the development of Meruem’s character - bringing out human qualities that Meruem would otherwise never have developed.

At this point in time we find ourselves at a fork, where we’re like well, he’s not completely inhumane and he’s playing with a helpless blind girl BUT he did still kill a bunch of people and plus, the Chimera Ants are the villains here….right?

That’s when the humans attack, mortally wounding the innocent Komugi that we’ve grown attached to, and at the same time we see how much the King cares for her - rushing to her, ordering Pitou to heal her over dispatching the intruders - and then we hear the exchange he has with Netero prior to their battle, and we start to wonder if the side that we’ve been rooting for this entire time is really in the right - sure, we may be fighting for humanity, but we’re also fighting to defend a cruel, unjust world - one that Meruem seeks to use his power to right. We’re just tossed back and forth in this conflict of who’s right and who’s wrong - who are the real villains here, which side should we be on?

The fight plays out, Netero surprises us all with a bomb in his chest and that’s it for Meruem - or so we think. And naturally we get extremely upset when Meruem is revived to be even stronger than before - that isn’t fair! He and the Chairman had an honest fight - why does he get a revive? But it’s this exact point that makes all the difference because Meruem realizes that he has forgotten everything - and in his search to find what he lost we start to see a completely different side of him. He knocks out and captures Knuckle and Mel instead of killing them outright; he submits to Pouf’s rules in deciding the game. The old Meruem would have simply used his strength to force his way through - we saw his attempt to kill Pitou when she offended him on the way to the palace. He had no reason to keep Knuckle and Mel alive for information; neither did he need to submit to Pouf’s request of a game. But it’s in these subtle changes to Meruem’s character that we see the effect Komugi has had on him - brute force isn’t everything, and there’s more to power than physical strength.

Finally it comes down to it when Meruem confronts Welfin, Pouf following closely behind. Throughout this whole thing Pouf is significant as Meruem’s Ant side - his role in Meruem’s chase for the truth represents the inner conflict between Ant and Human that Meruem faces throughout this scene. Pouf desperately tries to silence Welfin - the Ant attempting to smother and crush the Human. The King turning to Welfin saying, “I am hungry” holds such significance because it’s here we see the savage Ant turning back to its most basic primal urge - to feed, to eat. This also draws us back to the King’s birth where he cannibalizes Peggy in an attempt to sate his appetite, reminding us of the villainous King from before - putting us on the edge like no, please no, you’ve come so far from that, please don’t go back to how you were and it’s here that we learn it should never have been about picking a side - it’s what the character chooses to do that matters most

And with the mention of Komugi’s name, everything tips over and we see Meruem just change completely because in his desperate search to recover what he lost, what he wanted to remember so badly, he realizes - he realizes how much Komugi meant to him, and how much he treasured her. And when the pieces fall into place and he finds out of his inevitable death, he finds himself wanting just one thing - not to rule the world, not to live, but to be with someone who changed him and opened his eyes, someone who he held precious and dear. With this, we’re shown the symbolic corpse of Pouf - representing the death of Meruem’s vicious Ant side. And we see Meruem, ready to kneel and beg Palm for Komugi’s location, ready to give anything to see her one last time - and this just speaks volumes about how much she really means to him.

after that we get to cry as we watch Komugi refuse to leave Meruem despite his warnings of poison and we see them both playing gungi until the very end

All in all Meruem’s development as a character was absolutely brilliant - far from the usual cliche villain/antagonist. It was extremely saddening to see him go.


These are my favorite shots from We’re The Kids In America – Wildfox Couture’s SS 2013 collection and absolutely spot-on photo tribute to Clueless. Says designer and Wildfox creator Kimberley Gordon, “I will always love Amy Heckerling for changing my view of fashion forever!”

Photography by Mark Hunter; models Olivia Greenfield, Fatima Siad, and Tanya Katysheva.

I know it probably seems like I’m gushing about Sonic Mania, and that’s because I’m not only looking forward to playing the game myself, but I’m overjoyed that such a game is even being made

SEGA is sourcing incredible talent from the fandom of its flagship IP, and that in and of itself is a bold and remarkable gesture.  Between the art direction, programming, animation, and music composition, Sonic Mania is shaping up to be an absolutely beautiful tribute to the Classic Era of the Sonic franchise.  And it’s all being spear-headed by amazingly talented ascended fans who possess an incredible passion and enthusiasm for a series they grew up with and have loved ever since.

Today’s trailer summed up everything I admire about the Classic Era, right down to Tyson Hesse’s pitch-perfect emulation of Toei’s Sonic CD-era animation style.  The Sonic Mania project is very obviously a labor of love, and a clear indication that SEGA remembers full well what made the Sonic series so wonderful to begin with.  If they can recapture even a smidgen of that magic, Sonic Mania will be a grand success–and from the looks of things, they’ve recaptured that smidgen, and then some!

Onward to August 15! 💙


This was really beautiful, really well done. An absolutely gorgeous tribute to one of the best eras in Doctor Who history.

I’m not crying right now, I swear.

I went and saw Furious 7 last night. I knew I was going to cry. The first time his face came on screen I was choking back tears. There were a few other things that made me cry a little bit but I don’t want to say too much for the people that haven’t seen it yet. But since I already knew kind of what they were going to do at the end, once the movie started winding down I got a sick feeling in my stomach and my heart was in my throat because I knew it was coming. I knew what song they used for the tribute and the second it started playing, my heart was literally beating a mile a minute and I started to cry my eyes out. My boyfriend gave me his hand and I was squeezing it for dear life. He said to me a few days ago “this will be the second time you’ve gone home from the movies crying over Paul Walker” (he knows me so well) because the night we found out, we had just left the movies and I cried all the way home and then cried myself to sleep. I cried myself to sleep last night and have cried again a few times today. The tribute was absolutely beautiful. I’ve been in love with Paul Walker since I was about 9 or 10. It is absolutely heartbreaking knowing that his smile will never be seen again. At least I can always see him in the movies. RIP Brian O'Conner. You will always be the love of my life. 💙 #forPaul


Part one to an absolutely wonderful tribute to the now-extinct Wonders of Life pavilion that ran from 1989 to 2007.

This video goes in depth about the design and concept of the Wonders of Life pavilion, showing the concept art and layout designed in part by Rolly Crump, which included a dark ride with an omnimover-style ride vehicle through the human body (later found out to be far too complicated, especially since the larger than life set pieces including a beating heart would have to run constantly), and then takes you through a full walk through of the pavilion, showing some of the main floor attractions like the Sensory Funhouse and then ride-throughs of Body Wars (Epcot’s first thrill ride) and the full show of Goofy About Health. 

The footage of Body Wars shows the full queue, preshow, and full attraction in multi-angle footage and is probably the best ride-through I’ve seen of the attraction. There’s no flickering of the video screens, and the audio is very clear. 

Goofy About Health is also shown in multi-angle with no flickering. 

This tribute video (and the other tributes produced by the same man) are incredibly informative and will most likely show up on this blog often. 

leamiichele replied to your post: i went to central perk and i’m still n…



so i got there (199 Lafayette St) at around 1 and waited about an hour and a half to get in and when i was almost to the front of the line, USA today came over to the people i was standing with and interviewed them then asked six of us to sing the themesong (so look out for me on the news guys)


pat the dog, duh


also, Phoebe’s guitar, the Geller Cup, and box of Smelly Cat kitty litter sit on the floor

then a bunch of props are sitting in this glass case like Monica and Chandler’s wedding invitation and vows, Rachel’s sonogram, Joey’s nametag for Drake Ramore, BUFFAY THE VAMPIRE LAYER 


then you move through and they give you a complementary cup of coffee (i don’t drink coffee but what am i gonna say “no thanks i won’t take a cup of coffee FROM CENTRAL PERK”?) 

then in another case they have a signed script from the pilot and finale (and one from when it was called Six of One!!)

then there are a few tables and a tv where you can watch highlights from the best episodes and drink your coffee which was prime




then when i finally got in line for merch, there’s actually a lot of limited time stuff that they don’t sell at the NBC store and I got a 2015 calendar and a tumbler that says central perk and a few buttons with the friends’ picture and one that says “he’s her lobster.” the guy who was checking me out said that he built the place and saw the shirt that i made and took a picture :) 

it’s absolutely the perfect tribute to the show and it’s open until october 17th, so i expect i’ll go back at least seventeen more times